Interview with Clash of Clans on the Town Hall 16 Update

Dive into the future of Clash of Clans as we unravel exciting insights into Town Hall 16 and the game's upcoming developments. From the intricate details of Clan Capital to the prospects of a new hero, discover the intriguing themes and features that await in the next chapter of Clash.

Interview with Clash of Clans on the TH16 Update

Hey Chief,

Let's step into the realm of Clash of Clans as we dissect the recent interview with Darian and Judo Sloth, unraveling insights into the game's future update. From Clan Capitals to Town Hall 16 themes, this blog captures the essence of what lies ahead in the Clash universe.

Will there be TownHall 16?

In the Clash Arena, where walls and towers are the real estate kings, Judo Sloth goes full-on investigative journalist, probing Darian about the impending Town Hall expansions.

It's like Clash of Clans is about to have a real estate boom, with Town Hall 16, 17, and who knows, maybe even a Town Hall 99! But wait, what's this about experimenting with ideas?

The Clash team is in the imaginary lab, concocting the perfect recipe for a mind-blowing update. Fusion of defenses, Army Camps merging – it's like Clash is becoming a base real estate reality show, and we're all tuned in!

TownHall 16

When is the Town Hall 16 Update?

The upcoming Update with the expectations of TownHall 16 hasn't been officially spilled yet, but the grapevine says it might drop soon after the 2023 Worlds'. Good news, though – Supercell's got our backs! To keep the World Championship vibes intact, they're holding off the Update until after the big showdown. Who's excited for the next big update? We sure are!

UI Changes

Hold the touch screen, Clashers! Judo Sloth, our eagle-eyed commentator, throws Darian into the UI hot seat, demanding answers about the disappearing progress bars.

It's like a game of hide and seek in Clashville, but fear not, the Clash team isn't playing hide-and-seek champions. They just took a stroll down memory lane to 2012 and realized, "Whoops, we need a makeover!" The new UI is like Clash's glow-up moment, but oops, they misplaced the progress bars.

It's the Clash version of redecorating gone wild. Darian spills the beans, promising progress bars might make a comeback. It's like waiting for your favorite troop to train – a mix of anticipation and excitement.

New Social Features

Raise your flags, Clashers! Judo Sloth, the emissary of Clans, tackles the social scene, questioning Darian on alliances, perks, and the Clash community's wishlist. The Clash team, now the size of a small village, is on a mission – social features, new content, and a Clan recruitment system facelift!

Imagine a Clan management system so smooth, it's like butter sliding down a hot Cannon. Darian drops the bomb – the Clash team is evolving, planning content months ahead. It's like Clash is graduating from a small-town festival to a global gaming carnival.

Social features are the headliners, and the Clash community is front row, cheering for an encore.

New events like Clash-o-Ween

The Clash of Clans realm recently found itself amidst the zany festivities of Mashup Madness. This event, praised by Darian as a "home run," introduced clashers to incredible troops and a storyline that went from a Builder's sweet madness to a fusion of chaos. Yet, even in the success, lessons were learned.

The infamous sour Elixir cauldron, strategically placed on the edge of bases, led to unexpected 0% attacks. Darian teased a Clashy Wi future, promising events that will keep the Clashiverse on its toes.

Judo Sloth, always the advocate for variety, nudged the conversation toward the potential repetitiveness of events. With a playful suggestion of an eternal loop of Clash adversary events, he prodded at the idea of cycling through different models to keep the Clash experience fresh.

Darian, the master of enigmatic responses, hinted at iterating on the successful Clashy Wi template. The promise of exciting, diverse events lingered in the air, leaving clashers eager for the next surprise in the Clashiverse.

Stack Builders and Hero Upgrades

The conversation took a strategic turn as the duo delved into the realm of Heroes. Upgrading these titans of the battlefield can be a bittersweet symphony. The clash community, ever vocal, yearns for the ability to use their Heroes in friendly challenges while they undergo upgrades.

Darian acknowledged the conundrum and hinted at potential boosts and alternative solutions to add zest to the upgrade process. Judo Sloth, always the tactician, threw the idea of a Hero Hall into the ring, a place where even upgrading Heroes wouldn't hinder your strategic prowess. The clash of ideas continued.

Stacking Builders

The CWL Size and Custom Wars

War, an eternal dance of strategy, was next on the agenda. The duo waltzed through discussions about Clan War Leagues (CWL) and the perennial question of adjusting sizes.

Darian, the elusive sage, acknowledged the ongoing deliberations within the Clash think tank. Custom War sizes danced into the conversation, bringing with them the promise of a more tailored war experience.

The notion of uncontrollable variables, such as meteor strikes during attacks, added a tantalizing twist to the potential future of Clan Wars. The clash of customization and competition echoed in the air.

