11 Useless Features in Clash of Clans

Ever thought about the useless stuff in your favorite game? Well, we're here to share 11 things that might make you rethink what you know about Clash.
11 Useless Features in Clash of Clans

Hey Clashers!

We've all been there – engrossed in the world of Clash of Clans, building our bases, planning epic attacks, and, of course, dealing with those features that just drive us crazy. In this blog, we're going to dive into the 11 most useless features in Clash of Clans that we all collectively wish would vanish like a poorly executed raid. Grab your elixir and let's get into it!

▶️ The 11 Useless & Worst Features in Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, lots of stuff helps us out, but guess what? There are a bunch of things that are kinda pointless and bug us. We've rounded up 11 of these not-so-cool features that might catch you by surprise. Get ready for a trip into the weird side of Clash – stuff you probably didn't even notice until now!

11 USELESS Features WE ALL HATE in Clash of Clans

▶️ Clash of Clans is fantastic, but some features need some work! In today’s video, we go over all the features that drive us players mad!

The 11 Useless Features:

  1. Goblin Builder Madness: Clashers, we were all excited about the Goblin Builder event at first. A seventh Builder and dual lab upgrades? Sounds fantastic, right? Wrong. The gem cost is through the roof, and waiting for the upgrade is a pain. Save those gems for a better cause – like more walls!

  2. Revenge Button Blunder: Remember the good ol' days of the Revenge button? Well, now it's like searching for a hidden trap in an opponent's base. Pointless! With the changes in Shield mechanics, finding a decent revenge is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

  3. Clan Recruitment Tool Chaos: Thankfully, some of us haven't had to use this nightmare. The Clan Recruitment tool leaves us wondering about potential recruits. Supercell knows it needs fixing, and we appreciate them seeking our advice. Here's hoping for a better solution soon!

  4. Preparation Day Puzzlement: Preparation day – why, oh why? With war base customization available elsewhere, we're left scratching our heads. Let's ditch preparation day and dive straight into more wars, shall we?

  5. League Skins Struggle: Those league skins look epic, no doubt. But the price in Clan World League medals is outrageous! It's like saving up for a mythical artifact. Skins, we love you, but please be kinder to our hard-earned medals.

  6. Most Heroic Attack Absurdity: The calculation for the most heroic attack seems more like a magic trick than a fair assessment. Someone scoring a 57% two-star isn't exactly the hero we're looking for. Supercell, let's fix this algorithm!

  7. Legends League Opt-Out Ordeal: Trying to drop out of Legends League is a saga in itself. It shouldn't take a week of minimal defenses to exit. An opt-out button, anyone? Save us from the Legends League limbo, please!

  8. My League Tab Tedium: Comparing apples to oranges – that's what the My League tab feels like. Whether in Titan or a lower league, the comparisons are often unfair. Let's replace this tab with something more engaging, shall we?

  9. New Wall Upgrade Woes: The new wall upgrade spot is like a hidden trap for our wall rings. Accidentally using them when upgrading with gold? It's a common headache. Supercell, help us keep those rings for a rainy day!

  10. Two Super Troop Limit Frustration: With 16 super troops available, being limited to two feels like picking your favorite child. Let's assign values to each super troop to create a fair system. Time to give some of those neglected troops some action!

  11. Warden AI Woes: Ah, the Warden AI – a source of collective frustration. We've all faced its unpredictable antics. Supercell, can we please have a Warden AI that doesn't make us want to throw our devices?

Share your Thoughts!

We don't just point out useless features for fun. As content creators in the Clash community, we act as your representatives. We explore these quirks not just for us but for all Clashers. Why? When we highlight these useless features, it's not just for kicks. It's like spotlighting glitches and hiccups, so Supercell, the brains behind Clash of Clans, can see what's bothering us.

By scrutinizing these features, we're indirectly telling Supercell what needs fixing. They're watching, and they pay attention to our suggestions and complaints. So, Clashers, don't hold back – share your thoughts in the comments of our "11 Useless Features in Clash of Clans" video. Your genius idea might be the game-changer we've been waiting for! Let's make Clash life smoother, one suggestion at a time!


These are the 11 features we all collectively wish would disappear from Clash of Clans. Whether it's fixing wonky AI or making league skins more accessible, let's hope Supercell hears our clash cries and brings about some much-needed changes. Until then, happy clashing, and may your attacks be as legendary as we hope these fixes will be!

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