TH15 Anti-Meta Base Pack ⭐ Limited Edition

Our Anti Army Squad united to help you dominate by using your enemies weaknesses against them! Get bases heavily trapped against the specific armies of Meta!
TH15 Anti-Meta Base Pack ⭐ Limited Edition

Hey Clashers,

The wait is over, we have a new pack coming to help you dominate in this meta, and it's coming from experienced blue builders who have perfect baiting skills to bait specific armies. This pack contains bases designed for Top tier CoC ESL Leagues & Legends. Learn more about our new Limited Edition Pack.

Introducing TH15 Anti-Meta Base Pack

When you have Blue Defenses, it doesn't matter who the enemy is; just sit back & relax watching enemies struggle!

Saw Worlds to see how pro teams dominate? Having suitable bases with particular enemies' strengths baited is the key to winning!

You are lucky because we have the best of the best at Blueprint COC. And this Pro Base Pack is a one-time opportunity with exclusive Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 Layouts made to help you dominate with army specific bases in Clash of Clans Meta!

Important Info about the TH15 Clash Worlds Base Pack

It contains 4 TH15 Base Layouts. These Bases are top meta bases meticulously crafted with precision and creativity to make them best possible Current meta oriented bases in the World.

Anti-Army Squad has carefully analyzed and optimized every aspect of these bases making it super challenging for specific armies while making the bases strong against multiple other armies to make them the best army specific style meta oriented bases in the current meta, ensuring they are ready to outsmart any attacker!

The comments on these bases from Builders themselves will help you decide and switch things to help increase longetivity of the bases in long run! Along with comments get CoC Base Links and recommended CC along with image of Base!

TH15 Anti-Meta Base pack Limited Edition - by BlueprintCoC

TH15 CoC Base Layouts Insights

Blue Builders have worked hard on all these bases & tested them throughout to help you defend. Here you can see what you can expect from each Clash of Clans Bases included in the TH15 Anti-Meta Base Pack. If you have any doubts, just ask and we will be happy to help.

1️⃣ ┋DIMA - Anti QC Hogs - ESL/Legends - Multiple isolated-multi IT compartments, spread out baits, spread damage style, hard-to-path frontend monolith and flanking rage towers.

2️⃣ ┋GHOST - Anti Spams - ESL/Legends - Spread damage style flanking compartments, asymmetrical with flanking baits, light split core, and double rage towers based.

3️⃣ ┋TRYHARD - Anti Super Bowlers - ESL/Legends - Deadzones-based style isolated big compartments, spread baits, creative compartments, flanking rage towers based and spread-out flanks!

4️⃣ ┋PEKKACHU - Anti Super Archer Blimp - ESL/Legends - Deadzone based core, heavy baited, monolith behind TH, spread periphery, spread damage, hard to path & double rage towers!


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    TH15 Anti-Meta Base Pack - by BlueprintCoC

    TH15 Anti-Meta Base Pack - Limited Blueprint CoC

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