The Secret Builder Base Changes that went Unnoticed

Guess what! In the October 2023 Update, there were also some unsaid changes in the Builder Base. Should we file a complaint in the Clash Court against Supercell, or  just take it as a pleasant surprise?
The Secret Builder Base Changes that went Unnoticed

Hey, poor chief!

We know how you feel. Supercell threw us a curveball with the October 2023 update for Clash of Clans. They didn't reveal the Builder Base changes in the sneak peeks, and many of us were caught by surprise. But don't worry; we've got your back! In this blog, we'll check out those Builder Base changes you might have missed and what this update means for your Clash of Clans experience.

The update brought a host of new features to the Clan Capital. These additions have reshaped the Clan Capital and provided players with exciting new tools and strategies to explore. Check out the Sneak Peek #1 and Sneak Peek #2 of the October 2023 Update in case you missed them.

Balance Changes - A Surprise for Builder Base Players

Following the update, players had eagerly anticipated the changes in the Clan Capital. However, to everyone's surprise, Supercell extended its scope to the Builder Base as well, introducing a series of significant balance adjustments:

  • Raged Barbarian:
    • Levels 15 & 16: 119 -> 120
    • Levels 17 & 18: 126 -> 128
    • Levels 19 & 20: 133 -> 136
  • Drop Ships:
    • Target Defenses instead of the nearest Building.
    • Hit points increased by 21%.
    • Ability radius increased by 0.5 tiles.
  • Baby Dragon: Activated ability adjusted to scale down damage from 0-20% depending on the distance to the target.
  • Night Witch:
    • HP increased by 11%.
    • Summon cooldown reduced by 0.8 seconds.
  • Battle Machine: Ability now deactivates after 2 hits.

In addition to these troop adjustments, the update also delivered several Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes, enhancing the overall gameplay experience:

  • Returning players receive a Daily Login Calendar after a 35-day absence, instead of the previous 90 days.
  • Troop info screens are vastly improved, providing easier-to-read information, unit stats access, and cool preview animations.
  • Correct swap icons for Builder Base Heroes during attack preparation are now displayed.
  • An issue where Builder Base Star Bonus Gold and Elixir were deducted from the HUD when storages were full has been fixed.
  • Occasional crashes caused by opening multiple unit info screens in the Builder Base training screen have been resolved.
  • The ground color of Builder Base stage 2 obstacles is now corrected.

These changes bring a fresh dynamic to the Builder Base, requiring players to adapt their strategies and explore new troop compositions for success.

What Pros Feel About the Builder Base last Balance Changes

Ever wondered how the top-tier players in the Clash of Clans community perceive the game-changing updates? Here are the insights from a pro player regarding the recent changes:


  • Barbarians: With increased HP at levels 15-20, they now have the resilience to endure more hits. Although this buff may not alter the game's landscape drastically, it makes Barbarians a bit more robust in the higher Builder Base levels.
  • Drop Ship: A game-changer for those who favor air attacks. Drop Ships now target defenses exclusively and boast a 21% increase in hit points, coupled with a 0.5-tile radius expansion in their ability. This transformation is poised to create a new metagame, possibly revolving around Drop Ship and Minion combinations.
  • Witches: These magical units have seen their HP levels boosted by 11%, making them a more attractive option at level 10. However, claiming the throne as a top-tier strategy might remain a challenging endeavor for the Witch.


  • Baby Dragon: The Baby Dragon's ability has been adjusted to reduce its damage by up to 20% based on the distance to the target. This nerf takes a toll on the effectiveness of strategies relying heavily on Baby Dragons, notably those employing Canon Carts.
  • Battle Machine: A notable adjustment is the Battle Machine's ability, which now deactivates after two hits instead of three. While this tweak may seem minor, it weakens the Pekka-heavy strategies. With the nerf to Baby Dragons and Cannons, Pekka spam may rise as the most potent strategy.

These insights from a pro player provide a glimpse into how the update has impacted the Clash of Clans metagame, and the strategies that may soon come to the forefront.

Adapting to Post-Update Builder Base 2.0 Armies

The Clash of Clans community is abuzz with the latest update, which not only revamped the Clan Capital but also delivered some unexpected changes to the Builder Base. Many players were primarily focused on exploring the Clan Capital updates, but the additional modifications to the Builder Base have significantly impacted gameplay.

The Builder Base changes have left players reevaluating their attack strategies, encouraging them to adapt to these new dynamics. But here's a surprise for you. You do not have to waste your precious time searching as we've already discovered the new meta strategy and about to share you the same.


▶️ The Best Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategy after Update

Are you ready to enhance your Builder Hall 10 gameplay? The latest update has brought new challenges and opportunities, that we got you covered so far. Now, let's discover "The Best Builder Hall 10 Attack Strategy after Update" to stay ahead in the game with expert insights.

It’s OFFICIAL: Dropships are BROKEN! | Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 (Video by AshJer)

Take a look at the video to see just how incredibly strong Dropships are. With these, you can quickly become the top player in the Builder Base, even before your opponents know these Builder Base balance changes and might be wondering why the old meta strategies don't work anymore.

Now, let's know more about this strategy and learn why it's so powerful and effective.

"Broken" Drop Ships

In this segment, we demonstrate the remarkable effectiveness of drop ships as an attack strategy in the Builder Base 2.0. We refer to drop ships as "broken" because we've discovered that these units can perform exceptionally well, often achieving outcomes that shouldn't be possible.

High-Value Targets and Drop Ship Abilities

We elaborate on how drop ships should be used strategically. We emphasize the importance of identifying and targeting high-value defenses, like splash defenses. We describe how using the drop ship ability, with the help of three drop ships, can lead to a significant amount of damage to these key defenses.

Dominating Enemy Bases with Drop Ships

In addition, we showcase an actual attack using drop ships. We explain that the primary goal is to unleash drop ships to handle important defenses and open up the base for additional destruction. In this instance, the drop ships, skeletons, and the battle machine work together to overwhelm the enemy base.

Swagging Drop Ships – A Mark of Victory

In this portion, we exhibit the power of the attack strategy by finishing an attack with drop ships to spare. Swagging up to five drop ships becomes a testament to the dominance of this strategy. It highlights the attack's success and effectiveness.

Don't miss out on the chance to try this out for yourself and discover the sheer power of the drop ship strategy.


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