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The Best Builder Hall 10 Bases in 2023 (BH10 Base Link)..

Hello there, Chief,

In the constantly evolving realm of Clash of Clans, Builder Base 2.0 introduces fresh possibilities and trials for Builder Hall 10 players. To gain an edge in this competition, it's crucial to embrace base designs that are specifically built for this upgraded Builder Hall 10 base.

Top Quality Building the Best CoC Builder Base 2.0 Layouts

We're really proud of our top Builder Hall bases, and here's why: We're really good at it. Our team of experts who specialize in building bases for the Builder Hall have put in lots of time learning about how to defend it.

We know all the little details that make defense work well. We've taken our deep understanding of how the game works, done tons of testing, and learned from the best players out there.

All of this adds up to a collection of base designs that are way better than the rest. Each base layout is like a work of art in strategy, carefully planned to keep out attackers and protect your level 10 Builder Hall base.

Get Best Defenses with our Best Builder Base 10 Designs

In the Builder Base, stuff keeps changing. New attack strategies and ways to use troops are always coming up. But our base design experts are on it. They keep updating our layouts to beat the newest tricks and strategies.

When you use our bases, you'll have the latest defenses, so you'll be better prepared than your opponents. Don't stick with old base layouts; go for the super updated layouts that keep you ahead in the Builder Base competition and at Builder Hall 10.

Customizable and Versatile Builder Hall 10 Base Designs

While our Builder Hall bases are made by our team, they're not set in stone. We know that every player has their own way of playing, things they prefer, and strategies they want to defend.

So, our Builder Base designs are completely flexible and can be changed to suit your preferences.

Whether you want to concentrate on strengthening your defenses in the center, guarding against air or ground attacks, or trying something different, our bases provide a solid foundation that you can tweak to fit your strategy. You're welcome to get creative and personalize these bases to match your unique style.

Battle-Tested Builder Base 10 Layouts for Endless Victories

We've got the results to back it up! Our Town Hall 10 Clash of Clans Base Builder designs have faced numerous attacks from skilled opponents.

The outcome?...

These bases have emerged victorious every single time, standing firm and repelling attack after attack. They've consistently demonstrated their effectiveness, and many players can attest to their success.

When you choose our top 10 bases, you're selecting designs that have been proven in actual battles. Join the community of accomplished Clash players who've safeguarded their Builder Halls with determination and clever strategies.

Best Anti-PEKKA Builder Hall 10 Base Layouts

These bases are really good at stopping most meta strategies, especially the common attacks like Pekkas, Baby Dragons, and Cannon Carts. These Builder Hall 10 bases are something special, made to defend against the Pekkas specifically,  While many struggle against tough armies, shine bright with these BH10 bases designed to keep PEKKAs at bay.


The Best Builder Hall 10 [BH10] Bases with Links ▶️ Blueprint CoC

No more waiting. Now, we share you not just a few but the Best and Top 10 Builder Hall 10 Bases. The video below shows all the bases and you can pick your favorite or all 10 bases but chief, you got limited slots only, so pick wisely.

▶️ TOP 10 Best BUILDER HALL 10 Blueprint CoC BASES of 2024 with Link | Builder Base 2.0

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  • Base 1: Anti-Air
    In stage one, this base has fewer defenses to cover air hits, so all traps and mines are set to air. It's also tough for ground hits with a heavy DPS central compartment. Stage two is balanced for both air and ground hits, with a well-trapped bottom side entry and crusher making it challenging for attackers.

  • Base 2: Channel
    This base features a channel connecting the top and bottom sides. No matter where troops enter, they get lured into the channel and straight into the crusher with heavy DPS from all sides. Stage two focuses on ground hits with a chain Cannon, multi mortar, and cannons protecting the Builder Hall along with firecrackers to stop air hits.

  • Base 3: Baited
    This base is tough for ground troops in stage one with open wall setups near the crusher that lure troops directly into it. The central compartment with the mega Tesla and Expo is deadly for ground troops. Stage two features a channel that lures troops into the core to get hit from all directions, with the lava launcher ensuring this side is the most common entry.

  • Base 4: Compartmentalized
    This base has multiple compartments to make ground attacks difficult, with defenses placed close together causing troops to get into the range of multiple defenses at once and get roasted quickly. The Giant Cannon and Crusher add to the damage. In stage two, the crusher welcomes troops into a channel where it deals insane damage right from the start with traps also on the other side.

  • Base 5: Anti-Air
    Attackers will likely choose air troops first seeing fewer defenses for air hits, so all the mines are set to target air, fooling them. Stage two focuses on defending against air troops with a combination of firecrackers, making it tough for any air troops to get through easily.

  • Base 6: Anti-Ground
    This base is well-trapped for ground hits with push traps throwing troops into the range of defenses. If attackers try to avoid the traps by entering from the other side, there are still defenses to handle them. Stage two is heavily trapped for air hits, with air troops getting roasted instantly by air bombs and firecrackers supported by Archer towers and Teslas.

  • Base 7: Balanced
    This base is balanced for both ground and air hits with messy compartments making ground attacks unpredictable. Firecrackers, air mines, and bombs ensure safety against air hits as well. Stage two has two big compartments with the Builder Hall protected by air bombs, firecrackers, crushers, and a multi mortar, ensuring defense against both air and ground hits.

  • Base 8: Symmetrical
    This base is super heavy for both ground and air hits in stage one with a symmetrical design and a narrow entry channel exposing troops to multiple defenses at once. Firecrackers surrounded by the mega Tesla make it formidable. Stage two has a diamond-style setup forcing attacks from the top or bottom with heavy defenses like the lava launcher or Tesla farm waiting at the back.

  • Base 9: Deceptive
    This base is designed to fool attackers in stage one, with fewer air-targeting defenses making it look easy for air attacks but hidden Teslas surprise the air troops. Stage two features all five firecrackers, making it tough for air attacks and ensuring strong defense no matter the attack strategy.

  • Base 10: Balanced
    This base has a simple setup in stage one with a central mega Tesla and the Builder Hall placed at the bottom to lure troops into the Expo. Splash defenses like the roaster and Giant Cannon quickly melt clumped-up troops. Stage two is heavy for air hits, but the crushers, multi mortar, and cannons ensure it's not easy for ground hits either.


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