New Group 🧑‍🏫 Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching Sessions available!
New Group 🧑‍🏫 Coaching Sessions
:8375_siren_blue: Hey everyone! We wanted to present to you what is going to be the Blueprint Coaching Team for 2022!
We started the :swords: Coaching Sessions not long ago, and nowadays they are one of our most valuable services for sure and the one with better feedback, 100% success, every customer that tried them loved it :goblove:

This new initiative about the Pro Sessions was mainly done to give the most talented Clash players a chance to pass their knowledge to other passionate Clashers.
:SnapdragonProSeries: Is awesome for us to be able to help these incredible players monetise all that time invested in the game. :ESL: We are always aiming to push the Competitive eSports community, and the interest on Competitive Clash and there was not a better way! :legend~2:

We have always tried to have affordable prices for them and offer as many languages and experts in different aspects of the game as possible.
:Hmmnotes: But we were missing something, the chance to participate in these Coaching Sessions for even a lower price, so this can also become a group experience and not just one vs. one.

:6075demnusbughead: From now on You guys can book sessions with any of our Pros with your teammates and SPLIT THE COST. As more you are, the cheaper it will be for each participant, having the limit on 5.

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You can check out blue_coaches to get to know them a bit better. If you ever thought about trying this out in the past, now is the moment!

During all April, we will be GIVING UP a 100$ :Blue_GiftCard10: Gift Card to one of the Customers, the more you do, the higher the chances. And what is even better, any one that get a new Session starting today till April is over We are going to have presents for each one of you.

1 Session  
 :PBlue_TH14: TH14 Diamond Blue Pack
2 Sessions :PEssential_CWL: TH14 Essential Pack
3 Sessions
 :PExclusive_PUSH: Push Exclusive Pack
4 Sessions
 :PExclusive_ESL: ESL Exclusive Pack
5 Sessions
 :PExclusive_CWL: CWL Exclusive Pack

What are you wating for? Go to :Iconblue_Website: and book a Session, you don't have excuse now.

You don't need to do all the Sessions on April, you can save them for the future when is a good time for it. If you booked a session already in April you will be participating in the Gift Card giveaway too.

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