How to Use Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment?

Curious about the latest buzz in Clash of Clans? Get ready to chill out with the Frozen Arrow Queen Equipment! Find out how this frosty addition is shaking up the game, slowing down defenses while packing a serious punch.
How to Use Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment?

Hey there, Clashers!

Today, we're diving into the latest and greatest addition to the Clash of Clans arsenal: the Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment. Get ready to witness the power of icy domination as we explore how this game-changing gear can take your Clash experience to new heights.

Not Familiar with Hero Equipments yet?

Don't stress if you're not familiar with Hero Equipments. They're new features introduced in the TH16 Update. Essentially, Hero Equipments are just extra abilities for your heroes. Before this update, heroes had fixed abilities, but now we have more options, and we can choose which abilities to use for each hero.

Just keep in mind, you can only use two equipments per hero at a time. For more details, check out our blog post that delves into Hero Equipment.

How does the Frozen Arrow Equipment in  Clash of Clans work?

If you guessed from the name that the queen shoots icy arrows, you're spot on! So, what exactly do these Frozen Arrows do? Well, think of it like this: imagine if you're familiar with what the pet Frosty does with its frostmites.

The Frozen Arrow works in a similar way, but with a punch of high damage. When the Queen's Arrow hits, it doesn't just pack a wallop of damage, but it also puts the brakes on enemy defenses and any defensive troops or heroes in its path.


▶️ The Frozen Arrow is the newest hero equipment in Clash of Clans and it is amazing. You can earn this epic equipment by purchasing it with Lunar New Year event currency (red envelopes) and trust us, it’s worth it!

Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment: A Cold Blast of Stats

Let's kick things off with a deep dive into the stats of the Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment. At level one, you're already looking at a 30% slowdown effect. But hold onto your hats, because as you level up to 15, that slowdown skyrockets to a staggering 55%!

And if you're brave enough to max it out, prepare to be blown away by a bone-chilling 75% slowdown. It's like having your very own ice storm wreaking havoc on enemy defenses.

Charging Through Town Halls with the Frozen Arrow Queen

Now that we've got the stats sorted, let's talk action. In our latest Clash adventures, we put the Frozen Arrow Queen to the test by charging through a series of Max Town Hall 16s. And let me tell you, it was a breeze. With the Frozen Arrow by our side, our Queen danced through enemy defenses like a pro, leaving a trail of frozen wreckage in her wake.

Unleashing the Frozen Fury: Queen Power Amplified

Witnessing the Frozen Arrow in action is truly a sight to behold. From freezing up Multi Infernos to chilling out defensive Royals, our Queen was practically unstoppable. And the best part? We didn't even need to rely on a plethora of spells. With the Frozen Arrow doing the heavy lifting, our Queen reigned supreme with ease.

Conquering Clash with the Frozen Arrow Queen Equipment

In conclusion, the Frozen Arrow Queen Equipment isn't just a game-changer—it's a game-freezer. With its unparalleled slowdown effect, charging through bases has never been smoother. So gear up, Clashers, and prepare to unleash the frosty fury of the Frozen Arrow. Trust us, once you've experienced the power of the Frozen Arrow Queen, there's no turning back.


Ready to take your Clash game to the next level? Join us in embracing the Frozen Arrow revolution. With its chilling effects and unparalleled power, the Frozen Arrow Queen Equipment is poised to become a must-have for every serious Clasher out there. So what are you waiting for? Gear up, charge forth, and let's conquer Clash together like never before!

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