Sneak Peek #1 - Battle Copter and Troop Abilities

First Sneak Peek of Builder Base 2.0 In Detail
Battle Copter and Special Ability - Sneak Peek #1 Builder Base 2.0 Update

Discover the First Sneak Peek of the Builder Base 2.0 Update

First of all, be sure to have a quick look on everything that we already know about this update: Builder Base 2.0 Pre Update

Supercell has finally revealed the first sneak peek for the upcoming Builder Base update, and what a start! The new update brings exciting new features, a new Hero Machine, the Battle Copter, and new special abilities for troops. Here's a detailed breakdown of everything revealed in the first sneak peek:

Introducing the Battle Copter and Special Abilities for Hero Machines

The Builder Base redesign update is almost here, and Clash of Clans players can’t wait to get their hands on it. One of the most exciting new features is the introduction of the Battle Copter Hero Machine, which players can use to wreak havoc on their enemies from the air.

What is a Hero Machine in Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans, Hero Machines are the powerful contraptions the Master Builder uses to take on enemy Defenses. The Battle Machine was the first Hero Machine to be introduced in the game, and now players can look forward to adding the Battle Copter to their arsenal.

Introducing the Battle Copter Hero Machine

The Battle Copter is a new flying Hero Machine that players can unlock at Builder Hall level 8. It costs 2.5M Builder Elixir (BE) to build and starts at level 15. The Battle Copter has a ranged attack that allows it to deal damage from a distance, making it an ideal choice for taking out enemy Defenses before they can retaliate.

Battle Copter Hero Machine | Builder Base 2.0 Sneak PeekBattle Copter’s Special Ability: Bomb Rush

The Battle Copter also has a special ability called Bomb Rush, which charges up over time. When activated, Bomb Rush causes the Battle Copter to perform a nosedive attack that surges forward to its target, dealing powerful explosive damage beneath it. This makes it an effective tool for taking out groups of enemy troops or destroying key structures like the enemy’s Town Hall.

Battle Copter’s Stats

The Battle Copter is a versatile unit that can target ground and air units. It moves at a speed of 14 and has a single-target damage type. Its favorite target is any, meaning it will attack the closest enemy unit regardless of its type.

Hero Machine Charge Levels - Risk vs Reward

Hero Machines are becoming even more powerful in the upcoming update. You can now charge your Hero Machine’s special ability up to 3 levels, with Level 3 being the most powerful. The longer you wait to use the ability, the higher level it will charge to. This means you’ll need to consider whether to use the ability at Charge Level 1 or wait for the ultimate Charge Level 3.

Hero Machines in Multi-Stage Battles

Builder Base multi-stage battles are getting an upgrade. At the end of Stage 1, any Hero Machine abilities not used will automatically trigger to take advantage of its HP recovery effect. You can select your other Hero Machine, which starts completely fresh at 100% HP, before beginning Stage 2. This gives you greater tactical flexibility in how you mold your attacks.

Builder Base Troops - Now More Heroic Than EVER!

Builder Base Troops are also getting an overhaul. Each Army Camp has reduced the number of Troops per Troop slot, making every Troop more important for the success of your multi-stage battles. We’ve also added UI elements such as number designations for you to keep track of which Troop is on the battlefield. Many Builder Base Troops now have special abilities that allow you to activate them when tactically advantageous.

Here is a list of the Builder Base Troops and their abilities:

  • Raged Barbarian: Passive Ability - Rage; Speed and damage are increased for the first 22 seconds.
  • Sneaky Archer: Passive Ability - Cloak; Invisible to defenses for the first 11 seconds.
  • Boxer Giant: Passive Ability - Power Punch; The first attack deals extra damage. 1-Time Active Ability - Boxer Block; When activated, Boxer Giant becomes temporarily surrounded by a protective shield that renders him invulnerable.
  • Beta Minion: Passive Ability - Power Shot; The first few attacks of Beta Minion shoot faster, have a longer range, and deal extra damage.
  • Bomber: Cooldown Ability - Bouncing Bomb; When activated, Bomber’s next attack deploys a large explosive that bounces twice and deals very serious damage to Walls. This ability can be used multiple times once the cooldown timer has been refreshed.
  • Baby Dragon: Passive Ability - Tantrum; When no other air units are in close proximity to Baby Dragon, his damage is increased. 1-Time Active Ability - Fiery Sneeze; Baby Dragon will launch a cone-shaped attack of fire, dealing damage in front of him. Additionally, Fiery Sneeze does extra damage while his Tantrum is active!
  • Cannon Cart: Mode Switch Ability - Mortar Mode; Cannon Cart can quickly alternate between its mobile shorter range but higher damage mode and a stationary, long-range artillery mode that deals less damage. You can toggle between each mode for greater tactical advantage!
  • Night Witch: 1-Time Active Ability - Bat Swarm; This ability summons a swarm of enraged bats that deal extra damage for a few seconds.
  • Drop Ship: 1-Time Active Ability - Skeleton Bomb; Drop Ship will drop a bomb directly below its current position, dealing area damage along with extra damage to Walls. Additionally, the explosion effect will summon Skeletons that continue attacking as ground Troops.
  • Power P.E.K.K.A (formerly Super P.E.K.K.A): 1-Time Active Ability - Overcharge; You can now manually activate her explosive ability that deals area damage around him.

