Football Hero Skins & Scenery - May Gold Pass

Join us as we explore the thrilling May Gold Pass' Football Hero Skins, where every move counts. Learn the secrets to mastering the game and seizing victory, all while having a chance to win 50,000 Free Gems!
Football Hero Skins & Scenery - May Gold Pass

Hello, Chief!

Welcome to the Gold Pass Chronicles, your monthly guide to all things shiny, golden, and fantastic in Clash of Clans! If you're part of the Clash community, you've probably heard about the incredible Gold Pass. What's all the buzz about? Let's dive in and explore what makes Clashville shine!

Meet the Clash of Clans Gold Pass

The Gold Pass is like your exclusive ticket to a world of great perks, discounts, and amazing rewards. It's like having a special golden key to unlock all kinds of treats in Clash. From speeding up upgrades to scoring awesome hero skins, the Gold Pass completely transforms the game.

What's in the CoC Golden Pass?

Imagine a magical treasure chest overflowing with rewards that make your village stand out. Every month, the Gold Pass delivers a bundle of fantastic goodies just for you. From hero skins that turn your champions into legends to breathtaking village sceneries that give your home a fresh new vibe – it's all about flaunting your greatness!

Football Hero Skins & Scenery - May Gold Pass

Each season of the Gold Pass brings fresh and thrilling themes and surprises, and this season is no different. Here's what the May Gold Pass holds for us:

Theme: Football Fever!

Firstly, let's discuss the hero skins – your pass to turning your ordinary heroes into fashionable icons of Clashville. We've curated skins for all four of our heroes.

Football Champion Skin

The highlight of this season's Gold Pass is the exclusive Champion's Football skin, available right from the beginning of the Gold Pass.

Football Champion Skin - May Gold Pass

Football Warden Skin

  • Available from: May 12th at 08:00 UTC in the Shop.
Football Warden Skin - May Gold Pass

Football King Skin

  • Available from: May 18th at 08:00 UTC in the Shop.
Football King Skin - May Gold Pass

Football Queen Skin

  • Available in: May Medal Event Shop on May 7th at 08:00 UTC.
Football Queen Skin - May Gold Pass

Football Scenery

The Gold Pass doesn't just upgrade your heroes; it also introduces Football Field scenery, giving your village the makeover it truly deserves.

Football Scenery - May Gold Pass

Clash with Haaland Event

When it's all Football this season, how could the event be any different! We've got the Clash with Haaland Event where it's all about Clash and Football with the best Football striker in the World!

Check out the Clash with Haaland Event blog to know more!

Clash with Haaland Event Challenges

Get ready, Chief. Typically, we have just one or two challenges, but this time, we've got plenty with incredible rewards for the top performers on the Leaderboards. Don't miss your chance to win 50,000 Free Gems in Clash of Clans. Explore our Clash with Haaland Event blog to learn how to triple these challenges and aim for the top!

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Use code BLUE

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Should You Buy the Gold Pass?

If you're pondering whether to invest in the Gold Pass, you might be asking yourself, "Is it worthwhile to seize this golden chance?" Don't worry! Check out our thorough Gold Pass guide for an in-depth exploration of its perks, suggestions, and tactics. It acts as your digital guide in the realm of Clash, aiding you in making informed choices.


And that's a wrap - we've glimpsed into the treasures awaiting you in this season's Gold Pass. Join us every month as we reveal new hero skins, captivating landscapes, and a plethora of gaming pleasures. Let the Gold Pass Chronicles be your trusted guide, steering you through the Clash universe. Stay golden, Clashers!

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