February Clan War League changes

February's Clan War League is now just 5 wars instead of the usual 7, but fear not! There are more rewards to discover – check it out!

Greetings Chief!

This update is a surprise you might not have anticipated. Hold on, no, TH17 isn't coming anytime soon, but we do have some alterations to the CWL, and it's just for the month of February. Let's know more about it!

Shorter Duration, Bigger Excitement

Exciting news awaits in the upcoming February Clan War Leagues, but hold on tight, as there are a couple of changes you should be aware of. Brace yourself because this time around, the CWL will be a bit shorter than what you're used to. The action kicks off on February 1st and concludes on February 8th, spanning a total of 8 intense days. However, here's the catch – you'll only be participating in 5 Wars instead of the usual 7.

Strategy Unleashed: The Reason Behind the Tweak

Now, before you get disheartened, let us assure you that there's a good reason behind this adjustment. We've got a fantastic new event on the horizon, bringing along some temporary Troops that we don't want to overlap with the CWL. We aim to keep the Clan War Leagues competitive and strategic, and this tweak ensures just that.

Compensating the Chiefs: More Rewards in Store

But fear not, Chiefs! We're not just shortening things without compensating. To sweeten the deal, we're throwing in 2 extra Bonus League Medals for your Clan. These are the shiny rewards Clan Leaders can generously distribute to the stellar performers in the War roster. Plus, there's more War Loot coming your way. To add a cherry on top, we've tweaked the promotion and demotion rules for February, making it a bit more forgiving.

The Rundown: Promotion and Demotion Rules

Here's the breakdown of the promotion/demotion rules for each league:

  • Champion 1: Demote 1, Promote 0
  • Champion 2 - Crystal 1: Demote 1, Promote 1
  • Crystal 2 - Silver 2: Demote 1, Promote 2
  • Silver 3: Demote 0, Promote 2
  • Bronze 1 - Bronze 3: Demote 0, Promote 3

A Thank You and Best of Luck!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this, and we're sending the best of luck your way for the upcoming CWL!

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