Master the Mashup LavaLoon Attack Strategy

Let's all wish upon Supercell to make the Mashup LavaLoon Attack Strategy a full-time troop, not just a temporary one. And why, you ask? Well, brace yourself for this: the sheer power of this strategy is beyond belief! 🙏
Master the Mashup LavaLoon Attack Strategy

Hey luckiest, Chief!

You're in for a stroke of luck! Get ready to witness an attack strategy that's practically unbeatable, unless, of course, you lose your internet connection.

Gather 'round, because we're about to reveal a strategy that'll make you question why you ever bothered with anything else in Clash of Clans. You won't believe just how broken this attack strategy is. Get ready for some epic moments, a touch of hilarity and a whole lot of winning as we dive into the absurdity of Mass Clone LavaLoon.

More Powerful than the Mashup Witch Golem Attack Strategy

As the exciting Clash-o-Ween Mashup Troops hit the scene, we embarked on a mission to showcase the full potential of each of these spooky troops in the world of Clash of Clans. Our previous guide covered the secrets of mastering the Witch Golem Attack Strategy, but now, brace yourselves for the next big reveal that's much more stronger: the LavaLoon Attack Strategy!

This strategy is a game-changer, and we're here to unravel its power, step by step, so you can reign supreme in your Clash of Clans battles. Get ready to take your gameplay to a whole new level! 🌟

The Mashup Zap LavaLoon Attack Strategy

You might have heard about the LavaLoon Mashup Troop – it's like the love child of a Lava Hound and a Balloon. But did you know that the brilliant minds at Blueprint have uncovered the secret sauce to using this strategy? It's so simple that even a toddler could grasp it, yet it packs a punch that's rewriting Clash of Clans history.

Now, let's rewind a bit. A while back, there was this troop called the Royal Ghost. It was all the rage because the Royal Ghost Attack Strategy was like using a cheat code – it could triple any base without breaking a sweat.

But hold on to your hats because the LavaLoon strategy has swooped in, and it's making the Royal Ghost look like a party trick at a kid's birthday bash. The LavaLoon strategy is where the real action is!

🚫 A Disclaimer! 📢

Buckle up, because the strategy you're about to discover is so insanely powerful that it might just convince some players to throw in the towel and quit Clash of Clans altogether.

On the flip side, once you get the hang of this strategy, going back to regular troops might feel like trying to ride a tricycle after cruising in a sports car. But do not worry – we've got a solution to ease the problem for you at the end of this blog.

No more suspense; let's dive right into it!


▶️ How to Use the Mashup LavaLoon Attack Strategy

The LavaLoon Attack Strategy isn't just powerful; it's so darn simple that even your pet parrot could pull it off! But instead of just talking about it, why don't we dive right in and witness it in action?

MASS CLONE LAVALOON is the Most BROKEN Strategy EVER | Clash of Clans Mashup Event + Clash O Ween

▶️ Hooked shows us how MASS CLONE LAVALOON is the Most BROKEN Strategy EVER in Clash of Clans. This Mashup Event + Clash O Ween Troops is, without a doubt, enjoyable.

Easy as Pie! 🥧

First things first, it's time to acknowledge that Mass Clone LavaLoon is the absolute, indisputable champion of absurd strategies. It's so mind-numbingly simple that even your grandma's pet hamster could pull it off. Three-starring with this strategy is smoother than a buttered slide.

In the standard LavaLoon strategy, you usually send in Lava Hounds first and then follow up with a squadron of Balloons. It's like a choreographed dance. But in the mashup LavaLoon strategy, you simplify things by sending them in together as a single LavaLoon mashup troop, like a rock concert! 🎸

Rocket Balloons FTW!

To kick things off, we use a few Rocket Balloons at the top to give a warm welcome to the air defense. They're like the door greeters at a fancy party. Then, we send a few more Rocket Balloons to the opposite side of the base because, well, LavaLoons only have eyes for air defenses while they're still standing.

With air defenses down, it's time for the real show. The LavaLoons, accompanied by a bunch of trusty balloons, waltz into the base. But wait, there's a twist! We hang on to a few Rocket Balloons because there's another air defense on the right side. They'll take it down once our LavaLoons are having their fun in the core.

