Simple & Easy Town Hall 15 Blimp Attack Strategies

Whether you're just starting or a seasoned player, we've got you covered with the simplest Blimp attack plans. From Super Archer Blimps to Super Minion Blimps, we break down the armies in a straightforward tone.
Simple & Easy Town Hall 15 Blimp Attack Strategies

Hey Clashers!

Get ready to elevate your Clash of Clans game with the ultimate blimp strategies. Today, we're delving into the genius tactics shared by Dima, focusing on two powerhouse strategies: Super Archer Blimp Attacks and Super Minion Blimp Attacks. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, these strategies are about to revolutionize your Clash experience.

The Most used Siege Machine: Battle Blimp

The Battle Blimp reigns supreme as the mightiest siege machine in Clash of Clans, and let's face it, it's a staple for almost every player. Well, except for our friends at the lower Town Halls – sorry, guys, it's available only on Town Hall 10 and above!

Upgrade quick, and you might find yourself wondering why you didn't level up your village sooner. But that's not our focus here. What's got us hooked is the incredible variety it brings to armies, securing its top spot as the most utilized siege machine in Clash of Clans. Brace yourself for the blimp revolution!

The Go-To choice for every player: TH15 Blimp Attacks

Can you name a strategy without using the Battle Blimp? It's not an easy one, is it? We've got SA blimps, Blizzard, Yetti bomb, sneaky gob for TH, Super Minion blimps, and loads more.

The most liked and powerful armies use the blimp, making it a top-tier siege machine. That's why blimp strategies are like a secret weapon – players often pick them without even realizing it, just going with the flow.

A variety in CoC Battle Blimp Armies

Whether you're a total newbie or a Clash maestro, the Battle Blimp is a go-to tool. It buddies up with Yettis, Super Archers, E-dragons, Super Minions – you name it! This versatility is what makes the Battle Blimp the reigning champion of siege machines.

Now, what sets this blog apart? Amid the sea of blimp attack strategies, we're keeping it real simple. In the next section, we'll break down the easiest and most straightforward attack plans. Ready for a Clash strategy that won't make your head spin? Let's dive in!


▶️ Easy TownHall 15 Blimp Attack Strategies

Ah, the blimp – Clash of Clans' floating sensation. Sure, there are those who go all out with complex blimp shenanigans, but let's face it, not everyone's a Clash maestro, right? No worries! We've dug through the fancy stuff and cherry-picked the downright easiest blimp attack strategies. Brace yourself for some no-nonsense Clash simplicity!

These SIMPLE BLIMP Strategies are BROKEN | Super Archer + Super Minion Clone Attacks Clash of Clans

💙 The Battle Blimp is the most powerful siege machine in Clash of Clans and today we will prove it by showing you attacks done by Dima during the Clan War Leagues!

Best Super Archer Blimp Attack Strategies

In the world of Clash, Super Archers take center stage in these blimp strategies, proving their might in various attack approaches. Here are the simplest TH15 Super Archer Blimp attack strategies:

Super Barch Attack Strategy

Dima introduces a unique twist with the Super Barch attack strategy. While typically, you might not associate Barch with blimps, this strategy flips the script. The Super Barch excels in box bases, showcasing the power of Super Archers in tandem with the Battle Blimp.

As per Dima's insights, the Warden plays a crucial role here. Contrary to conventional wisdom, he advises using the Warden with the blimp, targeting specific defenses and maximizing value. This strategy highlights the versatility of Super Archers and the strategic nuances of utilizing them in different scenarios.

Lavaloon Attack Strategy

The classic Lavaloon strategy gets a Super Archer twist. Dima emphasizes the significance of Super Archers in this blimp attack. The key lies in choosing the right moment to deploy the Warden with the blimp. As shown in the transcript, the Warden's role is crucial when the blimp is not attempting to reach the core.

Instead, it focuses on securing substantial value by targeting multiple defenses on the outskirts. This approach sets the stage for a powerful follow-up by heroes and supporting troops. Opt for Lavaloon when facing bases that are not conducive to Super Barch, where a more aerial approach is favorable.

Best Super Minion Blimp Attack Strategies

Now, let's shift our focus to Super Minions, another powerhouse troop, and explore the blimp strategies that showcase their dominance.

Super Drags Attack Strategy

Enter the Super Drags attack strategy – a lethal combination of Super Dragons and Super Minions. Dima walks us through the troop-efficient funneling and controlled chaos that defines this strategy.

The attack unfolds with Super Drags wreaking havoc, while Super Minions, backed by Clone spells, target various directions. The troop-efficient funnel pays off, leading to a base crumbling under the might of the Super Minion Clone. This strategy proves the synergy between Super Minions and Super Dragons.

E-Dragons Attack Strategy

The final piece of our Super Minion Blimp strategies is the E-Dragons attack. Dima strategically opts for a single Clone spell, showcasing the importance of troop space for additional Rage spells.

The attack unfolds with precision, and despite a slight hiccup, the base succumbs to the might of heroes and Super Minions. This strategy highlights the flexibility of Super Minions and their ability to dominate bases, even with a single Clone spell.


There you have it, Clashers – a comprehensive guide to mastering Super Archer and Super Minion Blimp strategies. These tactics, straight from Dima's playbook, showcase the versatility of these troops and the strategic nuances required for success. So, gear up, implement these strategies, and let the Clash victories roll in!


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