The Best Clan Capital Attacks in Clash of Clans

Get to know the Best Attack Strategies in Clan Capital
The Best Clan Capital Attacks in Clash of Clans

Follow Up With The Best Clan Capital Attacks of the Moment

Here you can watch some of the Best Clash of Clans players in the world as they attack in the Clan Capital raids.

These impressive Clan Capital attackers will showcase their skills and strategies including live recordings, so you can trust that what you're seeing is 100% real.

What is the Goal of this Clan Capital Attacks Playlist?

The goal of this playlist is to provide viewers a chance to see the Top Clan Capital Attacks while showcasing a variety of the top-tier strategies of the actual meta.

In addition to featuring some of the best players and strategies, our Clan Capital Attacks Playlist also aims to provide Clash of Clans knowledge and entertainment for the viewers.

But not only that, doing it through by the hands of Hooked and going in to detail of all the minors details in explaining the attack strategies can help you learn better and improve your gameplay.

Who Can Find This Videos Useful?

Whether you're an experienced player trying to improve your own skills, or just a fan looking to watch some high-level Clan Capital gameplays, this playlist is for you, you will enjoy a lot these content, commanded by the great Hooked.

We also help the players of all skill levels to acquire clash knowledge and improve their gameplay which can help them to dominate the Leaderboards.

In addition, we also have a huge quantity of highly valuable videos to learn from the top players and execute them in your Clan Capital Attacks.

When We Upload New Clan Capital Content?

Normally we used to upload content on this playlist once a week.

But to be totally clear, we upload new videos as soon as we have find a new Clan Capital Attack Strategy that works best or if one of the Top Players is ready to show off his new strategy to the World.

Consider Subscribing if you enjoy Clan Capital Attacks, since this is clearly the Clash of Clans YouTube channel with more expertise in Clan Capital gameplay.

Which Clash of Clans Players do we Feature?

We try to bring the best Clash of Clans Clan Capital Attack Strategies of the moment, of course by the Best Players in the world, showing as many armies and variants as possible.

We get the Best of the Best Clan Capital Attacks here, normally the strategies used by players from the Top teams.

And What about Base Building in Clan Capital?

And in case you didn't consider it, you can take advantage of watching the best and most famous/common Base Layouts at Clan Capital being wrecked, and you can take notes on how to stop that strategy and defend them easy the next time you face that strategy.

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▶️ Clan Capital Attacks Playlist

We hope you enjoy watching these skilled players in action and that you find our content both entertaining and educational.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the Clan Capital Attacks.

Would be awesome if you can help us to keep working on these videos for you.

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Enjoy The Attacks and Hope you Can Learn a Thing or Two!

As you watch these incredible Clan Capital Attacks, pay attention to the troops and spells that are being used, as well as the overall strategy and execution of the attack.

You may just pick up some new ideas or techniques that you can use in your own gameplay. And who knows, maybe one day you'll be the one featured in our Clan Capital Playlist! 


One Shot EVERY Possible DISTRICT in Clan Capital | Clash of Clans

One Shot EVERY Possible DISTRICT in Clan Capital with this Insane Clan Capital Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans.

Shoutout to the Amazing Attackers that helped us get all this content together:

Lightning: Skeleton park.
Demariokarter: Balloon Lagoon and golem Quarry.
Promario: Builder's Workshop, Wizard Valley, and Barbarian Camp


DESTROY in JUST 2 SHOT All Popular ITZU Clan Capital BASES | Clash of Clans

START Using The Hog Raiders & Graveyard Spell BEFORE it gets NERFD! Really in deep Clan Capital Attack Guide using Battle Rams, Graveyards, and Hogs to smash all ITZU bases really easily!

Shoutout to the Amazing Attacker and Clan Capital Builder at Blueprint CoC that helped us get all this content together and explained each hit in detail for you to be able to copy it.


Easily 2 SHOT the DRAGON CLIFFS District with This Method | Clash of Clans Clan Capital

Two Attacks to DESTROY Easily the DRAGON CLIFFS with this Method who shares our Clan Capital Pro Builder, TK.

Order your own Blueprint CoC Clan Capital Custom Bases



Two Attacks to DESTROY Easily the CAPITAL PEAK and the BARBARIAN CAMP District with SWAG SPELLS by our Clan Capital Pro Builder KALA (Twitter - KALA) narrated by our other great Pro Builder, TK.

Order your own Blueprint CoC Clan Capital Custom Bases


2 SHOTs with MOUNTAIN GOLEM & MASS PEKKA | Balloon Lagoon & Golem Quarry Districts

In just Two Attacks in CLAN CAPITAL, TK CRUSHES the BALLOON LAGOON and the GOLEM QUARRY Districts with CREATIVE Hits.

TK shows us how with the MOUNTAIN GOLEM and MASS PEKKA can Destroy these 2 Districts.


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