The Clonepocalypse!

Now, here's where things go from mildly absurd to ludicrously over the top. In the core, we've got a bunch of LavaLoons partying hard. They're about to get even wilder as we unleash three Clone Spells on them. Yes, three! It's a LavaLoon clone extravaganza!

Anarchy in 40 Seconds! ⏰

With clones causing mayhem, it takes just 40 seconds to obliterate the entire core of the base. I mean, look at that! It's like a hurricane of LavaLoons, and the base doesn't stand a chance. I was so deliriously happy during this attack; I had to pinch myself.

I even had a Super Wall Breaker that could have been used to bring in my king, but why bother? The base was almost entirely gone. We'll speed through the second half of this video, so brace yourself for the weird sound effects! It's all part of the charm of this absurd strategy.

Humorously Simple Yet Effective! 🤣

This strategy is so brilliantly broken that I didn't even figure out all the nitty-gritty details before I started using it. No headhunter? No problem! 🙈 You can even spam your LavaLoons in a straight line with some balloons trailing behind – like a parade of destruction! There's no need for precision or complexity; the sheer force of this strategy is overwhelming.

Now It's Your Turn! 🚀

So, there you have it, the most outrageous Clash of Clans strategy to ever grace the battlefield. Whether you're three-starring like a pro or enjoying the simpler moments, Mass Clone LavaLoon guarantees that Clash of Clans becomes an absolute hoot.

Absolutely, this strategy is a game-changer, no doubt about it! However, let's keep it real here; this strategy is only overpowered when you're up against bases that are designed to take on the usual troops in Clash of Clans.

But here's the deal - as players catch on, they're starting to use Anti-LavaLoon Bases (Get the Anti-LavaLoon Pack for yourself). Suddenly, this strategy might not seem as unstoppable as it once was.

So, what's the game plan?

Well, stick around because we're about to show you how to outsmart those sneaky base builders who think they can stop your LavaLoon strategy with baits. Get ready to showcase your inner Clash genius and conquer those bases that were specifically made to defend the LavaLoon strategy.


▶️ How to Triple Toxic Anti-LavaLoon Bases?

Whether you're facing box bases, diamond bases, toxic ring bases, or even anti-3 star bases which are built to defend the Anti-, we've got you covered. The key to victory lies in understanding how to counter baits and toxic defenses. So, let's break it down step by step in simple, clear terms.

How to Counter BAITS and TOXIC Bases with LAVALOON | Guide | Th15 Strategies

💙 TK attacks on the toxic bases and killed all the CC troops and got the 3 starts in Every Attack. You can learn the Best lavaloon strategy from this video.

Crushing Box Bases

Let's start with the tricky box base. It's like a puzzle, and everyone has their approach.

Here's a great tip: Place one air defense far from the Town Hall and send your king to deal with the scatter shot and another air defense. Meanwhile, let your queen handle other key defenses and create a funnel. If you encounter a multi Inferno or a tough spot, think about using an Ice Golem to assist.

One crucial rule - don't send your Stone Slammer with the main group; keep it on a different path to avoid poison traps. When you release your balloons, make sure they target the Town Hall. A well-timed rage spell can give you that extra boost. Stay on the lookout for tornado traps, and remember, your Stone Slammer can draw enemy defenses away.

Conquering Diamond Bases

Next up, the diamond bases. These bases have evolved over time, so our strategy needs to adapt. Instead of going all-in on the Town Hall like we did with box bases, we need a different approach. Beware of baited entrances with tornado traps, Titan CCs, and tricky layouts.

Send in your heroes and some troops to deal with the enemy hero(s) and air defenses. Use your poison spell wisely to handle any CC threats.

Then, it's time to send in your loons. Don't rush; patience is key. Your Stone Slammer should follow a separate path, away from poison threats. A well-placed rage spell will get your loons to the Town Hall, and the rest is history.

Tackling Toxic Ring Bases

Now, for the most challenging - toxic ring bases. These bases are built to counter your LavaLoon strategy, but we've got a plan. First, assess the sweeper positions; they'll guide your approach. You can't afford any mistakes here.