New Building - O.T.T.O’s Outpost

After years of hard work and dedication, O.T.T.O. the robot, deserves his own place to call home. The Outpost is the main building of the second stage in the Builder Base, and, just like destroying a Builder Hall, destroying the Outpost will earn you 1 Star for your attack.

But that's not all - the Outpost also comes with a signature ability that sets it apart from other buildings. When the Outpost is destroyed, a swarm of Zappies will emerge and continue attacking any nearby enemies. This adds a new layer of strategy to the game, as players can use the Outpost as a weapon to take down enemy troops.

To unlock the Outpost, players must reach Builder Hall level 6. From there, they can upgrade it all the way to level 10 by the time they reach Builder Hall level 10.

New Building - O.T.T.O’s Outpost | Builder Base 2.0 Update

New Building: Reinforcement Camp

Reinforcement Camps are similar to Army Camps but with a twist. These new buildings provide extra troop slots that can be used only after you complete the first stage of your attack.

Before the attack begins, you can pre-select the reinforcement troops you want to use just like you do for your normal Builder Base Army.

Once you reach the second stage of the attack, you can swap the reinforcement troops out for any other Builder Base Troops you have unlocked. Keep in mind that once you begin the second stage of the attack, your reinforcements cannot be changed.

Each Reinforcement Camp provides one reinforcement slot per camp. The first Reinforcement Camp is available from BH6, and the second unlock at BH9.

New Building: Healing Hut

The Healing Hut is a unique building that helps to heal your surviving Builder Base Troops after you complete Stage 1 and before starting your Stage 2 battle.

The higher the level of your Healing Hut, the more your surviving Builder Base Troops are healed.

The Healing Hut unlocks at BH6 and is a great way to keep your troops healthy and ready for the next stage.

Multi-Stage Battles - What Happens to Surviving Troops?

When you complete the first stage of a Builder Base battle, any surviving Troops and Hero Machines will progress to the second stage and return to your Troop deployment bar, where they can be used in the next attack. You can also swap out any troops you did not deploy during Stage 1 for another Troop choice before you begin your Stage 2 attack. Your Healing Hut will recover some HP for damaged troops to help them out for your second Stage battle.

Additionally, the number of Reinforcement Camps you have will determine the number of Reinforcements you can use in the second stage of the battle. These reinforcements can be incredibly helpful in increasing your attack power during the next stage of the battle.

Changes to Building and Editing Your Builder Base

Stage 2 Buildings

When you unlock the second stage at Builder Hall Level 6, you'll immediately have access to several new buildings, including O.T.T.O's Outpost, a Reinforcement Camp, an Elixir Storage, a Gold Storage, an Elixir Pump, a Gold Mine, an Archer Tower, and 10 Walls.

Limits on Defenses, Walls, and Traps

Each stage has a limit on how many defenses, walls, and traps you can place, which is determined by your Builder Hall level. For example, at Builder Hall Level 10, you can place up to 14 defenses, 100 walls, and 12 traps per stage.

Building Placement

The Layout Editor will guide you on which buildings can be placed in each stage. If you reach the maximum number of possible buildings for that stage, any additional buildings will be greyed out, indicating that they cannot be placed in that stage.

Production Buildings

Resource Storages have a limit to how many can be placed on each stage, which is determined by your Builder Hall level. For example, at BH6, you have two available Elixir Storages, requiring you to place one Elixir Storage on each stage.

Changes to Builder Base Walls

Yeah, something really interesting to analyze here. Builder Base Walls are no longer 5-segments long. Walls are now individual segments, similar to your Home Village, giving you greater flexibility in how you design your defensive layouts!


In the upcoming first sneak peek in the  Builder Base 2.0, players can look forward to exciting new features such as the Battle Copter Hero Machine, a new flying unit that can deal powerful explosive damage and has a special ability called Bomb Rush. Players will also be able to charge their Hero Machine's special ability up to 3 levels, which provides a risk vs reward dynamic as the longer players wait to use the ability, the higher level it will charge to.

In addition to the Battle Copter, Builder Base Troops are getting an overhaul with new special abilities and UI elements, such as number designations to help players keep track of which Troop is on the battlefield. Each Army Camp has also reduced the number of Troops per Troop slot, making every Troop more important for the success of multi-stage battles.

Players will also enjoy a new building called O.T.T.O's Outpost, the main building of the second stage in the Builder Base. Destroying the Outpost will earn players 1 Star for their attack, but it also comes with exciting new features such as a Workshop and a Trading Post.

Overall, the Builder Base redesign update promises to bring a host of new features and improvements to Clash of Clans that will keep players engaged and excited. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, there's never been a better time to jump into the game and experience all the new content that's on the horizon.

Video covering everything

Looking Ahead

Supercell has also hinted at other changes coming to Builder Base multi-stage battles in the update, such as how Builder Gold and Builder Elixir will be earned from attacking and defending, respectively. In the next sneak peek, we'll examine these changes and how Trophies are earned and lost.

Stay tuned for more exciting Sneak Peeks on the Builder Base 2.0 Update for Clash of Clans.


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