Zap Titans: Best TH16 Ground Smash Attack Strategy

Get ready to level up your Clash game with the Zap Titan Smash! From zapping scatter shots to the genius of Root Riders, our expert, Ghost, spills the secrets behind this unstoppable TH16 strategy.
Zap Titans: Best TH16 Ground Smash Attack Strategy

Hey there, Clashers!

We're back with some exciting Clash of Clans content that's about to shake up your Town Hall 16 game. Today, we're diving into the electrifying world of the newly buffed Ground Smash strategy featuring the mighty Zap Titan. Hold on tight as we break down the epic replays and unveil the secrets to dominating with this electrifying approach.

The Best TownHall 16 Ground Smash Attack Strategy: Zap Titan

The Ground Smash army is like the hero of Clash of Clans – strong and loved by many. Why? Because it can easily plow through the tough center of a base, causing massive destruction that can wipe out an entire Clash village.

Ground Smash armies, like the Zap Titan Smash and Super Bowlers Smash, use rage spells and the warden's ability to swiftly clear out the challenging core of any base, making them hard to defend against.

What makes Zap Titan Smash extra special is its ability to melt the enemy Clan Castle (CC). This means you don't even need a poison spell in your army – pretty cool, right? It's like having a secret weapon that takes care of tricky situations without breaking a sweat.

TH16 Zap Titan Smash Army got even Stronger

Back in Town Hall 15, the Ground Smash army was already a powerhouse. But guess what? After the Town Hall 16 Update, it got even mightier with the addition of Root Rider, Spirit Fox, and Hero Equipments. How strong, you ask? Let us tell you.

Ever wondered what slows down those Electro Titans? It's those pesky walls. Jump spells help, but we can only use a couple of those. That's where the Root Rider steps in as the ultimate problem solver.

This helpful companion smashes through walls, paving the way for the Titans to wreak havoc. And for the grand finale, the Royal Champion and Spirit Fox join forces to finish off the base in style! Now, that's what we call an unstoppable team.


▶️ TownHall 16 Zap Titans Attack Strategy

If you want to up your game, mastering this army is a must, and guess what? We've got a secret for you! This army is like a trickster's nightmare – it's super hard to be baited. Start the attack right, follow the same steps for each base, and voila, you'll be raining triples like a pro! Don't believe us? Check out the video below to see our expert, Ghost, making it all look like a walk in the park. Trust me, it's simpler than you think!

NEW BUFFED GROUND SMASH | Best Ground Attack Strategy TH16 Clash of Clans

▶️ Have YOU Wonder if ZAP Titans is still strong or how to improve it for TH16? Well watch HOW GHOST takes down ALL BASES with the NEW ADDITION of the Root Riders and HOW to utilize the army with any siege machine.

Let's Zap It Up!

So, what's the buzz about this new Titan strategy? Well, picture this – you've got a base with the latest and greatest defenses, but guess what? With the upgraded Lightning Spell and Expos, there's a whole new world of opportunities. We're talking about zapping out those pesky scatter shots with Zig zaps, creating openings that make your attacks more flexible than ever.

In the first replay, we took on a diamond base showcasing the classic approach. Zapping out the monolith, sweeping left, and establishing a narrow funnel for the Titans to dive into a specific compartment. And hey, who needs a fling flinger when you've got a blimp ready to soar? Sure, you might need to rage for that Yeti bomb, but the payoff is worth it. The addition of the new RC pet adds an invisible twist to the game, redirecting enemy RC attention like a magician pulling off a spectacular trick.

Versatility Unleashed

But wait, there's more! We're not just stopping at diamond bases. Next up, we took on an anti-3 base, and oh boy, the landscape is changing. No more rage towers, thanks to the rise of poison towers against those pesky super archers. With a well-timed zap on the scatter shot, the Warden went for a leisurely walk, tanking like a boss, and the Titans followed suit, smashing through walls with the help of the trusty root Riders.

Ring Bases Beware!

Now, let's talk about the ring bases – the final frontier. With double poison out of the picture, it's all about rage and poison. In an epic showdown against an Itsu base, we zapped out the top side scatter, multi, and that pesky sweeper. Setting up the pathing with a meticulous Warden walk, we unleashed the smash with a precision jump through the core. Time is of the essence here, and with a perfectly executed plan, we triumphed over another ring base.

Gear Up for Battle

Before you dive into the electrifying world of the zap Titan, gear up your heroes with the right pets and equipment. From the unicorn-aided Queen to the flame-flinging Phoenix with the Barbarian King, choose wisely to enhance your smashing power. And for the Grand Warden, the healing tome proved its worth, keeping those troops in top-notch shape even when faced with the sweeper's gusts.

Conclusion: Zap Titans – The Powerhouse of TH16

There you have it, Clashers! The zap Titans have emerged as the powerhouse ground smash strategy at Town Hall 16. With the ability to zap out scatter shots, unleash root Riders, and surprise your foes with invisible RC antics, this strategy is setting the stage for a new era of Clash domination.


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