How to Triple the Absolutely Fa-boo-lous Challenge

Tripled the Absolutely Fa-boo-lous challenge? We aren't surprised! Check out the easiest way to triple the challenge with just 2 troops, Yes, just TWO!
How to Triple the Absolutely Fa-boo-lous Challenge

Hey Chief,

Supercell never fails to keep the Clash of Clans community on their toes with exciting new challenges. These events add an extra layer of thrill to the game, and players eagerly await them to showcase their skills and, of course, score some impressive rewards. In this blog, we'll reveal the secrets to mastering the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge with just two troops.


The Clash of Clans community is abuzz with excitement as Supercell unveils its latest challenge – the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous." With each new challenge, top players aim to find the most efficient way to triumph, and this time is no different. 

The latest buzz in the Clash of Clans world is the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge. If you're one of the countless players struggling to triple this challenge, we've got some game-changing insights for you. S
tay tuned as we unveil the secrets to mastering the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge.

Struggling to Triple the Absolutely Fa-boo-lous Challenge?

The "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge has taken the Clash of Clans community by storm. It's the latest test of a player's strategy and troop deployment skills. However, for many, it has proven to be quite the head-scratcher. If you find yourself among those struggling to achieve the coveted triple, fret not.

We're here to guide you through the process and make sure you emerge victorious.

Know the Easiest Way to Triple the New CoC Challenge

While some players may be racking their brains trying to figure out the best strategy, others have already cracked the code. Meet "STARs," one of our top players, who has not only tripled the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge but has done so with just two troops.

Yes, you heard that right! STARs has unlocked the secret sauce, and we're here to spill the beans. Stick around as we dissect STARs' strategy, step by step, and reveal how you can replicate his success.

3 Star the Absolutely Fa boo lous Challenge with just 2 Troops

Tripling the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge isn't just about the rewards; it's about bragging rights and proving your prowess to your fellow Clashers. Imagine stunning your clanmates by effortlessly dominating this challenge.

In this section, we'll provide you with all the details you need to show off this incredible feat to your fellow gamers. Get ready to flex your Clash of Clans muscles and leave your friends in awe.

Now that we've piqued your interest let's delve into the strategy that STARs used to triple the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge. We'll break it down into rounds, just as it played out in the battle.

So, Chief, don't hold back - go ahead and swag your way to victory in the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge!


▶️ STARs Needed ONLY 2 TROOPS to Beat 'Absolutely Fa-boo-lous' Challenge | Clash of Clans SWAG Guide

▶️ The new Challenge Absolutely Fa-boo-lous is in game right now and stars has cracked it already! Today watch as he swags his Siege Machine & 244 Troops & 4 Spells! Then laugh as Hooked tries to repeat it!

Here's how to triple the Absolutely Fa-boo-lous Challenge

We'll provide you with a step-by-step guide based on the general procedure STARs followed. This roadmap will help you achieve a successful triple to win:

  1. Rage, Bat and Skeleton Spells: Start the attack by deploying three skeleton spells and a rage spell in between the RC and ScatterShot, another rage spell and bat spells similarly on the other side. The key here is precise placement to maximize the impact of these spells.

  2. Warden and RC Deployment: Following the spell deployment, place the Warden and Royal Champion (RC) on the battlefield. Timing is critical here, as the Warden needs to divert the attention of single Inferno Towers.

  3. Super Wall Breaker Strategy: Use a super wall breaker at a specific location to trigger skeleton traps. This allows you to clear the path for your RC to advance smoothly.

  4. Managing the Royal Champion: It's crucial to ensure that the Royal Champion survives the encounter with enemy skeletons and defenses. Managing her abilities at the right time is a key factor.

  5. Phoenix for the Win: The Phoenix finally eliminates enemy threats and secures the victory.

By following these general guidelines, you can develop your own strategy to tackle the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge and aim for a triple win.

Hooked's 5 Attempt Saga: Learning from Mistakes

Hooked, our dedicated content creator, embarked on his journey to conquer the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge after witnessing STARs' success. However, his path to victory was filled with challenges, especially in the initial four attempts.

Here's what went wrong:

  1. Misplaced Spells: In the first attempt, Hooked struggled with spell placement. Misaligning the rage and skeleton spells disrupted the rhythm of his attack, resulting in failure.

  2. Timing with the Royal Champion: Hooked often mistimed the deployment of his Royal Champion, causing her to fall prey to enemy defenses before achieving her full potential.

  3. Super Wall Breaker Missteps: Precise placement of the super wall breaker is crucial to trigger skeleton traps effectively. Hooked struggled to find the right location in his early attempts.

  4. Ineffective Phoenix Usage: Utilizing the Phoenix to its full potential requires careful planning. In some attempts, Hooked missed opportunities to use this powerful asset to his advantage.

By examining Hooked's early failures, you can gain insights into the challenges you might encounter and avoid making similar mistakes. Remember, mastering the "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge takes practice and precision, but with dedication, you can achieve a triple win like STARs.


The "Absolutely Fa-boo-lous" challenge is a true test of a Clash of Clans player's skill and strategy. STARs showed us that with the right approach and a dash of luck, it's possible to triple this challenge with just two troops. Whether you're a seasoned Clasher or a newbie looking to hone your skills, this challenge is worth taking on. So, gear up, Chief, and show the Clash of Clans world what you're made of!


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