Sneak Peek #2 - Big Changes: Loot, Leagues, Attacks & Trophies

Second Sneak Peek of Builder Base 2.0 In Detail
Sneak Peek #2 - Big Changes: Loot, Leagues, Attacks & Trophies..

Welcome back to the second Sneak Peek of the Builder Base update for Clash of Clans!

In yesterday's reveal, we introduced the Battle Copter, a new Hero Machine that
your Master Builder can ride to provide air support in multi-stage battles.

We also shared the new Troop abilities that make battles even more strategic than ever! If you missed it, start for checking out the First Sneak Peek 

Today, we'll discuss the changes to the Builder Base battles, how to earn Builder Gold and Builder Elixir from attacking and defending and changes of the win bonus system.

Changes to Bonus Loot & Leagues

The previous version of Builder Base had a reward system that limited the amount of loot you could earn per day through the 3-Win Builder Base Bonus.
However, with the new Builder Base Star Bonus, this has changed. You can now earn two different Star types: Bronze and Silver Stars.

  • Bronze Stars are earned by defeating Stage 1 of a multi-stage attack.
  • Silver Stars are earned by defeating Stage 2 of a multi-stage attack.

Completing your Builder Base Star Bonus will earn you more loot the higher your League level. However, the number of Stars required to earn your Builder Base Star Bonus will depend on what League you are in and will vary between 7 to 12 Stars. The higher your League, the more Bonus loot you will earn in the form of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir.


  • 58% destruction on Stage 1 and destroying the opponent's Builder Hall will earn you 2 Bronze Stars, counting as 2 Stars towards your Star Bonus.
  • 100% destruction on Stage 1 and 10% destruction on Stage 2 without destroying the opponent's Outpost will earn you 3 Bronze Stars, counting as 3 Stars towards your Star Bonus.
  • 100% destruction on Stage 1 and 58% on Stage 2, including destroying the opponent's Outpost, will earn you 3 Bronze Stars and 2 Silver Stars, totaling 5 Stars towards your Star Bonus.
  • 100% destruction on both Stage 1 and Stage 2 will earn you 3 Silver Stars, totaling 6 Stars towards your bonus.

Builder Base Leagues - Sneak Peek #2 of the Builder Base 2.0 UpdateChanges to Builder Base Attacks & Trophies

Another significant change to Builder Base attacks is the removal of head-to-head battles. With the new multiplayer battles, your goal is to try and earn 3 Silver Stars to maximize your rewards as well as earning loot from your Builder Base Star Bonus.

  • Every time you perform an attack, your base is opened up to be attacked by another player - even while you are online! This means for every attack you perform, you will receive that many defenses as well.
  • Attacking another Builder Base is how you will earn Builder Gold, while defending against attacks will earn you Builder Elixir.
  • You can store loot without worrying about losing your hard-earned Resources for an upgrade after defending from other attacking players, as loot is not stolen from other players during Builder Base battles.
  • You will receive a defense from an attacking player, any earned Builder Elixir will be placed in an Elixir Cart found on your Builder Base.
  • Trophies are gained and lost by attacking and defending, respectively. You gain Trophies by attacking other Builder Bases. However, you will lose Trophies based on how successfully another player attacks your Builder Base. The net Trophy gain/loss results of your attacks are similar to the Legend League in your Home Village.

The previous win bonus system has been changed with the new Builder Base Star Bonus. While you will earn the most loot from completing your Builder Base Star Bonus, you can still earn additional loot through the win bonus system.

Now, your win bonus will be determined by the percentage of damage you inflict on the enemy base. The amount of loot you receive will also depend on your League level. This means that the higher your League, the more loot you will earn from your win bonus.


In conclusion, the upcoming Builder Base 2.0 update for Clash of Clans promises to bring a lot of exciting changes to the game.

With the addition of new Hero Machines, troop abilities, and modifications to the reward and win bonus systems, the Builder Base battles will become even more strategic and rewarding than before.

We hope this sneak peek has given you a glimpse into what's to come, and we can't wait to see you in our social media platforms or at Blueprint Discord Server!

Looking Ahead

Many of you know Builder Hall level 10 is coming in this update. Tomorrow we’ll show the new Builder Hall in all its glory. We also know you love shocking revelations, so check out our next sneak peek!


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