Greetings, Clashers!

If you're here, you're likely no stranger to the thrilling world of Clash of Clans. We've all embarked on countless adventures in this game, facing challenges and celebrating victories. While this epic mobile strategy game has kept us entertained for years, it's not without its quirks and occasional head-scratching moments.


In this blog post, we're going to delve into some of these peculiarities and mistakes in Clash of Clans that have yet to be addressed by Supercell. While this epic mobile strategy game has kept us entertained for years, it's not without its quirks and occasional head-scratching moments. So, if you're ready for an enlightening discussion about what needs fixing in our favorite game, grab a seat and let's dive in!

How Clash of Clans Fixes can Shape the Battlefields: Why They Matter!

Think of fixes in Clash of Clans like repairs for a car. They're important because they keep the game running smoothly. Fixes make sure the game is fair for everyone and that no one has an unfair advantage. They also help keep players interested in the game, kind of like how getting your Playstation fixed makes you happy.

In competitive parts of the game, fixes are like referees making sure the game is played fairly. They show that the people who make the game care about the players. Fixes also help the game stay fun and exciting, and they make sure the game is interesting so it can stick around for a long time. So, in simple terms, fixes are like the glue that holds Clash of Clans together and keeps players happy.

How Fixes and Changes Benefit Your Clash of Clans Adventure!"

Have you ever wondered why those updates and changes in Clash of Clans are actually good for you? Well, let's break it down. These 'fixes' and 'changes' might sound like a hassle, but they're like getting a shiny new bike with improved brakes. They make the game better and safer for you to enjoy.

When Supercell makes fixes or changes, it's like they're listening to your wishes and making the game more fun, fair, and exciting. So, the next time you see an update, remember that it's there to make your Clash of Clans experience even more awesome!

These Unfixed Problems are actually Fun, until...

Who doesn't love a hearty chuckle during their gaming sessions, right? Think about it: Your opponent's live, just a step away from a triple that'll secure their victory. But what happens next? His queen decides it's time for some wall-bashing instead of taking a few steps around to clear the final building. Time runs out, and boom! Hilarious, isn't it? Well, until you're the one, that definitely sounds fun!


EVERYTHING that NEEDS a FIX & CHANGE in CoC for BETTER Gameplay | Clash of Clans Mistakes

💙 In today's video, TK explains the bugs and improvements that Clash of Clans needs for better gameplay.

Warden - The Wandering Follower

Let's kick things off with a discussion about the Grand Warden, the guardian angel of your army. When you're in the heat of battle, your Queen is charging forward, and your Warden…well, he's not exactly following the script. Have you ever noticed how the Warden sometimes seems to have a mind of his own when targeting your Heroes or troops?

The story goes that players using Zap Lalo attacks had their share of troubles with the Warden's peculiar choices. To solve this issue, Supercell made adjustments to how the Warden targets your troops. Unfortunately, this fix appears to have some unintended consequences, leading to moments of unexpected behavior.

Queen - The Occasional Quirk

Now, let's talk about the Queen. Ah, the ever-graceful Archer Queen, but oh, what a quirky character she can be! Many streamers and pro players have voiced their exasperation with the Queen's less-than-optimal decision-making. 

When she's standing right next to an open wall and instead of taking the sensible path through, she becomes a wall breaker and hits a wall. This charming quirkiness can lead to frustrating losses in Legend League battles, leaving players scratching their heads in disbelief. Queen, we love you, but sometimes you've got us all baffled.

UI Inconsistencies

Now, let's talk about something that might seem small but can be incredibly frustrating: the User Interface, or UI for short. Have you ever tried to exit a troop menu by tapping outside of it, only to find that it doesn't work? It's like trying to open a door by tapping on the "X" instead of turning the handle. This seemingly minor UI issue can be a real pain, especially when your fingers are busy. But this occurs only on a few devices.

Clunky Clan Castle Deployments

Moving on to Clan Castles, did you know that if you have a fully filled Clan Castle and remove just one troop, it affects how quickly your Clan Castle troops deploy? It's a strange bug that can disrupt your attack strategies and lead to unintended results. This issue makes battles in Legend League, Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues a bit more challenging than they need to be. In a game where strategy is paramount, such mechanics should function smoothly.

Gruesome Graveyard Spell

Let's not forget about the Graveyard Spell. When introduced, it added an exciting dynamic to Clan Capital base designs. However, it's also made it all too easy to 3-star bases that previously required careful planning and execution. The Graveyard Spell's power has taken away some of the challenge and strategy from Clan Capital raids. It's time to rethink its role in the game, finding a balance that rewards skill and planning over sheer power.

Scenery-Related Sore Eyes

Lastly, the Scenery. While it might seem like a minor detail, it can make a significant difference in your gaming experience. Have you ever found the current scenery to be too bright, especially when playing late at night or in low-light conditions? The vibrant orange hues can strain your eyes and make it challenging to focus on the action. A less intense color palette or a night mode scenery option could make a world of difference.


In conclusion, Clash of Clans is an incredible game, but even great games have their quirks and issues. We hope that Supercell takes note of these concerns and considers addressing them in future updates. After all, a smoother, more enjoyable Clash experience benefits everyone in the community. Let us know if you've encountered any other issues or if you share our thoughts on these topics. Clash on and have a fantastic day!


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