How to Easily Triple 'Fun and Clash Games' Challenge?

Ready to dominate the 'Fun and Clash Games Challenge'? Our easy guide reveals step-by-step techniques to secure a triple star with minimal effort. Learn and show off your skills today!
How to Easily Triple 'Fun and Clash Games' Challenge?

Hey Clashers!

Today, we’re diving into the Fun and Clash Games Challenge, a new in-game event that’s all about showing off your skills. We’re excited to share our favorite strategy for crushing this challenge with ease. Let’s get right into it!

Clash of Clans 'Fun and Clash Games' Challenge

In Clash of Clans this July, the spotlight is on the Clash Games theme, and as always, there’s a new challenge to tackle: the 'Fun and Clash Games Challenge.' This season features exciting new Clash Games Hero Skins and Scenery.

Supercell is known for making these challenges tough and sometimes frustrating, but we’re here to help! We’ve got super simple and effective techniques to help you ace any Clash of Clans challenge and secure those three-star victories every time.


▶️ Easily 3 Star the 'Fun and Clash Games' Challenge

Here's a video from Blueprint’s YouTube where our caster Hooked reveals an effortless trick to triple the 'Fun and Clash Games' Challenge in Clash of Clans. Watch to learn the step-by-step process and show off your skills to your clanmates!


EASILY 3 Star 'Fun and Clash Games' CHALLENGE Like This | Clash of Clans

▶️ Hooked shocase easily 3star strategy for It's all fun and clash games challenge.

Starting Strong with the Warden

To kick things off, we start with our Warden placed all the way in the corner of the base. Next, we deploy a Head Hunter and use a Fireball to clear any potential threats. This setup helps us deal with the defensive Clan Castle troops, which can be tricky if not handled correctly.

Deploying the Flame Flinger

Once the Warden and Head Hunter have done their part, we drop the Flame Flinger at the bottom of the base. This helps us start damaging the Town Hall while keeping our other troops safe. It’s essential to manage the timing here—starting the attack quickly sets us up for a smoother process later on.

Tanking with Barbs and Activating the Town Hall

As soon as the Heroes are deployed, we use two Barbarian Kings to tank for the Head Hunter. This allows the Head Hunter to focus on its targets without getting distracted. We then activate the Town Hall, making sure it’s losing health as planned.

Deploying the King and Queen

With the Town Hall weakened, we deploy the King in the corner and use his ability once he reaches the right spot. After that, we drop the Queen to target any gold storages. This combination of Heroes helps us deal with the base’s defenses efficiently.

Dealing with the Monolith and Skeletons

As the Warden might fall, we still have three Enchantments to use if needed. When the Town Hall’s health is low, we start deploying two Sneaky Goblins to help clear any remaining obstacles. The Monolith can be challenging, but we use the Royal Champion’s ability to target it directly.

Wrapping Up the Attack

Even though the base might get a bit chaotic with all the Skeleton Traps and other defenses, don’t worry! The Royal Champion will eventually deal with the Monolith, and with some strategic use of spells and abilities, you’ll find yourself with plenty of time left.


And there you have it—a straightforward strategy to dominate the Fun and Clash Games Challenge. We hope this guide helps you secure that three-star victory! Remember, if you’re making any in-game purchases this month, consider using code ‘BLUE’ to support your favorite creators. Happy clashing, and good luck with your challenges!

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