Recall Spell and Battle Drill ⚒️ TH15 Update | #4 Sneak Peek

Recall your troops or make them go underground with this New Update!
Recall Spell and Battle Drill ⚒️ TH15 Update | #4 Sneak Peek - Blueprint CoC
Recall Spell Image
Battles will never be the same again.
Unlocks at Town Hall level 13, Recall Spell is a powerful new way to deploy your attacks.

New Spell Factory Level

Level TH Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time  Hit Points Unlocks
7 13 9M Elixir 9d 960 Recall Spell

New Recall Spell

When Recall Spell is used, it will remove units from the battlefield where they can be redeployed elsewhere.

Whether it’s to save them from a lethal enemy defense or to send your units into battle from another position, recalled units can be redeployed as a group anywhere Troops can be placed.

The amount of units that can be recalled is determined by the Housing Space limit each level has. Troops, Heroes, and Hero Pets can all be recalled, where Heroes count as 25 Housing Space and Hero Pets count as 20 Housing Space.

Redeployed units retain any damage dealt or any status effects applied to them when they are recalled. Recall Spell will prioritize units in order of higher Housing Space first. Any recalled units that remain undeployed at the end of the battle will disappear.
● Target: Ground & Air
● Housing Space: 2
● Brewing Time: 6m

Recall Spell Image

Level  Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Recalled Housing Space Required Lab Level
1 N/A N/A 72 N/A
2 7.5M Elixir  11.5d 78 11
3 14M Elixir 15.5d 84 12
4 17.5M Elixir 17.5d 90 13


Battle Drill Image

Battle Drill
unlocks at Siege Workshop level 7 and will burrow beneath the ground in order to avoid being detected by enemy defenses.

New Workshop Level

Level Th Level Upgrade Cost  Upgrade Time Hit Points Unlocks
7 15 9M Elixir 18d 1600 Battle Drill

New Battle Drill

When Battle Drill surfaces to attack the nearest enemy defense, it will stun its target for 2 seconds.
● Favorite Target: Defenses
● Damage Type: Single Target
● Targets: Ground
● Training Time: 20m

Battle Drill Image

Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Hit Points DPS
1 N/A N/A 4600 430
2 8M Elixir 10d 4900 470
3 11M Elixir 14d 5200 510
4 14M Elixir 16d 5500 550

Some crazy creativity and awesome hits can be possible because of these new additions!

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