Master the Mashup Barcher Attack Strategy

While everyone's busy trying to defend against the unstoppable LavaLoon Attack, why not hit them with the unexpected Mashup Barcher Attack? They won't see it coming!
Master the Mashup Barcher Attack Strategy

Hey there, Clashers!

Are you ready to learn a fantastic new strategy that will help you dominate the Clash-O-Ween event in Clash of Clans? Well, you're in the right place because today, we're going to break down the Mashup Barcher strategy in a way that's easy to understand, even if you're new to the game. So, grab your devices, and let's dive into the magical world of Clash-O-Ween!

Clash of Clans Mashup Madness is Real!

Supercell has absolutely aced it with this event's title: Clash-o-Ween Mashup Madness Troops are a sheer force of madness. These wild units can stir up a frenzy in even the sturdiest bases, driving players so mad as they struggle to defend against these unpredictable strategies.

These troops have the power to drive each player to the peak of the Legend League Leaderboard and allow every clan to secure all the stars with no effort.

The Builder's Mashup Madness has infused a fresh wave of craziness into the game, causing players to wonder just how Supercell intends to tackle this lunacy. It's as if Supercell deliberately set out to create an event of pure, unadulterated madness by introducing such formidable troops.

Unleash the Power of Barcher Attack Strategy

In this exciting blog, TK takes us through the steps of using the Barcher strategy, which stands for Barbarians and Archers. Sounds simple, right? That's because it is! The Barcher strategy combines these two troop types along with the regular non-stoppable Super Archer Blimp to create yet another powerful attack that can help you win battles during the Clash-O-Ween event.

This strategy can do so much more than the usual Super Barch Strategy! TK is here to show us how to make the most of this strategy and get those three-star victories.

Why opt for the Mashup Barcher Attack Strategy?

With the introduction of mashup troops, the prevalent strategy has been LavaLoon for its simplicity and potency. However, it's time to consider an alternative. You might be wondering why.

Here's the fact: As the use of the LavaLoon strategy continues to rise, it's only natural that players will start employing anti-Lavaloon bases. Eventually, bases will become proficient at defending against LavaLoon attacks. We're here to prepare you for the future when LavaLoon may no longer be as effective.

Given this, now is the ideal moment to transition to the Barcher Attack Strategy, an upgraded version of the Super Barch Attack Strategy.


▶️ How to Use the Mashup Barcher Attack Strategy

Before we dive into the details, a quick heads-up: We're going to start with the simple Barcher Strategy. If you're already familiar with it, feel free to skip ahead to the next part, where we'll introduce the Super Barch 2.0 Attack Strategy. It's like the advanced version of the Super Barch Attack, with extra power and tricks.

Learning the basic Barcher Attack Strategy should be super easy as its almost the same way how you'd execute the Super Barch attack strategy. If you haven't mastered it yet, check out how to master the Super Barch attack

BEST Way to Use BARCHER in the NEW Mash Up Madness EVENT | Clash O Ween in Clash of Clans

▶️ TK shows here the BEST Way to Use the BARCHER in the NEW Mash-Up Madness EVENT | Clash Of Clans BARCHER is a fantastic, effective troop. The invisibility power makes the barcher so powerful. You can quickly get 3 stars with barcher's power in the Mash up Madness event, and we show you the best way here.

Why Choose Barcher?

In this video, TK chooses to showcase the Barcher strategy on various bases, and he has a great reason for doing so. He shares one of the most popular ring bases with a double poison setup that many players struggle with. Even though TK's queen didn't perform as expected in one of his attacks, he still managed to pull off some impressive moves using BARCHER.

Barcher in Action

Let's break it down step by step. TK starts his attack by using a Blimp that carries his Super Archers. He positions it perfectly to avoid traps, sweepers and land safely. This is just one example of the careful planning that goes into a Barcher attack.

