Master the Mashup Witch Golem Attack Strategy

The Mashup troops are here! Crush your opponents using a unique, old, and surprising approach, where the Witch Golems deliver more powerful smashes than the E-Titan or Super Bowler.
Master the Mashup Witch Attack Strategy

Hey there, feared but fearless Chief!

Welcome to the ultimate Clash of Clans guide for the Clash-o-Ween event! As the leaves change color and the air gets a little cooler, the Clash of Clans community comes alive with the spirit of Halloween. This is no ordinary time in the world of Clashing; it's time for the Clash-o-Ween event, where the game takes on a spooky and exciting twist.

In this guide, we will delve into the heart of this festive event, exploring everything from the powerful Mashup Troops that have taken the battlefield by storm to the revival of the ancient GoWiWi attack strategy. So, grab your cauldron and your spells, because it's time to brew up some Clash-o-Ween magic!

The Clash-o-Ween Event 🎃👻

Clash-o-Ween is a spooky seasonal Halloween event in Clash of Clans. It brings eerie decorations, fun challenges, and unique Event Troops which this time is the Mashup troops. It's a time for the Clash of Clans community to come together, celebrate, and enjoy special rewards and surprises.

Let's dive into the eerie fun of Clash-o-Ween! 🕷️🕸️


CoC Mashup Madness Troops and Their Power

Mashup Troops are the heart of the Clash-o-Ween event. They are exclusive and temporary units that blend the abilities of two different troop types into one powerful troop. These troops bring surprise and unpredictability to battles, challenging the way bases are typically defended. There's not just 1 or 2 but 4 Mashup troops: Barcher, Hog Wizard, Lavaloon and Witch Golem.

Stay tuned to explore their unique abilities of Witch Golem in this blog and how to use them effectively in the Clash-o-Ween event.

The Ancient GoWiWi Attack Strategy

GoWiWi, short for Golem, Wizard, Witch, is an age-old strategy that's making a surprising comeback. This classic approach combines the durability of Golems, the ranged firepower of Wizards, and the Skeleton-summoning Witches. Despite its roots in the TH9 era, GoWiWi is proving its effectiveness at higher Town Hall levels, showcasing the power of old tactics when executed with precision. 💥

But now, we include the Golem Witch in the GoWiWi attack strategy to prove just how powerful it can be. You'll be amazed by its strength when you see it in action right below.


▶️ How to Use Mashup Witch Golem Attack Strategy?

This ancient yet formidable approach has made a triumphant return in higher Town Hall levels, and it's more potent than ever. But why is it relevant now? You're about to find out as we dissect the strategy's inner workings and reveal its power in the midst of the Clash-o-Ween event. So, let's unlock the secrets of the Witch Golem strategy as we continue our Clash-o-Ween journey. 👻



The Highest HP Army in Clash of Clans History

💙 With the recent additions of the Electro Titan and Apprentice Warden plus the Witch Golem seasonal troop, the door has opened for us to create the highest hitpoint army in Clash of Clans history. Not only is this army tank-y, it’s extremely effective and easy to use!

We're talking about an army boasting the highest hit points in the game's history. But this isn't just about sheer power; it's about strategy and execution. As we move along, we'll not only explain why this strategy is so potent but also how to effectively execute it for maximum results.

The Mighty Army

At the heart of this game-changing strategy is an army configuration that's causing a sensation in the Clash community. With an impressive 230,000 hit points, it's earned the title of the "Highest HP" army ever in Clash of Clans.

But what makes it even more remarkable is how user-friendly it is. Let's break down the elements that make it so formidable.

Assembling the Troops

This unstoppable force comprises four Witch Golems, four Titans, and a selection of support heroes. The Witch Golems play a central role, forming a sturdy front line. Placed in pairs, they guard the core of the base, while the Titans closely follow behind.

The Heroic Squad

The Hero lineup includes the King, Queen, Apprentice Warden (Believe us, he's a miniature Hero!) and Grand Warden. These leaders guide your forces into the heart of the enemy base, marching down the middle. To facilitate your army's movement, a double jump spell opens up pathways through the base.

The Smallest Troop Bar ever

The strength and durability of this attack strategy are impressive, but what sets it apart is the compact size of the troop bar. Have you ever seen such a small troop bar? This unique feature makes the strategy less complex and enables easy deployment of your units.

The Power of High HP

Why is this strategy so effective? It all comes down to the remarkable hit points: 230,000 HP approximately. Most enemy bases simply can't dish out enough damage to bring down this formidable force, especially with the prevalence of Poison Towers in the game that aims to focus on defending the LavaLoon.

