The BEST Builder Hall 10 ATTACK Strategies at Builder Base 2.0

Expertise & Dominate the Builder Hall with these Attack Strategies.
The BEST Builder Hall 10 ATTACK Strategies at Builder Base 2.0

Follow Up With The Best Builder Hall Attack Strategies of the Moment

You can watch the Best Builder Hall Attack Strategies performed by the Top Clash of Clans Players in the World as they climb up the scoreboard.

The attacks are recorded live by these World Class Players to make it look realistic to the viewers so they can trust the skills of these awesome players.

What is the Goal of this Builder Hall Attack Playlist?

The main goal of this playlist is to provide the viewers with content related to Builder Hall where they can learn the strongest armies of the Builder Hall.

While doing so, we will also feature some of the Top Players in the World and the armies used by them to dominate the Leaderboard.

Who Can Find These Videos Useful?

Whether you're an experienced player trying to improve your own skills, or just a fan looking to watch some high-level Builder Hall gameplays, this playlist is for you, you will enjoy a lot these content, commanded by the great Hooked.

Our goal is not only to entertain, but also to help players of all skill levels improve their own gameplay and climb the ranks

We have a huge quantity of highly valuable videos to learn from the best and step up in your Builder Hall Attacks every Season.

When do We Upload New Builder Hall Content?

Normally we used to upload content on this playlist once a week.

But to be totally clear, we upload new videos as soon as we have find a new Builder Hall Attack Strategy that is trending or powerful enough to be known to the rest of the Clash World.

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Which Clash of Clans Players do We Feature?

We try to bring the best Clash of Builder Hall Attack Strategies of the moment, of course by the Best Players in the world, showing as many armies and variants as possible.

We usually obtain content from the Best Players who top the Leaderboard in order to showcase the Best Minds of the game.

▶️ Builder Hall Attacks Playlist

We hope you enjoy watching these skilled players in action and that you find our content both entertaining and educational.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the Builder Hall.

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6 STAR with BARCH?! NEW Creative Army for all Builder Halls | Clash of Clans BH10 Attacks

We are just scratching the surface of Builder Base strategies but this one could be the most unique so far! Barch, whilst not as strong as mass pekkas or baby drags, is heaps of fun to learn and super satisfying when you triple.




SYNTHE is Rank 1 in the WORLD with 5 CANNON CARTS?! 6 Stars BH10 Strategy | Clash of Clans

This new Builder Hall 10 strategy took us by surprise! Looking after 5 cannons cart sounds like too much work but if you know what you're doing (like Synthe) this strategy should need you many 6 star attacks!

Get a coaching session with the CANNON CART GOAT: Pro Session Synthe


EASY 6 STARS With This NEW OP BH10 Attack Strategy | Clash of Clans Builder Hall 10 Army

This Builder Hall 10 Army I use is my favorite army in all of Builder Base! It crushes any base with cannon cart value with extreme consistency; time is your only concern!


#1 Player DOMINATES Builder Base with 4 DIFFERENT Strategies | Best BH10 Attacks in Clash of Clans

The builder base meta continues to develop and flourish at the top of the leaderboard. It's clear once you have max defences spam no longer guarantees a 6 star attack and thus you need to be creative and smart like Void is!


EASY 6 Stars | BEST BH9 Attack Strategy + BASE LINK | Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update

We have heard you out there and it's here: content for those of you still at Builder Hall 9! Turns out you can still triples bases with only 1 reinforcement camp if you use mass baby dragons like this!


STARs is #1 in the WORLD with Mass Hog Gliders | BH10 Attack Strategy - Builder Base

Is STARs the GOAT of Clash of Clans? He may be if he continues to be #1 in the World in the Builder Base too! Today watch as he 6 STARS bases left and right with a Mass Hog Gliders Attack!


NEW SPAM Strategy in Builder Base is OVERPOWERED! BH10 Base Link! Clash of Clans Update

Mass Pekka is the best spam army at Builder Hall 10 (them or baby dragons). In this video, see the #6 player in the world's 6-star bases with this OP army!

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