The Archer Queen and Barbarian King are crucial parts of the Barcher strategy as they are supposed to clear the rest of the base. While it's important to have your heroes work together, sometimes they might not follow your plan exactly. No worries, though, because Barcher can help compensate for any surprises.

The Power of Invisible Archers

Here's where the magic happens! The Barchers are ranged and invisible for a few seconds. This gives them the ability to snipe defenses over walls and deal significant damage to the enemy base. For example, a Cannon can be eliminated with just two Barchers. Plus, you have plenty of them – 30, to be exact!

Flexible Troop Management

TK emphasizes that the key to mastering Barcher is learning how to manage your troops effectively. You need to decide when to use Super Barbarians and when to deploy Barchers. Barbarians are great for taking out high HP buildings and helping with funneling, while Barchers excel at sniping defenses over walls. Your Barbarian King can also be used for a quick funnel or taking out the enemy Clan Castle troops.

Don't Forget the Details

TK makes it clear that even experienced players make mistakes. It's all part of the learning process. But the important thing is to understand the strategy and how to adapt to different situations. Whether it's managing your Wall Breakers, dealing with traps, or making use of spells at the right time, there's always something new to learn with Barcher.


▶️ Super Barch 2.0 Attack Strategy Guide

TK is back with a new approach following the recent Clash-o-Ween Balance Changes that gave a boost to the Barcher troop. Once more, the pro himself, TK, is here to break down this advanced Super Barch attack strategy for you.

SUPER BARCH 2.0 is HERE & It’s BROKEN | Learn How to Triple Bases EASILY with This Guide

💙TK showcasing his new super barch strategy in action against Box bases, Ring bases with Poison towers and diamond bases.

Army Link:

The Power of Super Barch 2.0:

Super Barch 2.0 is all about combining 20 Barbarians with 20 Super Barbarians and adding the support of Super Archers. It's designed to take on different types of bases, including box bases, double poison tower bases, ring bases, and diamond-style bases.

Now, let's break down how to make the most of this powerful strategy.

Box Bases: Using the Warden Blimp

For box bases, we'll start with a Warden Blimp. We target the empty area with less tile-space, likely to not contain a Giant Bomb. By freezing the sweepers, we buy more time for the blimp to reach the core. This angle also helps take down the Monolith, thanks to the position of the Clan Castle and Monolith.

While the Queen may not cooperate perfectly, the Super Barbarians and Barcher on the opposite side will help snipe defenses over walls, making this strategy highly effective.

Ring Bases: Managing Double Poison Towers

When it comes to ring bases with double poison towers, we'll have to think strategically. We avoid using the Warden's ability on the Town Hall side, focusing instead on getting it down.

The key to success here is to manage the heroes' pathing and ensure they clear out the ring of defenses. Super Barbarians play a crucial role in sniping defenses from the other side of the wall, taking your attack to a whole new level.

Diamond Bases: Unconventional Approaches

Diamond bases can be tricky, but we've got some unconventional approaches for you. These bases often have two significant compartments of damage. We use the Super Archer on one side and the Warden Blimp on the other.

The aim is to maximize value while avoiding the need for the Warden's help. With careful wall breaker placement and a few tricks, you can crush these bases without wasting your Warden's ability on the Blimp.

Super Barch 2.0 is here to stay, and with the right strategies, you can triple bases with ease. From box bases to diamond layouts, this approach covers them all. So, next time you're out in the Clash of Clans battlefield, give Super Barch 2.0 a try and watch your victories stack up. Thanks for reading, and happy clashing, Clashers!


Mastering the Barcher strategies is a game-changer. They offers flexibility, power, and a unique combination of Super Barbarians and Barchers that can take your Clash-O-Ween experience to the next level.

So, gather your troops, watch TK's videos, and get ready to unleash the Barcher strategies on your opponents. Happy clashing, and may the Clash-O-Ween event bring you great victories!

Be sure not to skip learning how to become an Expert in using the Witch Golem and the super-strong LavaLoon attack strategies. These methods will help you beat your opponents with different Clash-o-Ween armies.


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