The Best Builder Hall 10 Base Layouts in 2023 (BH10 Base Link)

Explore and Utilize the Best Builder Hall 10 Bases built by the Toppers of the Builder Base Leaderboard to excel at your rankings!
The Best Builder Hall 10 Bases in 2023 (BH10 Base Link)..

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In the ever-changing world of Clash of Clans, the arrival of Builder Base 2.0 brings new opportunities and challenges for players at Builder Hall 10. To get ahead in the competition, it's important to adopt carefully designed base layouts that are specifically made for this upgraded version.

Unparalleled Expertise in Builder Base Design

We're really proud of our top-notch Builder Hall bases, and here's why: We're really good at it. Our team of experts who specialize in building bases for the Builder Hall have put in lots of time learning about how to defend it. We know all the little details that make defense work well.

We've taken our deep understanding of how the game works, done tons of testing, and learned from the best players out there. All of this adds up to a collection of base designs that are way better than the rest. Each base layout is like a work of art in strategy, carefully planned to keep out attackers and protect your Builder Hall.

Stay Ahead of the Meta with our Best CoC BH10 Bases

The way things work in the Builder Base is always changing. New tactics and ways of using troops keep popping up. But don't worry, our team of experts who design bases are always on top of things. They're always adjusting our layouts to beat the newest tricks and strategies. When you use our bases, you'll have the latest defenses, so you'll be better prepared than your opponents. Don't get left behind with old defenses, go for the super updated layouts that keep you in charge of the Builder Base competition.

Customizable and Versatile Builder Hall 10 Base Designs

Even though our Builder Hall bases are designed by our team, they're not fixed and unchangeable. We understand that every player has their unique style of play, things they like, and strategies they want to defend. So, our base designs are totally flexible and can be altered to fit what you want.

Whether you want to focus on keeping your defenses in the middle, protecting against attacks from the air or the ground, or mixing it up, our bases give you a strong starting point that you can adjust to your plan. Feel free to get creative and customize these bases to match your style.

Battle-Tested Builder Base 10 Layouts for Endless Victories

The evidence is in the wins! Our Builder Hall bases have been put to the test, going up against lots of attacks from really good opponents. And guess what? These bases have come out on top every time, standing strong and pushing back attack after attack. They've proven themselves over and over, and lots of players can vouch for how well they work. So, when you use our top 10 bases, you're using ones that have been tried and tested in real battles. Join the group of successful Clash players who've defended their Builder Halls with strong determination and smart strategies.

Clash of Clans BH 10 Bases: Perfect for Players of Every Skill Level

As you set off on your adventure to become a Builder Hall legend, always remember that a strong defense is the key to victory. Our Builder Hall 10 base designs give you the strength to stand tall against enemy attacks and come out as the winner in every battle. Whether you're playing for fun or you're in it to win it and aiming for the top spot, our bases will take your gameplay to a whole new level. So, get ready with the toughest defenses, unleash your unbeatable power, and conquer the Clash of Clans Builder Base like never before!


TOP 10 Best BUILDER HALL 10 Blueprint CoC BASES of 2023 with Link | Builder Base 2.0

▶️ Discover the TOP 10 Best Builder Hall 10 (BH10) FREE Blueprint CoC BASES of 2023 with Base Link. Click on the base number to get the base link.

  • Base 1: Super Annoying Ring Base
    This base, built by General X, is specifically designed to counter baby dragon spam attacks. The strategic placement of the Mega Tesla and air mines makes it a formidable defense against airborne assaults. The pathing of the base forces pekkas to navigate around the Crushers, making it a solid defense on multiple stages. Additionally, the outer perimeter, featuring the archer tower, giant cannon, and multi-mortar, effectively thwarts any attempts at canon cart value.

  • Base 2: Highly Anti-Pekka Layout
    A single bomber is all it takes to open up all the compartments in this base, built by General X, making it incredibly challenging for pekka attackers. The sectioned-off Mega Tesla poses a significant obstacle, while the triangle firecracker placement proves highly effective against baby dragons. Its intricate design and clever use of defenses make this base a nightmare for opponents.

  • Base 3: Anti-Hog and Anti-Air Fortress
    This multi-compartment base is designed by General X, to give pekka spammers a hard time. With strategically placed traps and surprises, any air or ground attack from the left side will be met with unexpected countermeasures. The centered expo ensures that baby dragons or battle copters are swiftly dealt with if left unattended. The anti-canon cart traps and the formidable Tesla at the six o'clock position further enhance its defensive capabilities.

  • Base 4: The Pekka Maze
    As one of the best bases against pekkas, built by Maziar TK, this maze-like layout forces the attackers' pekkas to path into the crushers. The walls act as barriers, effectively controlling the flow of the battle. The mega Tesla and firecrackers serve as a defense against baby dragons, making it a well-rounded base against multiple attack strategies.

  • Base 5: The Balanced Defender
    Designed by King Bob, this base boasts exceptional versatility, defending against pekkas, knight witches, baby dragons, and even hog glider attacks. Its effectiveness is evident even at the top of the leaderboards. In stage two, the spread-out firecrackers make it difficult for baby dragons to survive, while the air expo provides excellent defense against aerial assaults.

  • Base 6: The Anti-Pekka Powerhouse
    Featuring six different sections, this base, by SRKA is a nightmare for pekkas. The strategically placed cannons easily shoot down pekkas as they become trapped on the walls. The bomber's ability to open up the entire base is greatly diminished. Its defensive layout proves to be a significant challenge for attackers.

  • Base 7: Ground Attack Annoyance
    Designed by Maziar TK, attacking this base with ground troops becomes a true challenge. The centered mega Tesla may appear easy to reach, but it poses considerable difficulty. Giant electrifier, wizard, pekka, or any ground-based attack will encounter significant obstacles. In stage two, the combination of five firecrackers and an archer tower creates substantial trouble for opponents.

  • Base 8: The Diamond Fortress
    With its ingenious mega Tesla placement, this General X's base becomes nearly impregnable to various attack strategies. Approaching from the bottom side triggers multiple traps, leading to a likely failure for the attacker. The lava launcher and double cannon offer exceptional protection, making this base a formidable stronghold.

  • Base 9: The Versatile Defender
    This well-balanced base, built by King Bob, can withstand meta attack strategies. With every mine set to target air units, including baby dragons, hog riders, and night witches, airborne assaults face considerable resistance. It also proves effective against pekkas, as they are consistently funneled into the crusher. The air x-bow provides additional defense against baby dragons.

  • Base 10: The Ultimate Defense
    Designed by King Bob,  is considered by many as the best base, this layout excels against all attack strategies. Whether it's pekkas, baby dragons, or night witches or whatever the army is.


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