Custom Wars

Game Balancing with TH16 Update

The intricate dance of game balance became the focus of the conversation, with Judo Sloth probing the challenges of catering to both the pro scene and the general player base. Darian, the maestro behind the Clash curtain, shed light on the delicate art of balancing.

While the pros showcase their mastery, the game's core balance revolves around the average to above-average clasher. Lavaloon's soaring success rates triggered alarm bells, highlighting the need for adjustments. The clash of balancing acts between the elite and the everyday clashed in a clashy symphony.

Revenge and Emotes

The Revenge system stepped into the spotlight, a feature loved by many but also under scrutiny. Judo Sloth and Darian explored potential reworks, acknowledging the challenge of balancing revenge mechanics without upsetting the delicate loot economy.

The intriguing proposal of integrating emotes into Clash of Clans surfaced, bringing a touch of Royale's banter to the battlefield. However, the cautious consideration of emotes not interfering with the attacker's focus added a layer of complexity to this whimsical addition.

Clash Emotes

Builder Base

The discussion gracefully transitioned to the Builder Base, a realm not forgotten but ripe for further exploration. Darian hinted at future expansions, promising more content beyond Builder Hall 9.

The removal of Head-to-Head battles opened the door to new possibilities, including the tantalizing prospect of Builder Base Wars. The challenge, as Darian explained, lies in crafting an experience unique enough to enthrall players, ensuring that Builder Base's social element thrives.

Single-player and practice maps emerged as interim solutions, adding a dash of strategy and enjoyment to the Builder Base landscape.

Clan Capital

The spotlight shifted to the mysterious realm of Clan Capital, prompting Judo Sloth to delve into its future. Darian, the gatekeeper of secrets, hinted at the evolution beyond mere district expansions.

The technological prowess embedded in Clan Capital's design offers flexibility for innovative growth. Darian teased at the prospect of competitive elements, envisioning Clan Capital as more than a weekend raid ritual.

The discussion unfolded, revealing the complexities of balancing updates and the dynamic development cycle, weaving a tale of anticipation for what lies ahead in the world of Clan Capital.

Town Hall 16: New Hero, Theme

The anticipation reached its peak as the conversation turned towards Town Hall 16. The community yearned for insights, seeking glimpses into the upcoming installment. However, Darian, the master of secrecy, artfully dodged revealing too much.

The prospect of a new hero lingered, but Darian eloquently explained the delicate balance in adding heroes, ensuring their role complements the existing ensemble. Themes were confirmed to be in the works, adding an extra layer of curiosity to Town Hall 16's impending arrival.

The community's appetite for fresh content and the promise of a unique theme left them eagerly awaiting the grand unveiling. The saga of Clash of Clans continues, with Clan Capitals holding the promise of expanded dimensions, and Town Hall 16, shrouded in mystery, gearing up to redefine the Clash landscape.

As the clashers brace for the future, the clashiverse anticipates the next chapter in the clashy chronicles. Stay tuned for further revelations and the clashful evolution that awaits!

Gazing into the Future of Clash

The interview concluded with a pivotal question, offering a glimpse into the future of Clash of Clans. Darian painted a vivid picture of optimism, expressing hope for a third Renaissance in Clash's evolution.

The recent restructuring and expansion of the team fueled anticipation for experimentation and innovation. Darian hinted at dismantling some sacred norms, contemplating the revival of features once dismissed.

The Clash Wing event stood as a testament to the team's renewed vigor, showcasing a willingness to challenge the established order. Excitement resonated through Darian's words as he hinted at potential collaborations, teasing a future filled with surprises and cross-brand synergy.

Ah, Problems in Clash!

Transitioning to the interviewee's perspective, Judo Sloth shared insights into player retention challenges. He echoed the community sentiment, emphasizing the need for more frequent content cycles to keep the player base engaged. The discussion circled back to the concept of fun, aligning with Frank's perspective from the Brawl Stars team.

Judo Sloth highlighted the importance of dynamic gameplay, advocating for a balanced approach to introduce fresh elements without compromising Clash's longstanding history. The delicate dance between introducing exciting features and maintaining game integrity was acknowledged, underscoring the team's commitment to incremental, player-centric updates.

As the conversation drew to a close, both parties expressed gratitude to the vibrant Clash community. Darian's heartfelt thanks resonated, emphasizing the collaborative spirit between the Clash team and its dedicated player base.

The future of Clash of Clans appeared promising, fueled by a shared commitment to feedback, evolution, and the enduring magic that has kept the Clashverse alive for over a decade. The clashers, united in their passion, eagerly await the unfolding chapters in the saga of Clash.


Hey Chiefs, we get it – the interview left us hanging with more questions than answers. Frustrating, right? But imagine if we knew every detail about the upcoming update already – where's the excitement in that?

Fear not, though. The Supercell team has a knack for surprising us with each update. They're bound to introduce some captivating changes and additions to keep the Clash adventure alive and kicking. Stay tuned for more thrilling chapters in the Clash saga!

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