Start by sending in a hero to activate the rage tower. One hero is enough for each section. Remember, the queen's role is critical. She might grab a few extra defenses while taking down the rage tower. The key is to create a funnel for your loons. Even if the value isn't perfect, you'll still make progress.

Now, keep an eye on the tornado trap as you rage your loons towards the Town Hall. Use the Stone Slammer wisely; avoid sending it directly into poison zones. With the Town Hall out of the way, your loons will make short work of the rest.

Crushing Anti-3 Star Bases

Lastly, we face anti-3 star bases, the ultimate test of your LavaLoon skills. These bases are designed to fend off your attack, but we won't back down. Start by sending one hero and wall breakers to activate the rage tower. Your queen's job is to grab the air defenses and set the stage for your loons.

Remember, there's often a tornado trap and a Titan CC in these bases. Adapt your strategy accordingly. Rage your loons through the Town Hall, but be ready to use your Warden's ability if things get tricky.

As for the Stone Slammer, avoid sending it into poison or damage zones. Use it strategically to distract the enemy defenses and heroes. A well-timed Royal Champion can help turn the tide in your favor.

Up next, there's something we did that no one would've ever thought of!


Triple any Base with Your NOSE!

Here's something interesting we've done to demonstrate how strong the LavaLoon attack strategy still is, even after Supercell did the Balance Changes to weaken it. It's a unique approach you probably haven't seen before. Hooked will show you how to achieve a three-star victory using only your nose! Yes, that's right, just your NOSE!

LAVALOON is STILL BROKEN After BALANCE CHANGES | Best TH15 Attack Strategy Clash of Clans

💙 We all know Zap Lavaloon is broken but did you think it was so overpowered that you can triple with your nose?! Today Hooked puts that to the test and the new Clash O Ween troop 3 stars easily! This attack strategy is game breaking lmao.

Army Link:


There you have it, Clashers! LavaLoon strategy might seem complex against the toxic Anti-LavaLoon bases, but with the right plan and a bit of practice, you can take down even the toughest bases out there.

Remember to adapt your strategy based on the base design, and stay patient. Sometimes, a small change in your approach can lead to big victories.

Keep practicing, and soon you'll be mastering LavaLoon strategy like a pro. Good luck, and may your raids be legendary!

And hey, check out for more epic Mashup Troop attack strategies in the world of Clash of Clans. Until then, happy clashing, Chiefs!


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Certainly, this strategy is potent, but as Base Builders adapt, even the most robust attacks can reveal their vulnerabilities. Every strategy has its weak spots, and our savvy Base Builders excel at pinpointing and capitalizing on these weaknesses to defend this potent attack strategy.

And that's how we made the Anti-LavaLoon Base Pack – your ticket to defend this powerful attack strategy.

If you're worried about defending against other Halloween troops, rest assured! We have you covered with the Limited Edition Anti-Halloween Troops Base Pack, tailored for Legend League. It's expertly designed to hold its ground against all Halloween-themed meta strategies. Don't delay; there's only a limited quantity of these base packs in stock! Secure yours before it runs out.

Anti-Halloween Base Pack

But here's the thing: with great power comes great responsibility (and maybe a touch of addiction). You might find yourself hooked on this strategy, and using regular troops may seem like going back to a horse-drawn carriage after experiencing a high-speed chase.

The great news is, we've got your back when it comes to leveling up your attacking skills and transforming you into a bona fide Pro player.

It's not just a tall tale; it's absolutely achievable, and the key is getting schooled by the best in the business. We're not talking about your run-of-the-mill players here; we're talking "World-Class Pro Players". They've fine-tuned their Clash of Clans skills through countless battles and achieved high levels in-game. Now, you can be their student and there are two fantastic options:

  • Pro Sessions: Get up close and personal with these pros and learn their strategies one-on-one.
  • Master Classes: Dive into recorded sessions where top players spill the beans on mastering the most effective attack techniques. 
Blue Coaches

So, if you're looking to up your Clash of Clans game, learning directly from these heavy hitters is your golden ticket.

Until then, happy clashing, and may your LavaLoons soar high and your bases remain unscathed!

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