Easily 3 star the Last TH15 Challenge with 2 Approaches

We've cracked the code to the Last TH15 Challenge with not one, but two jaw-dropping approaches: Queen Charge into Super Bowler smash or Warden Walk into Smash - you pick it!
Easily 3 star the Last TH15 Challenge

Hey Clashers!

We're here to guide on conquering the final showdown – the "Last TH15 Challenge" in Clash of Clans. As we gear up for the TH16 update dropping soon, this base is no joke, having been showcased in the recent Clash of Clans World Championship. But fear not, we've got your back with two killer strategies that'll have you 3-starring this beast faster than you can say "Wizard Tower"!

The Last TH15 Challenge!

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's talk about base in the Last TH15 Challenge. This bad boy was featured in the World Championship, used by none other than Temper. The base layout is a brain-teaser, but worry not – we've cracked the code for you. And if you're hungry for more bases that stood tall in the World's, check out our blog on Free & Best TH15 War Bases at Clash Worlds for an extra dose of victory.

▶️ How to Triple the Last TH15 Challenge?

Wrangling that triple in the Last TH15 Challenge can be a real head-scratcher, but worry not – we've cherry-picked the two smoothest, easiest approaches just for you! Consider it our little secret weapon, ready to show off to your unsuspecting clanmates. But hold up – don't go all evil witch with this newfound Clash knowledge. Spread the joy, spill the beans, and share the love by tossing our blog into your clan's chit-chat. Because let's face it, winning is more fun when everyone's in on the secret sauce!



EASILY 3 Star the ‘Last TH15 Challenge’ with 2 OP Approaches | Clash of Clans

▶️ The Last TH15 challenge is here and in this video we will show you two ways to triple it!
One involving a queen charge (like PCastro did at the World Championship) and one involving a warden walk.

Approach 1: Queen Charge Dominance

  • Step 1: Breaking the Wall Breaker Precision Begin with a flamethrower in the corner. Strategically deploy the first wall breaker by the Wizard Tower on the top side, cracking open the corner. The second wall breaker targets the gap on the top side of the Elixir Storage, ensuring a smooth Super Bower smash entry.
  • Step 2: Queen's Entrance - Timing is Everything Place a Wizard to funnel the Queen into TH compartment. Hold off on deploying healers initially due to the lurking air defense. Once safe, send the healers and a balloon to activate the Poison Tower early.
  • Step 3: Unleashing the Fury - Heroes and Spells Drop a well-placed rage to empower your Queen as she tackles the Town Hall. Immediately after, drop the King and a Baby Dragon on the top side. The Queen, still raging, ensures a clean sweep of the Town Hall.
  • Step 4: Building the Storm - Ice Golem and Valk Entry Deploy an Ice Golem and a Valkyrie on the top side, paving the way for the smash attack in the middle. Ensure the Warden's presence, and watch as the troops elegantly funnel into the core.
  • Step 5: Raging Onslaught - Spells and Abilities Now comes the easy part. Unleash rage spells strategically, pop the King's ability on the top side, and rage through the core whenever needed. The Warden's ability makes your troops invincible during the rage tower, simplifying the final moments. Introduce the Royal Champion on the top side for added firepower.
  • Step 6: Final Touch - Back-end Cleanup Finish strong with invisibility spells for the Super Bowers and handle any straggling defenses. The base is now at your mercy – time to celebrate that triple!

Approach 2: Warden Walk Resilience

  • Step 1: Starting with a Splash - Warden Walk Kickoff Initiate a Warden Walk on the dark Elixir collector, patiently waiting before deploying the Flame Flinger. As soon as the Royal Champion targets the Frosty, unleash the Head Hunter to eliminate her swiftly.
  • Step 2: Strategic Flame Flinger - Setting the Stage Secure a similar Flame Flinger value as in the first attack, but here's the twist – we're starting with a Warden Walk. Brace yourself; this approach is about to get a bit more straightforward.
  • Step 3: King's Funnel - Baby Dragon Action Prepare for the King's grand entrance by setting up a funnel with a Baby Dragon on the lower side. The Baby Dragon's critical role is to take down the Pet House, crucial for guiding the King in the right direction.
  • Step 4: Smash Commencement - Super Bowers' Grand Entry Full send the Super Bowers, Queen, and the Grand Warden, along with the last healer, anticipating the Eagle's potential target shift towards the Super Bowers.
  • Step 5: Spellbinding Fury - Spells Galore Time to shine! Activate the King's ability, break open a crucial wall for the Monolith, and release rage spells strategically. The jump spell, invisibility, and rages follow suit, creating a path of destruction from the other side.
  • Step 6: Back-end Struggles - Cleanup Operation Prepare for a slower pace as the Super Bowers face their share of challenges. Deploy the Royal Champion on the bottom side for cleanup duty. Despite the close call, the Skeleton Spell and Head Hunter ensure the base is toast.


Remember, Clashers, both approaches have their charm. The Queen Charge variation is your reliable option, ensuring a clean and potent attack, while the Warden Walk, although simpler, brings an element of surprise. Choose wisely, claim that triple and flex it off with style!


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