The Ultimate Guide to Skelly Donut Like a PRO

Dive into our guide where we spill the beans on how to do Skelly Donut. No more blimp risks or failed attacks – master the Skelly Donut and watch your Clash game reach new heights!
The Ultimate Guide to Skelly Donut Like a PRO

Hey there, Clashers!

Buckle up, because today we're delving into the mystical art of the Skelly Donut – a move so advanced, it's practically the black belt of Clash of Clans strategies. Ghost will be our guide on this epic journey to master the Skelly Donut. So, without further ado, let's roll up our sleeves and dive into the world of Skelly Donuts!

What is a Skelly Donut in Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans, a Skelly Donut is a smart attack move where players use skeleton, invisibility, and bat spells together. The goal is to make a circular path (like a donut) around the center of the enemy base, clearing out buildings there.

This leaves the outer part of the base looking like a donut and gives a great route for your troops. It's a bit tricky because you need to be super careful with where and when you use the spells, making it a move for more experienced players who want to navigate through enemy defenses in a cool way.

The Toughest yet Powerful Trick in Clash of Clans: Skeleton Donut

Ever heard of the Skeleton Donut? It's not your average Clash of Clans move – it's the big leagues. This trick involves using skeleton, invisibility, and bat spells to create a circular path around the heart of the enemy base, clearing out buildings like a pro.

Picture it: the core becomes a hole in the donut, and the outer base forms the tasty ring. But here's the catch – pulling off this sweet move takes serious skill and perfect spell timing. The Skeleton Donut is the playground of experienced players looking to outsmart their opponents and carve a unique path to victory.

Why do Pros use Skelly Donut a lot?

Well, when the center of a base is gone, it's like a clear road for your troops to stroll through the outer part. But, how do you get rid of that pesky center? Some might use the Super Archer Blimp, but that can be a bit risky – it might get baited and ruin the whole plan.

That's where the pros shine with their clever use of zap spells and the Skelly Donut. It's a cool trick that, once mastered, can't be baited by the enemy. So, that's the secret sauce, fellow Clashers – a trick that's not just cool but also super reliable, and that's why the pros swear by it!


▶️ How to Master the Skelly Donut Trick?

Mastering this trick is a bit tricky, no doubt about it! But the perks of being a Skelly Donut pro are totally worth it. This trick is like a sneaky ninja – you can't fool it. Since not many folks know about it, base builders usually don't prepare for Skelly Donut attacks. With our help, you're just a few friendly challenges away from becoming a Skelly Donut master! Ready to dive in? Let's get started! 


▶️ Have you ever misdrop your invisibility spell for a Skelly Donut or just curious on how to learn the ways to execute it? Well watch how Ghost explains in detail to Master the Skelly Donut today to bring the best of your attacks!

Understanding the Skelly Donut Basics

Imagine this: two buildings side by side, just like your favorite duo in a buddy cop movie. That's the setup for our Skelly Donut initiation. Picture the Clan Castle and a Multi Inferno Tower hanging out on the same tile, chatting about village gossip. Our mission: to gracefully drop spells in a way that won't cloak the Inferno or the CC. Why? Because we're not here to make things easier for the defense, right?

Count with me – 1, 2, 3, and 4 tiles away! That's where you want to drop the invisibility spell, making the magic happen. Ghost's pro tip: count the seconds like you're waiting for a microwave pizza. Four seconds, drop the invis spell, and voila! Multi IT and Clan Castle – gone without a trace.

Going Diagonal: A Skelly Donut Upgrade

Now, imagine a diagonal rendezvous between two buildings. It's a bit trickier, but fear not – we've got this. Count the tiles – 1, 2, 3, and 4, my friends. Dropping the spell in the middle of that magic spot ensures a Skelly Donut with style. It's like threading a needle, but with invisible threads and no actual needle.

But what about those cheeky bats? Why stick with Skelly spells? Ghost's wisdom: bats can be like a fussy cat – unpredictable. They might wander off, get caught in the breeze, and become easy targets. We're not having that. Skelly spells are our trusty sidekick in this adventure.

Taming the Inferno with Skelly Donuts

Now, brace yourselves for the Inferno Tower challenge. We're talking diagonal tiles once more – 1, 2, 3, and 4 away. Ghost's secret weapon: corner pieces! Identify those Inferno corner pieces, count the tiles, and drop the invisibility spell right in the sweet spot. The result? A fiery Inferno turned into a frosty memory.

Putting it All Together: The Quad Skelly Donut Attack

It's showtime! In our grand finale, we're orchestrating a symphony of destruction. Four Skelly Donuts, one epic attack. It's like a fireworks display, but instead of colors, we're seeing defenses crumble. Yeti blimp, heroes on point, and Hogs sweeping in – this attack has it all.

Ghost's final words of wisdom: practice, practice, practice. Skelly Donuts aren't mastered in a day. Train, refine, and soon you'll be the maestro of mayhem in your Clan.


Clashers, you now got the ultimate guide to mastering the Skelly Donut. Whether you're sidelining the CC, going diagonal, or orchestrating a quad Skelly spectacle, remember the key ingredients: timing, tile counting, and a sprinkle of ghostly finesse.

Now, go forth and dominate the battlefield with your newfound Skelly Donut prowess. Until next time, Clash on, my friends! Ghost out!


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