Electro Titan ⚡TH15 Update | #5 Sneak Peek

Everyone is shocked by this new unit!
Electro Titan ⚡TH15 Update | #5 Sneak Peek - Blueprint CoC
We saved the most shocking new revelation of the update for last.
You’ve been wondering what that giant hand extending from the Level 16 Barrack is for?

We think it’s a massive lightning rod that gives our brand new Troop her powers. Meet Electro Titan.
Electro Titan is a brand new Troop that you unlock at Town Hall level 14.

New Barrack Level

TH Level
Upgrade Cost
Upgrade Time
Hit Points
15M Elixir
Electro Titan
Electro Titan Image
New Electro Titan

Her crackling fist and phosphorescent eyes are not simply to illuminate her surroundings.

Electro Titan lashes out at enemies with a short-ranged whip that can target both ground and air units.

However, it’s her special ability to cause devastation around her that makes her even more dangerous.

Electro Titan emits an area of effect aura that will continually damage everything - defenses, air, and ground units. However, you should note Walls are immune to her electrical aura.
● Favorite Target: Any
● Damage Type: Single Target
● Targets: Ground & Air
● Training Time: 6m
● Housing Space: 32

Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Hit Points DPS Aura DPS Lab Level
1 N/A N/A 7200 180 75 N/A
2 19.5M Elixir 17.5d 7700 200 100 12
3 20.5M Elixir 18d 8200 220 125 13

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