Master the Mashup Hog Wizard Attack Strategies

Had enough of the simple LavaLoon attack strategy? Want to step up your game and play like a pro? Well, it's time to make the switch to the Hog Wizard attack strategies and show your skills.
Master the Mashup Hog Wizard Attack Strategies

Hey there, Clashers!

If you've been busy clashing, you might have already heard about the exciting addition to the Clash of Clans world: the Hog Wizard.

These magical hogs are here to turn the tides of your battles, and we're about to break down some powerful strategies featuring these new troops. So, buckle up and get ready for a deep dive into the latest and greatest tactics!

The Hog Wizard Attack Strategy: For Those Seeking a Skillful Clash

Looking for a fresh challenge in Clash of Clans? Try the Hog Wizard attack strategy. Unlike the straightforward LavaLoon strategy, the Hog Wizard demands precision and strategy, rewarding clever planning and execution.

The Hog Wizard attack sets itself apart by requiring a deep understanding of base layouts and troop behavior.

You'll need to analyze your opponent's defenses, identifying vulnerabilities for a successful attack. It's a strategy that keeps you engaged and constantly challenged.

Why should you use the Clash-o-Ween Hog Wizard Attack Strategy?

With the rise of Clash-o-Ween Mashup troops, most players use the LavaLoon strategy because it's simple and strong. But here's the catch: as more players use it, enemy bases will be adapted to get better at defending against it.

That's where the Hog Wizard and Barcher Attack Strategies comes in. Most players will be focusing on defending only the LavaLoon attack and you can surprise them with these attack strategies.

So, if you're looking for a new edge, give it a try!

The Mashup Hog Wizard Attack Strategy - The Ground Air-Spam

If you're a player who's experienced with air spam attacks like Hydra, which combines Dragons and Inferno Dragons, then mastering the Hog Wizard attack strategy will feel familiar.

It's almost the same style of attack, with one key difference: instead of sending dragons, you'll be unleashing your hogs into the core.

The Hog Wizard strategy offers some advantages over Hydra. Here's why: Hog Wizards focus directly on the defenses that pose a threat to your heroes. This means your heroes can efficiently clean up the rest of the base while the Hog Wizards handle the core.

It's a win-win, and it makes your Clash of Clans life a whole lot easier.


▶️ How to Use the Mashup Hog Wizard Attack Strategies

This time, it's not just one strategy but four different Hog Wizard attack strategies. You can choose the one that matches your skill level. So, let's jump in and explore these four Hog Wizard attack strategies. 

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Strategy 1: Simple Yet Effective - The Yeti Blimp Hog Wizard Attack

The first strategy we'll explore is probably the most straightforward way to harness the power of the Hog Wizard. It starts with a Yeti blimp, aimed at the Town Hall.

The goal is to grab the attention of the Clan Castle troops and eliminate the Town Hall. Why? Well, taking out the Town Hall early means the Hog Wizards won't be distracted by it later on.

Once the Town Hall is down, it's time for the Hog Wizards to shine. They'll swiftly charge into the base's core, bulldozing through defenses and causing havoc. The great thing here is that even if you don't lure out the Clan Castle troops, these wizards are so speedy that they'll handle it with ease.

One tip: Consider using a heal spell instead of an extra rage. Hog Wizards can be vulnerable to giant bombs and nasty scatter shots. A well-timed heal can save the day.

Strategy 2: Earthquake Shake-Up - Hog Wizards on Anti-2 Ring Bases

Anti-2 Ring bases can be a challenge, but they won't stand a chance against Hog Wizards. This time, you'll swap out the rage spell for an earthquake spell.

Start with a Yeti blimp to engage the Town Hall and clear a path. Once that's done, the Hog Wizards will charge through the center of the base.

Ring bases can be easier to tackle because you have all the spells you need to keep your wizards and heroes alive. Proper spell management is crucial here, and the key is keeping an eye on those nasty head hunters.

Your Hog Wizards will cut through the core like a hot knife through butter, and your heroes will wrap up the clean-up duty.

Strategy 3: Queen Walk into Hog Wizard Fury

If you're a fan of the Queen Charge strategy, you can easily incorporate Hog Wizards. Start with an early Queen walk, picking off defenses and setting up a path.

Use the Blimp on the Town Hall and clear it as usual to nullify the major threat.

The result? Your Hog Wizards will charge into the base with a narrow path, making their way through the core.

The Queen and King will support from the sidelines. Remember, the Clan Castle troops might not be lured out, but it's no problem for this dynamic combo.

Strategy 4: The Skelly Donut Hog Attack

The Skelly Donut Hog strategy is a bit more complex but incredibly rewarding. The goal is to create a donut shape in the base with the skelly bat donut, taking down multiple multis, and ideally, the Clan Castle.

The Hog Wizards will follow this path, focusing on the core. This time, you won't need a rage for the Hog Wizards because they're already super fast. You can save it for your heroes or use a heal instead.

The result? Your heroes will thrive and clean up the rest of the base while the Hog Wizards create chaos in the core.

What's up next? Well, we've got Synthe, the Hog Rider pro, to showcase the impressive power of the Hog Wizard Strategy. This strategy has become even more potent following the Balance Changes that buffed up the Hog Wizards.

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And there you have it, Clashers – four fantastic strategies featuring the Hog Wizard. Whether you prefer a simple approach or something a bit more intricate, these strategies will help you dominate your opponents. Experiment with them, adapt to your base layouts, and watch the magic happen on the battlefield.

Until next time, clash on and keep those Hog Wizards flying high!


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