The Best Builder Hall 9 Base Layouts in 2024 (BH9 Base Link)

Discover and make the most of the finest Builder Hall 9 bases constructed by the leaders of the Builder Base Leaderboard to enhance your standing!

The Best Builder Hall 9 Base Layouts in 2023 (BH9 Base Link)

Hey there, Chief!

In the ever-changing world of Clash of Clans, Builder Base 2.0 is here, bringing new stuff to the table. Now, at Builder Hall 9, you've got fresh opportunities and challenges to tackle. To stay on top of the game, you need top-notch base layouts that are made solid for this new version.

Why Our Builder Hall 9 Bases Are the Real Deal

We take great pride in our Builder Hall 9 bases, and here's why you should too: We're really good at this stuff. Our team of experts knows Builder Hall inside out. We've put in tons of time figuring out how to defend it, and we've got all those little tricks that make defenses rock-solid.

We've dug deep into how the game works, done loads of testing, and learned from the best players out there. The result? A collection of base designs that are simply better than the rest. Each layout is like a masterpiece of strategy, built to keep attackers at bay and safeguard your Builder Hall.

Staying Ahead of the Game with Our Killer BH9 Base Layouts

The Builder Base is always changing – new tactics, new troop tricks – it's a whirlwind! But don't stress, our base experts are on the ball. They're constantly tweaking our layouts to counter the latest tricks and strategies. When you use our bases, you're equipped with the latest defenses, giving you the edge over your opponents. Don't be stuck with outdated defenses; go for the fresh layouts that keep you in control of the Builder Base battleground.

Make It Your Own with Customizable Best BH9 Defense Base Designs

While our Builder Hall defense bases are top-notch, they're not set in stone. We get it; every player has their style, things they like, and strategies they want to defend. That's why our base designs are super flexible – you can adjust them to fit your game plan.

Whether you want to beef up the center defenses, defend against air or ground attacks, or mix it up, our bases give you a strong starting point that you can tweak to match your style. Get creative and personalize these bases to fit you like a glove.

Battle-Tested CoC Builder Hall 9 Layouts for Victory After Victory

Proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the wins! Our Builder Hall 9 bases have faced the heat, going up against fierce attacks from top-notch opponents. And guess what? They've triumphed every single time, standing firm and repelling attack after attack. They've proven themselves repeatedly, and plenty of players can vouch for their effectiveness. So when you choose our top 9 bases, you're going for ones that have been battle-tested for real. Join the ranks of successful Clash players who've defended their Builder Halls with skill and strategy.

Clash of Clans BH9 Bases: Perfect for All Skill Levels

On your quest to become a Builder Hall legend, remember this: a solid defense is your ticket to victory. Our Builder Hall 9 bases give you the strength to hold your ground against enemy attacks and emerge victorious in every battle. Whether you're playing for fun or aiming for the top spot, our bases will elevate your gameplay to a whole new level. Get ready for unbeatable defenses, unleash your power, and conquer the Clash of Clans Builder Base like never before!


The Best Builder Hall 9 Base ▶️ Blueprint CoC

Presenting not just a few, but the finest and top 10 Builder Hall 9 Bases. The video below displays all these bases, allowing you to choose your favorite or all 9 bases. Remember, chief, you've got limited slots, so make your picks.

TOP 10 Best BH9 Blueprint CoC BASES of 2024 with Link | Builder Hall 9 - Builder Base 2.0

▶️ Discover the TOP 10 Best Builder Hall 9 (BH9) FREE Blueprint CoC BASES of 2024 with Base Link. Click on the base number to get the base link.

  • Base 1: Anti-Canon Cart Base
    This base packs a punch against long-range attackers like Canon Carts. It cleverly places long-range defenses behind walls and surprises attackers with sneaky Teslas around the edge. It's not just about Canon Carts; it's well-prepared for air attacks too, thanks to a centralized Air Bomb.

  • Base 2: Full Anti-Air Base
    Defending against Baby Dragons and Night Witches is a breeze with this base. It boasts three Firecrackers in the first stage, a Roaster, and an Air Bomb ready to take down any air threats. Ground attackers won't have it easy either, with a dual Crusher setup waiting in the second stage.

  • Base 3: Anti-P.E.K.K.A Base
    This base is a nightmare for P.E.K.K.A strategists. Crush them with Crushers and double cannons while keeping air attackers at bay with strategic Air Bomb placement. Stage 2 ensures a well-protected Mega Tesla.

  • Base 4: Balanced Base
    A symmetrical layout that strikes a balance to defend against various strategies. It surprises opponents with traps around the edges. Stage 2 is the real challenge, featuring strong defenses like the Air Bomb and Mega Tesla.

  • Base 5: Ring Base
    A maddening ring base designed to disrupt Baby Dragon spam. Clever wall placement guides attackers into the Crusher's clutches, while core defenses wreak havoc. Stage 2 focuses on anti-ground defenses, with three double cannons and another Crusher.

  • Base 6: Diamond Base
    A diamond-style base with a well-guarded Mega Tesla. The lava launcher provides long-range protection for the Mega Tesla. Stage 1 handles the initial assault, and stage 2 funnels ground units toward Crushers while setting traps to deter Baby Dragon spammers.

  • Base 7: Balanced Base
    A balanced layout with defenses for both air and ground attacks. While the bottom right is weak to ground, numerous ground mega mines compensate. Stage 2 adopts a diamond layout with a centralized Crusher and Outpost for zappies.

  • Base 8: Anti-Air Base
    This base clusters defenses together to overwhelm attacking troops. It's weak against P.E.K.K.As but excels against Baby Dragons and Night Witches. Stage 2 offers another strong layout with multiple compartments.

  • Base 9: Symmetrical Diamond Base
    A symmetrical Diamond base with key defenses protecting the Builder Hall. It tricks attackers into missing the Builder Hall, guaranteeing at least a one-star defense. Stage 2's cool layout features a lava launcher in the core.

  • Base 10: Anti-Ground Base
    This base is made to stop Hog Riders and Night Witches. It spreads out air mines to deter Bats spawned by Witches and has multiple compartments to make P.E.K.K.A attacks tricky. Stage 2 boasts a load of ground DPS to punish ground attackers.


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