Sneak Peek #2 - Hog Rider Puppet & Haste Vial Equipment

Sneak Peek #2 is here, and it's packed with thrilling updates! Uncover the secrets of the Royal Champion's Hog Rider Puppet and Haste Vial Equipment, along with game-enhancing quality-of-life improvements.
Sneak Peek #2 - Hog Rider Puppet & Haste Vial Equipment

Hey Chief,

The short wait is over! Buckle up, fans of the Royal Champion. We are getting two new Hero Equipments for our Royal Champion: Hog Rider Puppet & Haste Vial Equipment and the usual Quality of Life improvements to make our Clash lives better!

Before we move forward, take a moment to catch up on Sneak Peek #1 of the Feb '24 Update in case you missed it.

▶️ Royal Champion's Hog Rider Puppet & Haste Vial Equipment

The Royal Champion used to be the odd one out, lacking any Equipment choices while her fellow Heroes were spoiled for options. But fear not! That's all changing now!

Introducing some swanky new gear for our Royal Champion! We've got two exciting additions to her arsenal: the Hog Rider Doll and the Haste Vial.

Hog Rider Doll

  • Unlocked at Blacksmith Level 7
  • Summons a squad of Hog Riders to join the fray alongside you.
Hog Rider Puppet - RC Equipment

Haste Vial

  • Unlocked at Blacksmith Level 8
  • Gives a boost to movement and attack speed for a brief period, so you can zip around the battlefield like never before!

Haste Vial - RC Equipment

The Haste Vial could be the Royal Champion's ultimate Hero Equipment! But don't just take our word for it – watch it in action and see for yourself. Once you witness its power, you'll want to upgrade it right away. Our caster, Hooked, also demonstrates various ways to utilize the Haste Vial, so you'll have plenty of ideas for your battles.

NEW HOG PUPPET + HASTE VIAL Improve Every STRATEGY | Clash of Clans Sneak Peek 2

▶️ Today we get Sneak Peek #2 of the 2nd Town Hall 16 Update. In it we have new hero equipment for the Royal Champion: Hog Rider Puppet and Haste Vial. Hooked will experiment with these equipment with a variety of strategies so you can see how effective they really are!

Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements/Game Changes

  • Progress Bars have made a triumphant return to the info screen!
    • These bars showcase progress toward reaching the highest level possible for that Town Hall level.
  • Cheers erupted across Reddit as celebrations rang out globally.
  • Behold, for world peace has been achieved!
  • Upgrade buttons have undergone clarification to specify the use of a particular Resource or Magic Item, reducing the risk of accidental consumption of unintended Resources/Items.
    • Simply tap the button for a specific Resource or Magic Item to ensure you spend only that particular Resource or Item when upgrading.
  • Reddit exploded with ecstatic enthusiasm, measuring a seismic 7.2 on the Richter scale.
  • Attacking troops can now gallivant through Decorations & Obstacles during combat (excluding Clan Capitals).
    • Decorations no longer hinder troop deployment.
  • Players can now partake in both a Friendly War and a regular Clan War simultaneously (in two different Clans).
  • In the event of a "perfect - perfect draw" in Clan War, neither clan loses their Win Streak.
  • Cooldown bypass when setting up a Legend League defense layout after merging defenses.
  • Leaders and Co-Leaders now have the ability to view the "last seen" timer for members up to a month (previously up to a week).

Bug Fixes

  • Giant Gauntlet no longer grants invulnerability to the Barbarian King if used after Eternal Tome.
  • Archer Queen’s active equipment stats no longer stack with the Rage Spell.
  • Ricochet Cannon and Multi Archer Tower are now hidden from the builder menu if they cannot be upgraded.
  • Recommended Army Camp upgrade item in the Town Hall upgrade confirm screen now selects only non-maxed Army Camps.
  • Grand Warden's damage is now correctly calculated to match the values displayed on the info screen.
  • Builder Base challenge levels now display correct unit levels when the Builder Base tutorial is incomplete.
  • Builder Base stars now accumulate correctly even if disconnected during the battle end screen.

  • Defensive Grand Warden’s range is now displayed accurately when selecting his Altar (previously off by 0.13 tiles).
  • Passive effects from Grand Warden no longer disappear upon revival by the Phoenix pet.
  • Summoning units (Witches, Dark Witches) can no longer bypass their summoning cooldown under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to deploy Clan Castle troops more than 3 tiles beyond the play area bounds by preventing deployment in such cases.
  • Clan Capital units now display correct information instead of an empty screen when accessed via Capital Friendly Challenge from the Home Village.
  • Home Village units now use the updated info screen when accessed via Home Village Friendly Challenge from the Builder Base.
  • Training time rounding bugs are fixed when multiple training time reduction perks are active simultaneously.

  • Grand Warden no longer dies unexpectedly through the auto ability despite Eternal Tome being active.
  • Archer Queen now correctly shoots only one Giant Arrow when the ability is triggered during death at a specific time.
  • Royal Champion's Seeking Shield timing and animation have been rectified.
  • The Super Potion button is now visible on the Super Troop activation screen when opened via the Quick Train tab after the boost has expired.
  • Event completion notification is now accessible through the Events button, eliminating it from the News button.
  • Visual bug in the Dragon Palace Scenery has been resolved.
  • Builder Base Giant Cannon pushback strength has been adjusted to avoid being too overpowering.

Exciting changes are stirring in this Sneak Peek, but is that all? Hold onto your seats and stay tuned for the final Sneak Peek to uncover any additional surprises that await!

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