How to Super Archer Blimp after October Update

Are you under the impression that Super Archer Blimp Attack Strategies are no longer effective? Well, think again. The October Update from Supercell didn't significantly weaken the Sarch Blimp as you might have thought.
How to Super Archer Blimp after October Update

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Welcome back to Blueprint. Today, we're about to learn a fascinating topic that makes Super Archer Landings more thrilling and challenging.

We are about to explore the tricks of clone spell deployments and sharing some handy tips on how to handle your Clan Castle effectively. If you're ready to elevate your Clash of Clans game, let's dive right into this action-packed video.

The Super Archer Blimp Attack Strategy: Unveiling Its Power

If you're a regular Clash of Clans player, you're probably familiar with the go-to strategy used by players of all levels: the Super Archer Blimp or the Sarch Blimp trick. This technique is loved by many because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike other strategies that demand a lot of skill, this one is all about nailing the blimp's landing, and you're on your way to a three-star victory.

Supercell's Attempt to Balance Sarch Blimp Attack Strategy after October Update

But, here's the thing: relying solely on one strategy can make the game less fun. When everyone uses the same trick over and over, it gets old quickly. So, Supercell, the creator of Clash of Clans, occasionally tweaks the game to make sure one strategy doesn't dominate. In the October 2023 update, they tried to tone down the Super Archer Blimp strategy. But it didn't quite do the job.

The Sarch Blimp Attack Expert to the Rescue

Fear not, Clashers! Our Super Archer Blimp expert, TK, is here to show you how to make the most of this strategy and demonstrate that it's still a powerful contender in the game. He'll guide you through the ins and outs of using Super Archer Blimps effectively and prove that they're still relevant in the game's ever-changing meta. So, if you thought this strategy was down and out, think again!


▶️ How to use Super Archer Blimp Army after Update

Don't believe Supercell when they say Super Archer Blimps don't work anymore. Follow our expert, TK, who'll teach you how to make Sarch Blimp Attacks even better after the October '23 Update. 

Time to RISK with SARCH BLIMPs after UPDATE | TH15 Attack Strategy

➡️ TK showcases many of his Super Archer Blimps landings, the Clone Update after the last balance changes, and great tips on the Clan Caste use for this SArch Blimps after this October Update in Clash of Clans.

Super Archer Blimp Army Link:


Super Archer Landings – Risky Business

So, why is the Super Archer strategy getting riskier and more skill-demanding after the update? Let's break it down:

  • Finding the Right Angles: The key to success with Super Archer Landings is all about finding the right angles. Take a look at the enemy's base and identify where you can attack safely. Look out for strategic placements like Expos and Multi-Infernos. Attacking from angles where you don't have to be right next to these defenses is a smart move.
  • Mind Your Landing: When choosing your landing spot, be cautious. If you notice empty areas within the core, land there. But if that's not an option, aim for the middle of empty spaces. This way, you activate any potential Giant Bombs without damaging your Archers. Also, avoid freezing sweepers if you can predict their direction.
  • Clone Wisely: Clone spell placement is crucial. If you find a side of the base with no traps, resist the urge to clone the other side. A well-placed clone can be a game-changer, but getting greedy could lead to disaster.
  • Managing Lava Hounds: Lava Hounds can be a pain, right? To deal with them effectively, don't attempt to move the Hound toward a different side, as your Archers will follow. Instead, pull the Hound back into invisibility by deploying one Archer in front of the defenses.

Mastering the Ring Bases

Ring bases can be a challenge, especially when dealing with double poison rings. Here's how you can tackle them:

  • Be Warden-Savvy: If the Town Hall stays up, don't fret. You can still make a comeback, provided you don't use your Warden's ability early. Archers without the Warden's protection can handle the situation, and you may have seen this strategy in action in other videos.
  • Cloning Your Way to Victory: When dealing with ring bases, look for a side to focus on. In these bases, symmetry is less common. Cloning in the right place can make a huge difference. Choose your angle wisely.

The Tornado Trap Challenge

Tornado traps can be your worst enemy, but they don't have to be. Here's how you can manage them:

  • Strategic Landing: Pay close attention to your landing spot. Avoid the tornado trap catching your Archers upon landing. Landing in the right spot can make a huge difference. Don't rush; take your time.
  • Smart Cloning: When dealing with a tornado trap, don't immediately clone when you spot Skeleton Traps. Give your Archers time to clear some Skellies first, and then activate the Clone spell. This way, your clones are less likely to wander off.

The Diamond Base Dilemma

Diamond bases can be tricky due to the core's empty spaces. Here's how you can handle them:

  • Focus on One Side: Diamond bases often have plenty of empty spaces in the core. Choose one side to clear before diving into the core. It's a safer way to go about it.
  • Precision Landing: Keep your landing precise, making sure you avoid potential Giant Bombs. Cloning in the right spot can help you eliminate the risk.
  • The Queen-King-Champion Trio: Coordinate your heroes efficiently. Send the Queen to handle the Town Hall, the King on a separate path, and deploy the Champion strategically. And don't forget to utilize the Freeze Spell wisely.


There you have it, Clashers! Super Archer strategies have evolved, and mastering them is all about precision, strategy, and timing. These tips will help you make better decisions when approaching various types of bases.

Stay smart, and you'll be pulling off those three-star victories like a pro. Keep clashing, and until next time, take care and peace out!


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