Sneak Peek #3 - BH 10 Revealed (X-Bow & Electrofire Wizard)

Third Sneak Peek of Builder Base 2.0 In Detail
Sneak Peek #3 - BH 10 Revealed (X-Bow & Electrofire Wizard)..

Sneak Peek #3 - Builder Hall Level 10 Revealed

Welcome back to the third Sneak Peek of the Builder Base update for Clash of Clans! Yesterday we shared the Second Sneak Peek

Today, Supercell has finally revealed the much-awaited third sneak peek for the upcoming Builder Base update, and we must say, it's the best one yet! The new update brings exciting new features, including the all-new Builder Hall level 10, a brand-new defense, and a new troop. Here's a detailed breakdown of everything revealed in the third sneak peek:

Builder Hall 10:

The Builder Hall level 10 is the newest addition to the Builder Base and promises to offer new content for players to upgrade. Upgrading to Builder Hall, level 10 will not only give players a cool-looking upgrade but will also allow them to upgrade their defenses to level 10. Additionally, players will also unlock a brand new defense, the X-Bow, and a new troop, the Electrofire Wizard, when they upgrade their Builder Barracks to level 12.

Builder Hall Level 10 Reveal - Builder Base 2.0 Update

Builder Hall 10 Stats:

Upgrading to Builder Hall level 10 will cost players 4.8M Builder Gold and take 7 days to complete. Players will also get an increased Builder Gold Storage Capacity of 1.5M and a Builder Elixir Storage Capacity of 1.5M. The Builder Hall 10 will have 2750 hit points and will unlock 1x Mine and 1x X-Bow upon upgrading.

New Builder Base Defense: X-Bow

The X-Bow is a new defense that is unlocked once players upgrade to Builder Hall 10. It is similar to the X-Bow in the Home Village and can be switched between two modes. The first mode allows for targeting only ground troops, while the alternate mode allows players to target only air troops. The X-Bow has a range of 12 tiles, deals single target damage, and has a favorite target of any.

New X-Bows of the Builder Base 2.0 Update Sneak Peek 3

New Builder Base Troop: Electrofire Wizard

The Electrofire Wizard is the latest addition to the Builder Base Troops. This glass cannon has low hit points but deals high damage. As a master of both Inferno and Electro Magics, he is able to toggle between two different modes of attack:

  • Inferno Mode: This mode allows the Electrofire Wizard to shoot a single searing beam that gradually increases in damage over time.
  • Electro Mode: This mode allows the Electrofire Wizard to shoot a slow-charging Lightning attack that will bounce to multiple targets.

The Electrofire Wizard always deploys with Inferno Mode as the default attack. Players can switch between each mode by tapping their image on the Troop Bar. The Electrofire Wizard starts at level 17 and has a spring weight of 14, a movement speed of 22, and a favorite target of any.

Electrofire Wizard - Builder Base 2.0 Update Sneak Peek 3Conclusion

In conclusion, the third sneak peek for the upcoming Builder Base update has provided exciting new content that players can look forward to.

The release of Builder Hall level 10 brings a range of new upgrades and features, including the X-Bow defense and the Electrofire Wizard troop, both of which offer unique abilities and tactical advantages in battle.

With the release of this third sneak peek, players can begin to plan their strategies and prepare for the update's release. 

Looking Ahead

With the new Builder Base update arriving soon, players can't wait to see what new strategies will emerge. We can't wait to see how players will utilize these new features and create innovative strategies on the Builder Base.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the full patch notes when the update is released, and don't forget to check out the Clash On! Developer Video for exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into how the Supercell team developed the new Builder Base.


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