The Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans is So Broken!

Get ready for a Clash revelation! Pro players shake the foundations at Town Hall 16, proving that even a Town Hall 12, sans Royal Champion, can triumph against the odds. The clash of strategies and the quest for balance in the Clashiverse await!
Hero Equipment makes a TH12 Triple a Max TH16

Hey Clashers!

Buckle up because we've got a rollercoaster of Clash of Clans drama coming your way! From the lower Town Halls grappling with hero equipment mayhem to the top tiers exposing the pitfalls of Town Hall 16, it's been a wild ride in the Clashiverse.

▶️ Hero Equipment Hijinks at Lower Town Halls

We all love a good upgrade, but it seems like the hero equipment took one too many sips from the "power potion." In our recent Clash escapades, we discovered the hero abilities are throwing the balance out of whack, especially for the lower Town Halls.

We delved into the statistics and watched live attacks that left us scratching our heads. The Giant Gauntlet at Town Hall 8? A Level 12 Giant Gauntlet at Town Hall 16? It's madness, I tell you!

Our heroes are flexing with abilities that could make even the mightiest bases crumble. From Queen charges to epic LavaLoon assaults, the hero equipment is turning once-challenging attacks into a cakewalk.

We're not complaining about having a blast wrecking bases, but seriously, Clash, is this the hero power fantasy gone too far? The hero equipment party might be fantastic, but it seems someone forgot to send the invitation to balance.

Town Hall 16: The Clash of Communities

But the drama doesn't stop there, folks! Town Hall 16 has emerged as the battlefield for a clash of desires between our beloved casual players and the pro maestros. Pro players are three-starring Town Hall 16 bases with lower Town Hall accounts, and they're not shy about it.

Meanwhile, casual players are enjoying the breeze of easier triples, a sweet spot at Town Hall 16. The catch? It's causing a rift in the Clash community.

The pros want a challenge, a battlefield where skill reigns supreme, and the clash is a true test of strategic prowess. On the flip side, casual players just want to enjoy the game, reveling in the victories without pulling their hair out in frustration. It's the clash of desires, and we're stuck in the crossfire.

▶️ TownHall 12 Triples a Max TownHall 16

While a casual gamer might not perceive Hero Equipments as overpowered, picture this scenario: a professional player successfully triples a fully upgraded Town Hall 16 using a Town Hall 12—four levels lower, and without the aid of a Royal Champion. Delve into the details in the video below! 

TH16 has EXPOSED Clash of Clans’ BIGGEST PROBLEM | Game Balance is IMPOSSIBLE

▶️ Time to talk about a massive topic within Clash of Clans: Game Balance. Is it possible to have everyone happy in the game at any point in time?

Hooked talks about the issue as a whole whilst offering an interesting solution.

The Clash Dilemma: Pro vs. Casual:

We find ourselves at a crossroads, Clashers. The clash between pro and casual desires may seem irreconcilable, especially with the impending balance changes. Town Hall 16, once the arena of joyous triples, could become a headache for casual players when the defenses get beefed up.

How does Clash of Clans find harmony in this chaos? The answer might lie in an idea that has been floated before but met with resistance – an easy and hard mode in Friendly Wars. Picture this: an option to choose your preferred difficulty level, offering a solution that caters to both casual and pro players. It's like having your cake and eating it too!

Will Supercell Nerf the Hero Equipments?

As we navigate through the clash of desires and Town Hall turmoil, we can't help but wonder about the future. Will Supercell heed the call for an adjustable difficulty setting in Friendly Wars, or will the clash of communities persist?

Clashers, share your thoughts! Are you content with the current state of balance, or do you yearn for an option to fine-tune your Clash experience? Drop your comments in those YouTube videos, and let's keep the conversation lively. Until then, keep clashing and may your heroes and bases be forever legendary!


As we navigate the quirks of hero equipment and Town Hall 16 dynamics, Clash of Clans remains a vibrant battleground. The clash of desires between pro and casual players echoes through each raid.

In this ever-evolving clash, whether you crave challenge or savor triumph, one thing is certain: Clash on, Clashers! The journey is legendary, and the best battles are yet to come.


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