Super Witches: Easy TownHall 16 Attack Strategy

Find out the easy TH16 attack strategy that's taking Clashers by storm: Super Witches. Don't timefail with Super Witches anymore with the Warden's new Rage Gem Equipment!
Super Witches: Easy TownHall 16 Attack Strategy

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Today, we're diving into how the game-changing hero equipment has emerged to shatter the constraints that once haunted our Super Witches - the mighty Rage Gem! Join us on an adventure through the attack strategy that not only showcases the sheer might of these spellcasting warriors but also unveil the secret weapon against their greatest nemesis: time.

Easy CoC TownHall 16 Attack Strategy: Super Witches

We all know Zap Mass Witch is the easiest strategy in Clash of Clans, right? But what if we told you there's a cooler version? Yep, meet the Super Witches – an upgraded, supercharged type of regular witches!

The thing with regular witches is they're a bit weak. They don't have many hit points, and their skeletons easily get wiped out by splash damage. Now, here's the cool part – Super Witches and their tough pals, the Big Boys, can take a real beating.

So, why stick with regular witches when you can go super? Super Witches can handle heavy hits, making them a great alternative. It's like going from "cool" to "super cool." Next time you're gearing up for an attack, bring in the Super Witches for some extra toughness and super fun on the battlefield! Clash on, everyone!

The Problem with this Easiest Clash of Clans Town Hall16 Army

The Super Witch attack usually kicks off with a Warden Walk to funnel the troops. Although he's great at making sure the troops go where we want them, the issue is, he takes a long time—about a whole minute—to set up a really good path.

The Super Witches themselves are also on the slow side, making this strategy easily run out of time. We Clashers can handle getting just one star, but what's super frustrating is those timefails where you're just a few more seconds away. And with the Super Witch army, it's like, "Give me a few more minutes" kind of timefail.

TH16 Super Witch Army's Life saver: Warden's Rage Gem Equipment

You might be wondering why we're discussing this strategy, especially when we know it used to end up in a timefail. Well, that was before the TH16 Update, but not anymore.

Thanks to the Warden's Rage Gem Equipment, the troops around him now deal an extra 50% damage. This means they can quickly take down buildings, lowering the chances of a timefail. But keep in mind, unlike the Rage spell, the Rage Gem doesn't make the troops move faster.

In the next section, you'll find out how to use this straightforward TH16 attack strategy.


▶️ How to Use Super Witches at TownHall 16?

We guarantee no more timefails with Super Witches. We know many players avoid this super-strong strategy because it often runs out of time. But, with the Warden's Rage Gem and our guidance, we're confident you won't experience failures with Super Witches again.

Super Witches WEAKNESS is FIXED with RAGE GEM | Easy Attack Strategy TH16 Clash of Clans

▶️ Super Witches are relevant again thanks to the addition of the Rage Gem Hero Equipment! Today Hooked shows the top 2 super witch attack strategies: Zap Super Witch and Super Witch Smash.

Super Witch Smash: A Time-Bending Extravaganza!

Our journey begins with the Super Witch Smash, a strategy that promises swift destruction and, thanks to the rage gem, a dance with time itself. Picture this: our fearless Super Witches, guided by the Warden's rage-gem, tearing through enemy bases with unprecedented speed.

But beware, Clashers, as we unveil the delicate dance of deploying rage spells alongside this gem – a strategic ballet that ensures maximum carnage and minimal time wastage.

The key? Masterful funneling! We place our King and Siege Barracks strategically, setting the stage for our Super Witches to waltz straight into the heart of the enemy base. And here's the kicker – a tip for the ages – for those who love a lengthy Warden walk, the rage gem is your trusty companion, shaving precious seconds off the clock. It's like having a cosmic stopwatch, but with a bit more spark!

Watch in awe as we cascade through the base, utilizing rage spells to amplify the Super Witches' might. Yes, Clashers, the rage gem may sit idle during the spell's fury, but fear not – it's already banked us a wealth of time that'll make your Clash-heart race!

Zap Super Witch Smash: A Symphony of Destruction!

But wait, there's more! Enter the Zap Super Witch Smash, a symphony of destruction where the rage gem truly shines. This time, we've dialed down on rage spells, opting for a more electrifying approach. Precision is the name of the game as we unleash the power of zaps and quakes, creating a symmetrical dance of devastation.

Here's where the rage gem takes center stage. With fewer rage spells, its potency becomes our lifeline in the most critical moments. As we orchestrate a perfect funnel with Siege Barracks and heroes, the Super Witches flood the base with raw power. Witness as the rage gem transforms our army into an unstoppable force, obliterating everything in its path.


In the grand theater of Clash of Clans, where Super Witches once grappled with the relentless enemy called time, the introduction of the rage gem has rewritten the script. With Super Witch Smash and Zap Super Witch Smash, we've uncovered the strategies that not only exploit the strengths of our formidable heroes but also showcase the rage gem's prowess in turning the tides of battle.

So, fellow Clashers, next time you send your Super Witches into the fray, let the rage gem be your time-traveling ally, ensuring victory with minutes to spare. Clash on!


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