The Simplest Blizzard Lalo Guide

From the blimp dance to the hero power hour, we've broken the Blizzard Lalo down in simple terms that even your lazy but cute pet could understand!
The Simplest Blizzard Lalo Guide

Greetings, fellow Clashers!

Today, we're diving into the thrilling world of Town Hall 16 and exploring a strategy that's shaking up the Clashiverse - Blizzard Lalo. Despite Supercell's attempts to bring it down to earth, this strategy remains OP with our guide, especially with the powerhouse combo of the upgraded Super Wizard and the balloon.

What is the Blizzard Lalo Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans?

Alright, let's break it down! Blizzard, in simple terms, is like a tag team of the Blimp and Super Wizards. It's a cool attack plan where Super Wizards hitch a ride in a blimp, zooming straight to a specific spot in the enemy base. Once these Super Wizards do their thing and create some chaos, heroes join the party to grab even more value. Finally, the Lalo squad swoops in to clear the rest of the base.

Now, you might be asking, "Why Super Wizards?" Well, they're like the speedy superheroes of the Clash world. They hit fast, and their damage even spreads to nearby buildings. Plus, if you're facing a compact base, oh boy, it's like bringing a cannon to a water balloon fight – super effective! So, next time you hear about Blizzard, imagine it as a superhero squad zooming in to rock the Clash world.

Blizzard Lalo Army become Easier & Stronger than before!

Once upon a time, in the Clash world, the Blizzard was the go-to trick for Town Halls 14 and 15 – a mighty force to be reckoned with. However, as fate would have it, the Blimp took a hit from the nerf hammer, and the once-shining Blizzard started losing its charm. It seemed like the end of an era.

But wait, Clashers, here comes the plot twist! Enter the TH16 update, adding new levels to wizards and loons, and guess what? The Blizzard is back, stronger than ever, ready for a grand comeback. Not just that, the shiny new Hero Equipments – making this army an unstoppable force at Town Hall 16.

It's a Clash tale of resilience, where the Blizzard rises from the ashes, proving that even nerfs can't dim its glory. So, Clash on, because the Blizzard is back in town, and it's here to conquer!


▶️ How to do Blizzard LavaLoon Attack?

Think Blizzard Lalo is as confusing as rocket science? Fear not, dear Clashers! We've cooked up a guide so easy-peasy that even a wizard with a pet dragon could understand. Brace yourselves because after this, you might wonder why you ever doubted your Lalo skills. Get ready for some Clash magic!

BLIZZARD LALO is POWERFUL and FUN at TOWN HALL 16 | Best TH16 Attack Strategy Clash of Clans

▶️ Blizzard Lalo was a top army at Town Hall 14 and 15. But ever since the Battle Blimp nerf it hasn’t been the same. Despite this, it’s still very usable and quite enjoyable at Town Hall 16 with the new level to the balloons and wizards.

Army Link:

The Blimp Dance

Let's kick things off with a box base - Blizzard Lalo's playground. Picture this: a hound and two balloons leading the charge, not just tanking for the air defenses but also playing minesweepers for those sneaky air mines. Safety first, right? The blimp, like a stealthy ninja, sneaks in, and here comes the first invisibility spell - a magical touch to let the Super Wizards rid the base of that pesky multi-Inferno.

Now, don't be like the caster, Hooked, and misjudge your poison spell on the CC troops. Oops! Learn from his epic fails, and let your heroes clean up the mess. Speaking of heroes, don't underestimate the power of a baby dragon, a wizard, and three sneaky goblins - they're the unsung heroes creating the perfect funnel for your main force.

Heroes' Grand Entrance

Enter the ice golem, the tank we all need in life. It soaks up the scatter shot's punches while your heroes, practically unscathed, waltz into the base. Pro tip: bring the gauntlet for King and the healer puppet for your Queen, it's like giving her a spa day in the midst of chaos.

Now, a minute 13 might seem fashionably late for the Lalo party, but when your heroes are flexing this hard, who cares about punctuality? Double freeze, head hunters in the water and ability, and behold - the base starts crumbling like a gingerbread house in a hurricane.

The Plot Twist

But wait, there's more! Sometimes things don't go as planned, like the failed poison spell moment. So, what if you miss the town hall? Fear not, for Blizzard Lalo has a plot twist: the Soye - a sneaky way to secure that last star. A dash of strategy, a sprinkle of patience, and voila!

Dress Rehearsal

Now, imagine we're tackling a teaser base. The blimp does its majestic dance, Super Wizards unleash chaos, and, oh no, a slight hiccup with the invisibility spell. But hey, lady luck smiles upon us, and one Super Wizard decides to moonwalk back and finish the job.

The queen takes on the town hall, the king and royal champion form an unbeatable duo, and the lava hound floats majestically, tanking everything in its path. With a flurry of freezes, hastes, and a sprinkle of wizardry, the base is left in shambles.

Your Turn to Shine

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for - your turn to master Blizzard Lalo. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Scout the Base: Identify potential threats and weaknesses.
  2. Perfect the Blimp Dance: Hound and balloons for air defenses, blimp for the magical surprise.
  3. Hero Dive: Ice golem, Heroes and a sprinkle of patience.
  4. Funnel Fun: Baby dragon, wizard, and sneaky goblins create the ideal path for Hero Dive.
  5. Hero Power Hour: Bring the King's Gauntlet and the Healer Puppet for Queen pampering.
  6. Lalo Extravaganza: Freeze, haste, and spam those loons. Adjust based on how much your heroes owned the joint.

Remember, timing is key, but don't be afraid to break the rules and add your flair to the dance.


In the enchanting realm of TH 16, Blizzard Lalo reigns supreme. Will you embrace the chaos and become a maestro of this spellbinding strategy? We believe you sure would do with the help of our simple guide. Until next time, may your blimps be swift and your loons unstoppable!


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