How to Triple the Trophy Match Haaland Challenge

Discover how to dominate the Trophy Match Haaland Challenge with our easy-to-follow 3-star strategy. Master the challenge and climb the Clash of Clans leaderboard!
How to Triple the Trophy Match Haaland Challenge

Hey Clashers!

We know how exciting and challenging Clash of Clans can be, especially when it comes to high-stakes events like Haaland's 10th Challenge. Today, we're going to break down a strategy to easily 3-star the Trophy Match using only one troop—the Siege Barracks.

If you're looking to master more challenges, check out the Clash of Clans Challenges and the Clash with Haaland Event for additional tips and events. Let's dive into the step-by-step guide to help you dominate this challenge and climb up the ranks!

▶️ How to Easily Triple the Trophy Match Haaland Challenge in Clash of Clans

We know this challenge is tough. But can you believe it only takes one troop to achieve a three-star victory? That’s why we’ve included the video below. Don’t just be amazed—learn the technique, replicate it, and show off your skills to your clanmates! 

EASILY 3 STAR the TROPHY MATCH with ONLY 1 TROOP | Haaland's 10th Challenge in Clash of Clans

▶️ TK showcase his method of 3 stirring only with 1 troop in the Haaland's 10th challenge!

Deploying the Heroes and Troops

First things first, we start by placing the Queen at the 7:00 position of the Dark Elixir storage. This initial move is crucial as it sets the stage for the rest of our attack. Next, we deploy the King and Siege Barracks together. As the Queen reaches the Air Defense, we need to rage her at the bottom of the Air Defense and place the Royal Champion (RC) on the Multi Mortar. Don't forget to position the Grand Warden between the King and the P.E.K.K.A.s—he's going to follow them closely.

Spell Deployment and Timing

Once the Queen targets the Air Defense, it’s time to use a Skeleton Spell and rage behind the Town Hall. As soon as the Builder Hut is down, apply an early poison spell on the Clan Castle (CC) troops. This helps to manage the enemy reinforcements effectively. The Queen will then take out the Mortar at the top. Simultaneously, we use the RC's ability and a freeze spell on the top side.

It's important to keep an eye on the Queen’s abilities and the Hog Riders coming from the Siege Barracks. The King’s ability will trigger, clearing the side, and this is the moment to heal, rage, and pop the Warden’s ability to protect our troops.

Adapting to Different Outcomes

Every attack is unique, and outcomes can vary. Even though we might not always have perfect spell deployment or the fastest drops, this strategy leverages the power of four Heroes and the Siege Barracks to secure the win. The key is to practice the plan multiple times, refining your deployment and timing to achieve consistent success.

Handling Variations and Challenges

Sometimes, the Wizards from the Siege Barracks can unexpectedly take down the CC, which is where luck plays a role. Players on the leaderboard know that luck can significantly impact the results. Each time the RC ability is activated, there’s a risk of losing some Hog Riders to either side, but with practice, you'll learn to manage these variables.

To rank high, it’s essential to repeat this plan several times, focusing on precision and timing. Some players are even attempting the challenge without the Siege Barracks, pushing the limits of strategy and skill.


We hope this guide helps you conquer Haaland's 10th Challenge with ease. Remember, mastering this strategy takes practice, but with dedication, you’ll find yourself climbing the ranks. Share your experiences and strategies with us, and let’s keep the Clash community thriving!


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