Mass Root Rider: Best Attack Strategy at TownHalls 16 & 15

Dive into the Clash chaos with the Mass Root Rider strategy! Unleash an army so broken, it might just break the Clash records. Discover why Supercell might need their Nerf hammer!
Mass Root Rider: Best Attack Strategy at TownHalls 16 & 15

Hey Clashers!

Buckle up because we've stumbled upon a gem in the Clash world – the Mass Root Rider strategy. It's not your typical Clash tale; it's more like a root-infused whirlwind that's reshaping the battlefield.

Get ready for a journey where roots reign supreme, riders charge into chaos, and the Clash universe will never be the same again!

What is the Best Attack Strategy at TownHall 16 & 15?

The TownHall 16 Update brings a bunch of new Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans. Each strategy is super strong in its own style. With so many options, it can be hard to pick the best one.

But guess what? We've got your back! We've picked out the best of the best attack strategies for you.

And here's the cool part – the Root Rider troop being available at TownHall 15 with Level 17 Barracks means that even TH15 players can tap into its crazy power! How awesome is that? Time to spice up your attacks!

Mass Root Rider: Best TH16 Army in Clash of Clans

Absolutely, the Root Rider's stats are off the charts! If you've taken a peek at them, you'd see why this troop is a game-changer. It's a whopping 8000 HP packed into just 20 camp space.

That means you can bring a bunch of these bad boys to your attack. And it's not just about the massive health; these Root Riders go on a wall-destroying spree as they roll through.

It's like having a Golem and Wall Wrecker combined, but without hogging up too much camp space. Now that's what we call a double win!

How powerful is the Mass Root Rider Army?

Hold up, Clashers, because this strategy is not just broken – it's super-broken! We could throw a bunch of words at you, but why bother when we've got a video in the upcoming section that'll lay it all out for you.

Here's the scoop: the Hitrate of this army will be off the charts. We're placing our bets that Supercell might need to grab their Nerf hammer soon. Remember the legendary Mashup Lavaloon Army and its record-breaking hitrate? Well, brace yourself because this new army might just outshine that record! Get ready for Clash mayhem, folks!


▶️ How to Mass Root Rider at TownHalls 16 & 15?

If you've ever rocked the Avalanche strategy in Clash of Clans (you know, the classic Golem + Wizards combo), you must be an OG Clasher. Well, guess what? If you've got that old-school strategy down, mastering this new one will be a breeze because it follows a similar pattern.

The video below not only spills the tea on how crazy powerful this army is but also gives you the lowdown on exactly how to pull it off! Time to level up your Clash game! 

EMERGENCY NERF NEEDED!!! MASS ROOT RIDER is INSANE | Best Attack Strategy Clash of Clans TH16 Update

▶️ We have discovered the newest and most overpowered Town Hall 16 army ever, Mass Root Rider. Spam 13 root riders in a line with your heroes behind and you will unleash the full power of Town Hall 16!

The Unveiling

Imagine this: 13 Root Riders converging on a single spot, and bam! The enemy base is toast. It's not a fantasy; it's a Clash reality that's causing a stir. This isn't your run-of-the-mill attack strategy; it's an explosive symphony of roots and riders, and we've got a front-row seat to the action.

How it Works

No complicated jargon here – just pure chaos in the best way possible. Strategically place your Root Riders, let a wizard create a funnel, and watch as the rest of the Root Riders, Warden, King, and Queen tear through the middle like a whirlwind.

Toss in a blimp, a couple of rages, and a sprinkle of Healing Tome magic, and you've got an unstoppable force. Forget the Rage Gem; this Healing Tome Equipment is the secret sauce, giving your army a health boost that leaves opponents scratching their heads.

Against the Odds

The strategy isn't without its challenges, but that's what makes it thrilling. From double rage ring bases to box bases, the Root Riders charge fearlessly. Back-end rage towers? No problemo!

The video spills the beans on handling those too. It's like a Clash rollercoaster, and the Root Riders are the daredevils, facing challenges head-on and leaving bases in ruins.

Challenges and Triumphs

Missed a Root Rider or messed up a Warden Ability? Don't worry; the Mass Root Rider strategy thrives on the unexpected. Back-end rage towers may throw a curveball, but guess what?

The Root Riders and the trusty Head Hunters shrug it off, triumphing over adversity. The Clash battlefield might as well be a movie set, and the Mass Root Riders are the action heroes.


As we wrap up this journey into chaos, one thing's crystal clear – the Mass Root Rider strategy isn't just a strategy; it's a Clash revolution. Will it stand the test of time, or will Supercell hit the brakes?

Clashers, grab your hammers, polish your shields, and join the Root Rider revolution. This isn't a game anymore; it's a root-infused uprising!


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