New Pros ūüŹÜ are joining the team

Welcome the creative veteran player from VM Legacy, Pro Coach Darkstar and the rising star in base building community, Sir Will!
New Pros ūüŹÜ are joining the team

Welcome Darkstar and Sir Will to the Blue family!

We would love to announce that with the stars of Clash is joining forces with Blueprint! The always-evolving culture of Blueprint is currently super active in recruiting the best talents from the World! And we have some of the huge future Pros who are emerging stars in the current Clash!

This Duo is super versatile and strong and known for its creativity! Darkstar known for his strong offensive performance in Worlds for Strut securing 5th Position in Clash Worlds (as their primary squad member). He loves building Legends bases and finding creative ways to break down bases! Sir Will known for his strong bases built for various top teams like Clash Champs, X Team, VN Esporting, United Gaming etc.

Super Thrilled to have him on the team!  GIVEAWAY 20$ gift card + 1 TH16 Extra Case base + 1 CoC Gold pass + 1 Pro Session

:Iconblue_Twitter: To Participate: Click Here

New Blueprint CoC Pros - Welcome Darkstar & Sir Will

The team is always growing with new talent from all over the world. If you want to have a look at all the new additions we have all this years, from Pro Players to Content Creators and Pro Base Builders check blogs/new-hires.

If you liked the content of this post, don't doubt on checking out our YouTube channel and our builder roster. We offer different services, such as custom base building and artistic designs, and every week we release new packs to help you defeat your enemies.

Pro players coaching is one of our latest inventions, where you can have a one o one call with one of our pro players regarding attacking strategies, base building, etc, to improve your play style, and finally, go pro; for a small fee, a friend can join too.

We can also organize sessions with your clan. We invite you also to check our content creators and support them as well as the official supercell news to stay up to date.

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