Mass E-Dragons: Best TownHall 16 Spam Attack Strategy

Master TownHall 16 with simplicity with the Best Air Spam Attack Strategy: Mass E-Dragons. Combined with the new Warden's Equipment, the Rage Gem, this army is totally insane!
Mass E-Dragons: Best TownHall 16 Air Spam Attack Strategy

Greetings Clashers!

After the TownHall 16 Update, have you ever wondered what happens when you combine the might of E-Dragons with brand new hero equipments?

Buckle up for a thrilling ride through the Clashiverse as we dive into a revolutionary strategy that's shaking up the foundations of Town Hall 16. We're talking about an attack so powerful, it's practically breaking the game – the Giant Arrow + Healer Puppet with E-Dragons combo and let us tell you, it's a game-changer!

The Best TownHall 16 Air Spam Army with Link

Imagine a situation against a Double Rage Anti-2 Ring or Diamond style bases which is a nightmare for every Clasher, a fearless army composition, and the sheer might of E-Dragons ripping through defenses. But here's the twist – we're not just talking about any E-Dragons; we're talking about an unstoppable force, thanks to the new hero equipment.

Easy TownHall 16 Air Spam Attack Strategy

If you're wondering about the changes in Town Hall 16 and feeling a bit anxious about how to deal with them, or maybe you're worried your Clash journey might be over – don't stress. We're not trying to convince you or sugarcoat things, but the honest truth is, attacking at Town Hall 16 has become much simpler.

It's like this: just throw all your troops and spells into the mix within the first minute, close the game, and guess what? Mission passed, Respect++. And for those clever folks saying the Royal Champion is usually saved for the last-minute heroics, well, guess what? You can totally swag the Royal Champion and toss in a bunch of extra spells too. It's a breeze at Town Hall 16 – easy attacks, easy wins!

How powerful is this Best Town Hall 16 Air Spam Attack Strategy?

Town Hall 15 witnessed the reign of the mighty E-Dragons, already proving to be a go-to strategy for a secure 2-star, even without scouting the base. Surprisingly, more often than not, attackers found themselves walking away with a triple – that's the sheer might of E-Dragons at work!

Now, fast forward to Town Hall 16, where the E-Dragons receive a power boost with an additional level. But that's not all; enter the game-changer – the Giant Arrow & Healer Puppet Equipments for the Archer Queen. Giant Arrow allows you to clear both sweepers without zaps and Healer Puppet allows you to do a Queen Charge without Healers alongside the E-Dragons. Can you imagine the raw strength they possess now?

And for those over-thinkers who might be letting their imagination run wild with different scenarios, worry not. In the next section, we've got a video that vividly showcases just how potent and game-changing this strategy can be. Brace yourselves for a demonstration of the E-Dragon's newfound might!


▶️ How to do Mass E-Dragons at TownHall 16?

Come on, Clashers! Forget the complex moves. Just drop all those E-Drags, throw in a couple of rages, send the Blimp to the Town Hall, and hit the Warden's ability. It's the traditional method, and guess what? It still works like a charm! Keep it simple and easy – no need for fancy executions!

GIANT ARROW + HEALER PUPPET with EDRAGONS is BROKEN | Best Attack Strategy TH16 Clash of Clans

▶️ EDragons are one of the biggest winners of the new hero equipment, in particular with the archer queen equipment. Today watch as Hooked shows the power of using the giant arrow and healer puppet to do a queen charge with the edrags

Army Link:

Unveiling the Power of the Archer Queen and Her Heroic Sidekicks

From the get-go, we knew E-Dragons were a force to be reckoned with at TH16. But guess what? The game-changer has arrived, and it's wearing a cloak of giant arrows and puppet healers. Yes, the Archer Queen, with her new hero equipment, is turning E-Dragons into the unstoppable wrecking crew we never knew we needed.

E-Dragons, with all their might, had a couple of weak spots – sweepers and those pesky outline defenses. They were like superheroes struggling with their kryptonite. But fear not, as today we unfold a strategy that not only addresses these weaknesses but turns them into a laughing matter.

Cruising Through the Battlefield

Picture this – the Queen charges with E-Dragons by her side, supported by the Healer puppet, while Giant Arrows clear the path like a benevolent wind. It's like having a superhero squad take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. Sweepers? We sweep them off like a breeze on a summer day. Outline defenses? Queen charges through like a boss.

As our fearless leader takes a leisurely stroll, we deploy the Stone Slammer for good measure – because why not? We're not here to play it safe; we're here to dominate. Spells? Oh, just a couple of rages for the Queen and a sprinkle of freezes to make things interesting. The Archer Queen proves why she's the true MVP, handling the business at the bottom while E-Dragons wreak havoc in the core.

The Queen's Charge and E-Drag Extravaganza

Now, we won't sugarcoat it – sometimes, our E-Dragons decide to take a scenic route around the base. But worry not, our trusty Royal Champion steps in, and the show goes on. Swagging spells left and right, because why not flaunt our Clashing finesse? The Queen's doing her thing, the E-Dragons are chain-lightning everything in sight, and we're sipping elixir like it's a victory cocktail.

The Perfect Equation of Hero Equipment

The hero equipment is like the secret sauce that makes this strategy an absolute delight. The Gauntlet for the King, Giant Arrow, and Healer puppet for the Queen – it's like handing out superhero gear at a Clash costume party. And for our Warden? Enter the Life Gem, because, let's be real, healing turns are so last season. Plus, who needs rage gems when your E-Dragons are already on a caffeine high?



As we conclude this Clash-tastic journey, we're left pondering the potential of E-Dragons at Town Hall 16. Will you be embracing this powerhouse TH16 spam strategy or stay as a Clasher who fails consistently? Screw that, we can sense the triples already!

Happy hunting, Clashers! May your E-Dragons fly high and your Clash journey be ever thrilling. Clash on!


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