Monolith and Spell Tower ⚒️ TH15 Update | #2 Sneak Peek

Game Changer, Defense for the Win.
Monolith and Spell Tower ⚒️ TH15 Update | #2 Sneak Peek - Blueprint CoC

After the Th15 sneak peek of yesterday with all the stats, we are here today with a new TH15 Sneak Peek! Magical color palettes aren’t the only arcane affectation being introduced with the Town Hall 15 update.

We’re bringing two brand new defenses to Town Hall 15. Base building will never be the same again!
Meet Spell Tower and Monolith...and watch your enemies tremble in fear.



Clash of clans TH15 Monolith
This tank killing Defense for the Main Village at TH15 is so sinister; it’s constructed and upgraded with Dark Elixir.

Even its brooding presence leaves a dark stain on the world around it. While its origins may be mysterious, its ability to wreak havoc on attacking forces leaves no doubt about its effectiveness.

Though Monolith will deal a base level amount of damage per shot, each shot also does additional bonus damage based on a percentage of its target’s max hit points making Monolith incredibly dangerous against high HP units such as tanks or Heroes.
Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Base DPS Additional Damage Hit Points
1 300K DE 18d 150 14% 4747
2 360K De 19d 200 15% 5050

Another amazing concept built by the Clash of Clans team, especially the graphics, which not just match the Theme of TH15 and gives it a scary look!

It would be interesting to see how our builders adapt to the new COC tools. The clash of clans base building next meta would be amazing. Can't wait to see how the new Th15 Pro bases look.



Clash of Clans TH15 Spell Tower

As Spell Tower is leveled, it becomes imbued with different Spells, allowing you to select which Spell it will cast while defending your TH15 base.

Starting at level 1, Spell Tower will cast Rage Spell to boost nearby Defenses and units. Level 2 allows you to set Spell Tower to launch Poison Spell at nearby enemies, and Level 3 will cast Invisibility Spell - allowing nearby defensive units and buildings to be temporarily concealed. When you upgrade to Town Hall 15, you’ll be able to place 2 Spell Towers in your Home Village Base.

Level Upgrade Cost  Upgrade Time  Hit Points Unlocks
1 14M Gold 14d 2500 Rage Spell
2 16M Gold 16d 2800 Poison Spell
3 18M Gold 18d 3100
Invisibility Spell

A very innovative idea by the Clash of Clans team for the brand new TH15 and also seemingly very powerful! The backend attacks which used to work on Bases might change forever or it might not, time will tell.... 

What’s that skittering sound underfoot? Or do I hear the flitter of fiery wings flapping in flight? Piqued your curiosity yet? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s preview #3 for more details!

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