Executing the Strategy

Now, let's delve into the detailing of how to make this strategy work for you:

  • Box Bases: This army excels against box bases. It's almost a guaranteed three-star attack, as it makes mincemeat of the compact layout.
  • Diamond Bases: While it can conquer diamond bases, proper funneling of your troops is essential. A well-executed funnel ensures your troops head into the core, securing victory.
  • Ring Bases: Ring bases pose a unique challenge. Sometimes, the army overpowers them, but on occasion, it might not behave as expected. Success largely hinges on how your troops behave within the base.

This "Highest HP" army delivers devastating blows while providing an impenetrable shield. It's custom-made for players who favor a straightforward yet exceptionally effective strategy.

So, give it a shot! With practice and precise deployment, you'll soon find yourself consistently securing three stars in every battle.

Hold on! 🤚

There's more Mashup Troops to explore! Stay with us to learn how to make the most of these unique combinations.

We got more! Check out this exciting variation of the Witch Golem Attack Strategy that incorporates bat spells to wreak havoc on enemy bases.


▶️ Mashup Golem Witch Bats Attack Strategy

The Witch Golem Strategy we just talked about is a really strong way to attack on the ground. But imagine adding powerful bat spells to the mix. That's the secret sauce of the Golem Witch Bats Attack. It's like having an extra punch in your attack plan.

WITCH GOLEM + Bats DOMINATES Town Hall 15 | Top Ground Attack Strategy Town Hall 15 | Clash of Clans

💙 Whilst Lavaloon dominates the skies, the Witch Golem is crushes the ground! Paired with super archers and bats this army is unstoppable and allowed me to go 4/4 in a war where everyone else used Lavaloon.

Unveiling the Power of Witch Golems

The Witch Golem attack strategy is all about simplicity and brute force.

You start with a Witch Golem and three Super Archers on both sides to create a rock-solid funnel.

The magic happens when an Ice Golem joins the fray, followed by your trusty Log Launcher, Warden, King, Queen, and the remaining Super Archers into the core and jumping them all the way upto the TownHall. It might sound like a lot, but this strategy thrives on its simplicity.

As your Witch Golems make their grand entrance, they bring along some big buddies, the "big boys," at the end of their party.

These little heroes create a symphony of destruction by taking down key defenses while the Log Launcher opens up the base for you. It's like watching a well-choreographed dance that leaves a path of mayhem in its wake.

Dealing with the Unexpected

Sometimes, things don't always go as planned in the battlefield, but that's okay. Even when it seems like chaos, the sheer hit points and damage per second (DPS) of this army give you room for error.

The Log Launcher, King, Queen, and Super Archers will clear the path, making sure you're not stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If your Queen decides to take a leisurely stroll instead of joining the party, it's not a deal-breaker. The Golem Witch Bats strategy thrives on durability. So, even if it's not a perfect performance, there's room for recovery.

Bat Spells Unleashed

Once the stage is set and the path is clear, it's time to unleash the fury of Bat Spells. But remember, timing is crucial.

First, send your Royal Champion (RC) to eliminate splash damage defenses like Scattershot and Wizard Towers. Once the coast is clear, let those Bat Spells fly. This part of the strategy is like a symphony's crescendo – everything comes together beautifully.

The Bats are relentless as they swarm through the base, turning defenses into rubble. Your Ice Golem can lend a hand by taking hits from Wizard Towers, allowing your Bats to work their magic without interruptions.

Triple Anti-LavaLoon Bases

The Witch Golem + Bats strategy has another impressive trick up its sleeve. It can take down bases that aim to defend the popular LavaLoon attack.

These bases often feature Poison Towers, Air Sweepers, and other anti-air defenses like Xbows set to air & ground mode. But guess what? The Witch Golems don't care.

Even if you're up against a base designed to counter LavaLoon, this strategy's sheer hit points render those Poison Towers almost useless. The Witch Golems have a taste for destruction, and they won't let these bases stand in their way.


▶️ Mashup Witch Golem Titan Smash Attack Strategy

If you really like smashing things in the game, this Halloween strategy is perfect for you. By using Witch Golems, your army becomes much tougher and harder to defeat. Learn this strategy and show everyone how strong you are this Halloween, especially with the Toxic Ring Bases!



RING BASES are FREE with WITCH GOLEM TITAN Smash | Best TH15 Attack Strategy Clash of Clans

💙 The high hitpoint army is back and better than ever since the balance changes!
Today watch Hooked crush ring bases easily with the power of Witch Golem Electro Titan Smash!

Army Link:


In the world of Clash of Clans, the Witch Golem attack strategy is like a secret weapon waiting to be unleashed. It's easy to execute, powerful, and can even topple bases designed to defend the mashup troop attack strategies.

So, if you're looking to shake things up, stand out from the crowd, and secure those three-star victories, give these Witch Golem strategies a try. It's time to rewrite the rules of engagement in Town Hall 15.


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