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Hey, I am agent33 from the USA

I play for Spacestation Gaming, and I have been playing since 2014. I have played competitively since the very first community leagues began.

My biggest strengths are working out the small details on plans, to give the best chance of the attack succeeding, and foreseeing things that can go wrong.

My strongest strategies are typically air hits such as lalo and dragons, but I do enjoy being able to use witches when the base is good for them.

I have been with blueprint since early on and I am glad to see us continue to grow.

 :Iconblue_Twitter: @agent33_coc


:Iconblue_Twitter: @BummCoc


Hey, I'm Diff from Vatang, South Korea. 

I've been playing COC for 6 years, testing lots of bases regularly and always experimenting with the newest metas. I was the team leader of Vatang for the 2020 World Championship where we lost in a semi-finals. I am very comfortable with various strategies and combinations. Most favorite one is Sui Lalo with zaps and/or invisible spells. I'm ready and happy to join this new project, it will be my honor and joy.


Hello I'm EleVeN from India 

I am the leader Of Marcos Gaming (INDIAN CLASHERS World qualifier Team) . I have been playing Clash of Clans for around 6 years now. I have always been a Queen Walk attacker but I can also plan and execute any other strategies & I am used to do a major part of the base testing for our team. Really excited to be part of this project!

 :Iconblue_Twitter: @31EleVeN


Hey everyone! I'm eVe MAXI from Hamburg, Germany 

From 2019 onwards I was a Clash of Clans Pro Player for Tribe Gaming. Ever since I started playing Clash in 2015 I loved the game so much and started thinking about little details, thereby getting better and better which led to being in the first signed Pro Team in CoC history  

I played in the 2019 World Championship where we finished 4th and I won the TH12 Cup with my homies from eVe  My favourite troop comp is anything with LaLo.  But the greatest thing about CoC is that it's a strategic game and every troop has its viability against specific base layouts.  

The goal is to always find a weakness of a base, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone - and that is exactly where I can help you improve!

 :Iconblue_Twitter: @eVeMAXI1


 :Iconblue_Twitter: @marinaul


:Iconblue_Twitter: @MaskCoC1


Hello I am Remy-O from France 

Playing clash during 7 years old. Now playing for MCES. I am an air player since the start. I use the loon in all of his possibility but the one I like the most is sui lalo. Whether with zap, bats, full spell or now invisibility spell. Looking forward to share my experience.


Howzit, I'm Sir iron from Germany 

I started playing CoC over 7 years ago. I currently play in the 6er Team of ATN.aTTaX. We managed to win the World Championship, the German ESL Meisterschaft and the European ESL Mobile Open in 2020!  

As a base builder and tester my best skill is my base identification and prediction of entries.  My favourite strats are qc's in general but mainly with hybrid or hogs.  However I'm always working on my skillset to stay on top of the meta. Looking forward to work with you!


Hey, I’m TryHard from France.

I’ve been playing CoC since 2013. I play in MCES where I’m also the captain. That means to me that I had to adapt to my teammates and to facilitate their gameplay. So I’m always trying to understand and to master all type of strats  But I also have my favorite one, which is QC in all its forms (funneling/pathing), followed by every possible armies !  I hope to be as helpful as I can and even more !


Hey, I'm Jojo23 from Germany.  

I played for ATN.aTTaX in 2020 ending up being the World Champion!  I've been playing the game over 7 years and did a lot of basetesting the previous year. My favourite strategys are Lalo in general or Chinese Smash but my general knowledge of other strategies are good as well. I am doing coaching session in German and English    Looking forward to help and have fun!

Hi ! I'm Synthé from France.

 I'm in MCES since the beginning in July 2019 where we won Katowice and after we finish Vice-Champion on World's Championship. I've been playing the game over 7 years, i have play all TH but a bit more TH7 and TH9 with some bigs trophy pushing.

I like to use all the armies where there are no healers
 My biggest strenght is to be a theory crafter, i always try to find a new special combo-attack like the skelly-donut  Mass Hogs is my favorite army and i'm almost the only one who knows how to use it in the right conditions  I'm doing coaching sessions in French  but i can try too in english 


Hi there! I’m Tomas95 from Argentine  

I’ve been playing Clash of Clans over 8 years. I played for Nova Esports in 2020 qualifying several times to the Monthly Qualifier for Clash Worlds.

Actually I’m playing for ARGENFEST  My favorites strategies are the air ones: combinations of laloon or any type of dragons  I am doing coaching sessions in Spanish. 

:Iconblue_Twitter:  @TomasArgCoc

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