All Clash of Clans Base Types Explained!

Before copying/buying Clash of Clans bases, familiarize yourself with all base styles. Choose the right base for your gameplay by understanding the various types of bases. Enhance your defense with Blueprint bases!
All Clash of Clans Base Types Explained!

Hey confused, chief!

Ever felt like you're in a maze of Clash bases, not sure which one to choose? If the whole base-picking business has your head spinning, you're not alone. Today, let's unravel the mystery behind these bases and figure out which one is your secret weapon.

Are you a fan of Anti-2 bases, or does the strategic elegance of Diamond bases catch your eye? Get ready as we explore why choosing the right base is like picking the best spell for battle – it can make all the difference!

The Importance of Picking the right Clash of Clans Base Style

Choosing the right base is like picking the coolest superhero – it can either save the day or leave you in a tight spot. Each base style has its strengths and weaknesses, and knowing them is like having a secret map to navigate through Clash challenges.

For example, Anti-2 bases might crumble against super skilled players, while Anti-3 bases could use some extra protection against those players. It's a game of offense and defense, and we're here to guide you through the tactics.

What are the Different Base Types or Styles in Clash of Clans?

Ready to turn your village into an impregnable fortress? Choosing the right base style is your ticket to victory, and there's more to it than just plopping down buildings like a casual builder.

Based on TownHall Position:

  • Anti-2 Bases: Imagine a TownHall snug as a bug in the center, surrounded by defenses like a dragon guarding its treasure. Attackers? Good luck trying to snatch that 2-star victory; it's like playing hide-and-seek with a Wizard who never loses. Tripling these bases can be an easy task for pro players but not the full-send spammers!

Anti-2 Base

  • Anti-3 Bases: Picture your TownHall casually sipping a potion in the corner, acting all cool. This style is the VIP section for professional defenders, focusing on making 3-star attackers work extra hard, while settling for a 2-star is almost like a gift.

Anti-3 Base

Based on Battle:

  • CWL Bases: These bases are like a party where everyone's invited, but the traps are the bouncers. Crafted for Clan War League, it's the disco of bases, teasing attackers into stepping on hidden surprises.

  • ESL Bases: Built for the competitive stage, ESL bases are the rockstars of 1-hit wars. They hit hard, like a Hog Rider charging at full speed, aiming for that knockout punch in just one round.

  • War Bases: Ready for a sequel? War bases are the blockbusters of Clan Wars, designed for the 2-hit format. It's like setting the stage for an epic saga where attackers face the challenge not once, but twice!

  • Legend/Trophy/Push Bases: These bases are your express ticket to Legend League stardom. They're like elevators that only go up – minimizing trophy loss in multiplayer battles and skyrocketing you to higher trophy levels faster than a balloon ride.

  • Farm Bases: Farm bases are like bank vaults protecting your loot. Imagine a Scrooge McDuck-style vault, but for Elixir and Gold. Raiders might as well bring shovels because breaking in is a monumental task.

  • Hybrid Bases: Hybrid bases are the shape-shifters of Clash – balancing trophy dreams with loot protection. It's like having a base that can throw punches and protect the crown jewels at the same time.

Based on Base-Shape:

  • Diamond Bases: These bases are like diamonds in the rough, sparkling with defense. They're so dazzling that attackers might need sunglasses just to approach, making your village a gem on the Clash runway.

Diamond Base

  • Ring Bases: Picture a base shaped like a circus ring – attackers become acrobats trying to dodge traps while your TownHall sits in the center making the troops merry go round, the true ringmaster orchestrating chaos.

Ring Base

  • Box Bases: Box bases are the tough nuts in the Clash nutcracker. Compact and loaded with firepower, they're like fortresses that attackers need a treasure map to navigate, and good luck finding the 'X'!

Box Base


There you have it, Clashers! The diverse lineup of base types awaits your strategic touch. At Blueprint, you can buy bases of all styles built by the best builders of the Clash world. Explore our shop for a wide variety of Clash products & services. Choose wisely, experiment fearlessly, and may your Clash journey be as thrilling as a Goblin chasing loot! Clash on!

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