How to Easily Triple Fear the Rocket Spear Challenge?

Facing difficulties with the Rocket Spear Challenge? Our detailed guide breaks down the strategy to effortlessly achieve three stars, using the latest RC equipment. Dive in to conquer this challenge!
How to Easily Triple the Rocket Spear Challenge?

Hey, Clashers!

The new "Fear the Rocket Spear Challenge" is live, presenting a difficult but exciting Clash of Clans Challenge. And we, as usual, makes your Clash lives incredibly easy. This guide will walk you through the easiest way to conquer it and earn your rewards.

Fear the Rocket Spear Challenge - Clash of Clans

The Rocket Spear Challenge is set to showcase the new Royal Champion Hero Equipment: the Rocket Spear!

This challenge is super hard for regular players to triple because it has multiple Inferno Towers, and the army primarily consists of Hog Riders. If you're wondering how to triple a base with hogs that has excessive splash damage and traps, this guide is for you. We've got a step-by-step guide to help you triple it with minimal effort.


▶️ Easily 3 Star the Rocket Spear Challenge

Many challenges in Clash of Clans can be extremely difficult to triple, but we ensure you’re never stuck. The Rocket Spear Challenge is no exception, but we've got a video that breaks down this challenge with ease.


▶️ There is a new challenge 'Fear the Rocket Spear' in CoC and today Hooked will show you the easiest guide/way to get the triple and earn free rewards!

Here's a detailed breakdown of the strategy to 3-star the challenge:

  1. Setup

    • Place two Earthquakes in the center for later use with the spiky ball.
    • Deploy two Wall Breakers and two Hog Riders near the Bomb Tower to trigger spring traps.
  2. Initial Attack

    • Deploy the Royal Champion with her ability instantly to target the Infernos.
    • Follow up with both Ice Golems, King, Queen, and the Warden.
  3. Support Units

    • Place a Titan on the left to deal with ground skeletons.
    • The Royal Champion will proceed to the core, possibly taking down the enemy Queen.
    • The Phoenix helps clean up, and Sneaky Goblins speed up the process.
  4. Main Attack

    • Deploy the King and Queen strategically, using their abilities as needed.
    • Spam Hog Riders towards the Ricochet Cannon, using the Warden's ability.
    • Use double Heal spells to keep Hog Riders alive through traps and bombs.
  5. Finishing Moves

    • Use Diggy to assist and the final phase on the Town Hall for cleanup.

By following this strategy, you can secure three stars and master the challenge with ease.


With the right strategy and the new RC equipment, the Rocket Spear Challenge becomes manageable. Follow our guide, and you'll achieve three stars in no time. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to dominate whatever Clash of Clans Challenges that come by!


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Good luck, Chief!

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