New Hard Mode and Town Hall 17 in Clash of Clans

Explore Supercell's new Hard Mode and Town Hall 17 updates in Clash of Clans. Learn about game-changing features that are planned for the June 2024 update and what they mean for your gameplay.
New Hard Mode and Town Hall 17 in Clash of Clans

Hey, Clashers!

The Clash of Clans community was recently abuzz with excitement following an AMA session with Stuart, the General Manager of Clash of Clans. One of the key highlights from this session was the announcement of an optional Hard Mode, Town Hall 17 & much more changes, set to be introduced in the June update. This blog provides detailed insights from the AMA session.

▶️ Will there be a New Town Hall 17 in Clash of Clans?

Town Hall 17 is one of the most anticipated updates in Clash of Clans. According to Stuart, the theme for Town Hall 17 has been decided, and the plan is to incorporate the Eagle Artillery as a new Town Hall weapon.

This change moves away from the Inferno beams that have been a staple for the past four Town Hall levels. The introduction of a new weapon aims to refresh the gameplay and bring in new strategies for players to explore. The update for Town Hall 17 is expected to arrive in December.


▶️ The General Manager of CoC took to Reddit to talk all things Clash! Topics discussed include, Town Hall 17 and it's potential Eagle Weapon, A June update coming in 2 weeks, hard mode, more merged defences, improved hero upgrades (maybe use while upgrading?), a super yeti, clan perks, a new training and scouting feature and more (di we say TH17?!)

More Merged Defenses at TH17

Supercell has been focusing on merging defenses to streamline the number of buildings in the game. This trend will continue with Town Hall 17 and beyond. Merging defenses not only helps keep the number of buildings manageable but also allows for the introduction of new buildings and defenses in future updates.

This strategy is designed to keep villages looking fresh and interesting, ensuring that players always have new defenses to upgrade and strategize with. For example, we might see merged versions of cannons and archer towers, making them more powerful and space-efficient.

The next New Super Troop in CoC: Super Yeti

The upcoming new Super Troop being introduced is the Super Yeti. Unlike the regular Yeti, the Super Yeti will have different housing space and capabilities, providing new strategic options for players.

The exact details of the Super Yeti's abilities and how it will impact gameplay are eagerly awaited by the community. Here's a video from our YouTube: BlueprintCoC, explaining the AMA session with cool visuals!

Optional Hard Mode

Supercell announced an optional Hard Mode that will be available for Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars. This new mode is set to be introduced in the June update, with the exact settings yet to be determined.

The plan is to adjust the Hard Mode based on community feedback to ensure it meets the expectations of the players. This mode aims to provide a more challenging experience for those who find the current gameplay too easy.

It will also be used in the World Finals this year, marking a significant shift in how competitive gameplay will be structured.

Reason for Introducing Optional Hard Mode

Since the introduction of the Town Hall 16 update, Clash of Clans has seen significant changes that have transformed gameplay. This update brought with it a new Town Hall level, merged defenses, hero equipment, and the revolutionary troop root rider.

The Town Hall 16 update allowed players to customize hero abilities and choose from a variety of powerful equipment. While this added depth and strategy to the game, it also introduced some balance issues. For instance, the giant gauntlet equipment for the king became so overpowered that nearly every player uses it. Similar Hero Equipment like Fireball, Healer Puppet, and Hog Rider Puppet made attacks more easier.

These changes made the game significantly easier, enabling even average players to reach higher ranks and achieve perfect wars in clan battles. The ease of achieving these feats led to widespread calls for a more challenging mode, particularly from professional players seeking a tougher experience.

Other Questions Asked in the AMA

Q: When is the next Clash of Clans update?

The next Clash of Clans Update is scheduled for June 17th, with the team focusing on bug fixes. However, the date could change if necessary.

Q: Are there plans to improve hero upgrades?

Supercell plans to try out improvements for hero upgrades in the summer, possibly around August during the anniversary month.

Q: Will there be cost and time cuts for upgrades?

Yes, there will be significant cost and time cuts for upgrades in the June update to help lower-level players catch up.

Q: Will there be changes to army training times?

Supercell is planning to introduce an army training plan, likely with the Town Hall 17 update, to address the long training times for certain armies.

Q: Are there any plans for new features in Legends League?

There are discussions about new features for Legends League, but no concrete plans have been made yet.

Q: Are new functional perks being introduced for clans?

Supercell is unlikely to introduce new functional perks for clans but may add cosmetic perks in the future.

Q: Will there be a new Village or content for existing Villages?

Supercell is unlikely to add a new permanent Village but aims to improve content for the existing Villages.

Q: Is there a plan for a custom challenge level creator?

Supercell has discussed adding a custom challenge level creator feature but has not made any concrete commitments yet.


The introduction of an optional Hard Mode and the upcoming Town Hall 17 update represent significant steps by Supercell to address the diverse needs of the Clash of Clans community.

These changes aim to balance the game, offering both hardcore and casual players a tailored experience that matches their skill levels. By incorporating community feedback and continuously evolving the game, Supercell ensures that Clash of Clans remains engaging and challenging.

Stay tuned for the June update and the exciting changes on the horizon, and keep an eye out for further details as we approach the release of Town Hall 17.

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