A new Pro ūüŹÜ is joining the team

Welcome STARs to the Blueprint Family!
A new Creator ūüŹÜ is joining the team - Blueprint CoC

Welcome STARs to the Blue family!

Hello everyone! A Very Big day for Blueprint, we have...

A New Addition to Creator and Pro Roster.

ūüĎÄ In the search for the best, we were always searching here and there, just like Nike, but Michael Jordan was sitting in front of our eyes! Chasing for him, just like Nike, we also succeeded in having him on our Team!

Welcome STARs to the Blue family!

Who is STARs?

He has played coc for many years and is known as the best Lalo Player in the World. Currently he is a player for NAVI. His biggest success is the 1st place at the World Championship 2022.

On TH14, he started creating content of his Legend League Hits! His videos helps many legends Pushers learning cracks and weaknesses of common legend league bases. They also teach methods of recover in case something goes wrong in opener or execution! He is consistently posting youtube videos.

He is known as the most dominating Legends League Pusher with Multiple Top 10 Finishes with different accounts in a single season and one of the highest hitrates in terms of ESL players in various leagues! He has been ranked #1 in World Legends Leaderboard multiple times!

Why we chose STARs?

The main focus of us at blueprint is that we should have the Best Pro who are oriented to the current meta on our roster, without any discussion. That makes us keep looking for the most fresh and the best talent across the globe!

We were looking for someone who has proven himself multiple times and can be trusted by customers for their defenses! We reached out to STARs asking if he is interested and after trying for long, he was convinced in joining us! It is a huge for us as it was for Nike when Michael Jordan joined!

How this collaboration will benefit you?

So STARs will be not just joining us as a Content Creator but also as a Pro for Base Testing and helping with Limited Editions Packs!

His knowledge and testing can help the pack to have the best bases oriented for high legends and can help you finish high and strong as STARs.

Our First Collaboration Pack is available to Buy, Check it Out!

Check out STARs on various Social Platforms!

Twitter - https://twitter.com/STARs_coc_

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@starsclashofclans5515

Welcome Party!

Super Thrilled to have him on the team and to celebrate it with you by Giving away 10$ gift card + 1 CoC Gold pass.

:Iconblue_Twitter: Participate here: https://twitter.com/BlueprintCoC/status/1654533112452497408

New Blueprint CoC Creator - Welcome STARs

The team is always growing with new talent from all over the world. If you want to have a look at all the new additions we have all this years, from Pro Players to Content Creators and Pro Base Builders check blogs/new-hires.

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We can also organize sessions with your clan. We invite you also to check our content creators and support them as well as the official supercell news to stay up to date.

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