Blueprint's Collaboration with Alvaro845

Discover how Spanish players can level up their gaming experience, unlock a 10% discount and strengthen their bases with top-notch strategies and layouts. Happy gaming, or as they say, "¡Feliz juego!"
Collaboration with Alvaro

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Clash of Clans, the popular mobile strategy game, transcends borders and unites players from around the world. Spanish gamers are no exception; they're enthusiastic about the game and always on the lookout for ways to improve their base designs and strategies. In this blog post, we'll delve into a collaboration that's making waves among Spanish Clash of Clans entusiastas (enthusiasts).

The Growing Popularity of Clash of Clans in Spain

While we can't claim that Clash of Clans is exclusively popular in Spain, it's evident that Spanish gamers have embraced the game with los brazos abiertos (open arms). They're an active part of the global Clash of Clans comunidad (community), and like players worldwide, they seek ways to enhance their gaming experience.

One of the aspectos esenciales (essential aspects) of the game is building a strong base to defend against ataques (attacks) and proteger tus recursos (protect your resources). And that's where the collaboration between Alvaro and Blueprint comes into play.

The Collaboration: Alvaro845 and Blueprint CoC

Alvaro, a renowned Spanish Clash of Clans content creator, boasts a substantial following on his YouTube channel. He offers an array of contenido (content), including tutorials on farming, attacks, strategies, clan wars, and base layouts.

His channel is not limited to serious gameplay; you can also find entretenidos (entertaining) troll attacks and challenging escenarios (scenarios) sent by subscribers. Alvaro is a source of official information about sneak peeks and future game updates.

Blueprint, on the other hand, is an authority in the Clash of Clans community. Their staff regularly publishes contenido on their website, and their reputation is already well-established. They are the go-to recurso (resource) for Clash of Clans bases and services, making them the top elección (choice) for players seeking ways to enhance their base layouts and strategies

Claim Discounts with Alvaro845's Code

Now, here's the emocionante (exciting) part of the collaboration. When Spanish Clash of Clans players utilizan (utilize) the code "ALVARO845," they receive a 10% descuento (discount) when accessing Blueprint's Bases & Master Classes

It's a win-win situación (situation) for the players, as they not only get valioso (valuable) content from Alvaro but also enjoy reduced costos (costs) on Blueprint's offerings. This discount makes the collaboration even more enticing for the Clash of Clans community in Spain.

Blueprint's Free Bases for THs 9 to 16

In the video, you'll find Alvaro's detailed breakdown of various base designs for different Town Hall levels, ranging from 9 to 16. These base layouts are designed to help players improve their defenses and protect their in-game recursos (resources). The collaboration ensures that Spanish gamers have access to top-tier contenido that can enhance their Clash of Clans experience.

Additionally, Blueprint provides a variety of servicios (services), including Master classes and unique base designs, to cater to the necesidades (needs) of players competing in various aspects of the game, from Clan Wars to farming.

El Mejor DISEÑO de ALDEA para cada Ayuntamiento - Clash of Clans

Las mejores aldeas para TH9-16 en Clash of Clans.

Exploring the Detailed Base Designs

The video goes into great detail about the base designs for Town Hall levels 9 to 16. These layouts are designed to optimize your base's defenses, making them invaluable assets for players looking to level up their game. From compartmentalization to defensive placements, Alvaro covers it all, giving players insights to protect their bases effectively.


The collaboration between Alvaro and Blueprint is a testament to the global nature of Clash of Clans. It's heartening to see a Spanish content creator team up with a renowned platform to provide valuable recursos to the gaming community.

Spanish players now have access to the best base layouts and strategies, with the added bonus of a discount when they use Alvaro's code. This partnership is a win for everyone involved, making the Clash of Clans experiencia (experience) in Spain more engaging and emocionante (exciting) than ever before.

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