How to Super Archer Blimp against Double Poison Tower Bases

Learn to conquer the double poison tower bases with the best Super Archer Blimp strategy as our expert insights reveal the unknown secrets!
How to Super Archer Blimp against Double Poison Tower Bases

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Are you ready to take your Clash of Clans Super Archer Blimp attack strategy to the next level? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the art of using the Super Archer Blimp strategy against bases featuring double Poison Towers. With different base styles and emergence of double Poison Towers, you'll learn the techniques to handle even the most challenging layouts.


Have you ever encountered a base that seems impervious to your attacks? Those Double Poison Tower bases, with their tricky configurations and sneaky defenses, can be the stuff of nightmares. We'll start by understanding the challenge these bases pose and why they're such a tough nut to crack.

Before we dive into the in-depth details, let's make sure we're all on the same page. We'll provide a comprehensive overview of the Super Archer Blimp strategy, including the fundamentals and how it operates against various base designs.

The Best Army in CoC - Super Archer Blimp Attack Strategy

In Clash of Clans, the Super Archer Blimp attack has become ubiquitous. It's a strategy that not just top players rely on but a vast majority of the clashers do to tackle even the toughest bases. With its versatility and power, it's no wonder that the Super Archer Blimp is a staple in the arsenal of successful Clashers. In this section, we'll know why how base builders try to counter Super Archer Blimps in the Clash of Clans landscape.

What is Super Archer Blimp's weakness?

While Super Archer Blimp armies shine in various game formats like war, CWL, and Legend League, they're not without vulnerabilities that savvy base builders exploit for defense. Super Archers have lower HP, leaving them susceptible to Bomb and Poison Spell towers. A mix of Giant and Small bombs can make them highly vulnerable. The defensive E-Titan is often hailed as one of the top counters to Super Archer Blimps. But what exactly makes Super Archers vulnerable?

The Emergence of Double Poison Tower Bases to stop Super Archer Blimp Army

Bombs don't spread out enough, so base builders prefer poison towers. Poison towers cover a much larger area, making them perfect to defend against Super Archers.

And this brings us to the newest trend: bases with double poison tower to stop Super Archer Blimp attacks. These bases present a special challenge, making it tough for attackers to use their usual strategies.

So, is the Super Archer Blimp Army dead now?

While the Super Archer Blimp attack is weak against poison towers, it can't be completely stopped. As more players use this strategy, base designers have come up with ways to defend against it. One effective tactic has been setting up not just one but double poison towers and that doesn't mean it can completely stop the Super Archer Blimp. Our Super Archer Blimp expert, TK, has figured out a way to handle these bases effortlessly, and we'll share his insights as we go forward.


Ultimate SUPER ARCHER BLIMP GUIDE Against Double POISON TOWER Bases | TH15 CoC Attack Strategy

💙 TK masterfully teaches us how to attack double poison tower bases with the Super Archer Clone Blimp Strategy.

Facing the Toughest Challenges: Double Poison Towers

We'll take you through various scenarios, including bases with both Poison Towers close to the Town Hall and bases where the Poison Towers are far apart. You'll understand the nuances of handling each type of layout, ensuring that you can confidently tackle any base that comes your way.

Scenario 1: Poison Towers on Both sides of the Town Hall

In the first scenario, we encounter a base where the poison towers are placed on both sides of the Town Hall. This configuration can be quite tricky, but fear not – we've got you covered.

Scouting: First, carefully scout the base layout. Pay attention to the position of the poison towers, sweepers, and Clan Castle (CC). Since Legend League only allows a scout time of 30 seconds, this can be practiced well in Friendly Challenges.

Sweeper Manipulation: Identify the sweeper's direction. You want to approach from the side where the sweepers aren't facing or where they don't affect much, allowing your blimp to land safely.

Invisibility Spell: Use the Invisibility spells to make the Super Archers and their targets invisible, ensuring they doesn't lock onto the Ice Golem CC too soon.

Wall Breakers: If necessary, have a Super Wall Breaker in CC to break through walls and grant your archers access to the core. This recommendation is strongly advised, as it enables the Super Archers to deliver significant value.

Hero Deployment: Deploy your heroes from a side that has a solid funnel (a side with a narrow line of defenses) to take out remaining key defenses.

Super Barbarians and Headhunters: Deploy the Super Barbarians to support and tank for the heroes so the heroes can stay healthy for a longer time. The Head Hunters help to deal enemy heroes with ease.

Clean-Up: After the core is cleared, focus on cleaning up the remaining structures with super barbarians to secure the three-star victory before the time runs out. 

Scenario 2: Poison Towers Behind the Town Hall

In this scenario, the poison towers are placed directly behind the Town Hall. This layout can be challenging, but with precise timing, you can overcome it.

Scouting: Examine the base layout, paying attention to the poison tower's position and observe the best spot to land you CC.

Sweeper Manipulation: The sweeper's direction is crucial. You need to time your blimp's deployment from an angle where the sweeper doesn't put much work on the blimp.

Invisibility Spell: Use the Invisibility spell to protect your archers from the poison tower's initial damage but you'll have to time it perfect which can be mastered through practice.

Following that, you'll follow the standard gameplay procedure. Deploy your heroes along with Super Barbarians for additional support and utilize Head Hunters to aid in handling enemy heroes.

Scenario 3: Poison Towers Inside the Core

In this scenario, the poison towers are positioned within the core of the base. This setup can be particularly challenging, but a well-executed strategy will lead you to victory.

Scouting: Thoroughly scout the base layout and note the locations of the poison towers and pick the best possible locations to land the blimp.

Blimp Approach: Carefully approach the base from a side where you can bypass the poison towers and the sweepers. Ensure that your Super Archers are on the side where they can lure the defensive Clan Castle troops.

Sweeper Control: Manipulate the sweeper's direction to ensure it doesn't hinder your blimp's path.

Invisibility Spell: Make use of Invisibility spells to protect your archers as they approach and target key structures.

And what's next?...

Exactly chief, proceed with the standard routine. Deploy your heroes, accompanied by Super Barbarians for reinforcement, and employ Head Hunters to assist in dealing enemy heroes.

The primary objective of the Super Archer Blimp is to maximize its value. Once the Super Archer Blimp accomplishes this, the subsequent steps should be as effortless as a wizard displaying a dazzling fireworks show.


Armed with the knowledge gained from this guide, you'll be well-equipped to master the Super Archer Blimp strategy against double Poison Tower bases. Don't let challenging layouts deter you; embrace the challenge and dominate the battlefield with your newfound expertise. Happy clashing!


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