The Best TownHall 16 Upgrade Guide

Step into a world of Clash brilliance as we unravel the keys to maxing out your Town Hall 16. This isn't your ordinary guide; it's your ticket to a stronger, smarter, and more strategic Clash adventure. Let the upgrading begin!
The Best TownHall 16 Upgrade Guide

Hey Chief,

Town Hall 16 Update is on the way, bringing not just new stuff but a chance to power up your game. This guide is all about breaking down the optimal order for upgrading your defenses, regular buildings, heroes, hero equipment, and troops. Let's dive into the three upgrade tiers to streamline your Town Hall 16 journey.—step by step, easy as pie.

The Best TownHall 16 Upgrade Priority Guide

Imagine it like this: you're not just upgrading random things; you're crafting your own success story. We're here to spill the beans on the smartest way to do it. Follow our lead, and soon you'll be flexing your maxed-out Town Hall 16 muscles.

Here's another way to flex: Know the Best TH16 Attack Strategies and wreck bases right after the update drops!

We're keeping it simple, so everyone can level up their game in Clash of Clans. Let’s dive in and make your Town Hall 16 journey a triumph!

▶️ Best Order to Upgrade TownHall 16

Think you won't find a better guide for upgrading to Town Hall 16 in Clash of Clans? We're not just giving you a fixed upgrade order; you can tweak it to fit your way of playing. Dive into the next sections, pay attention, and watch your TH16 grow stronger, faster! 

The ULTIMATE Town Hall 16 UPGRADE GUIDE | Clash of Clans Update

▶️ TH16 is here and we all need to know the optimal order to upgrade defences, other buildings, heroes and their equipment and finally troops in the Laboratory. In today’s video Hooked walks through the best order for all of this whilst also providing you with a Progress Base Link.

Progress Base Link

Clumping Buildings into Tiers

Imagine a strategic blueprint! We've grouped buildings into tiers to make things crystal clear. From top priorities to the more flexible upgrades, we're paving the way for a smooth Town Hall 16 progression.

Upgrade Tier 1: What should you Upgrade first?


  • Start your Town Hall 16 adventure with the Laboratory upgrade. It's always the first step in any new Town Hall level.
  • When it comes to Laboratory upgrades, strategic choices make all the difference.
    • Super Wall Breaker: Regardless of your preferred army, this upgrade is a game-changer for efficient wall breaches.
    • Lightning Spells: Unlock the ability to zap Scatter Shots, adding versatility to your attack strategies.
    • Healers: Essential for smash attacks and queen charges, upgrade them to the new level for improved healing.
    • Balloon: If you fancy LavaLoon or Cocoon strategies, upgrading the Balloon is a must.
  • Pro tip: If you've got a Book of Building, use it here for that boost and enjoy playing with all Max troops for five glorious days.

Merged Defenses

  • Now, let's talk defenses. Prioritize the robust Ricochet Cannon, boasting 5700 hit points and dealing 780 damage per shot.
  • Next in line, upgrade the Multi Arch Tower, a versatile defense mechanism to bolster your base's resilience.

Upgrade Tier 2

Pet House

  • Amplify your army strength by upgrading the Pet House.
  • Then, max out the Spirit Fox ASAP, turning your Royal Champion into an unstoppable force on the battlefield.


  • Don't forget the Blacksmith; it's time to enhance hero equipment and take your heroes to the next level.
    • Seeking Shield (Royal Champion): Upgrade this to amplify the Royal Champion's ability to eliminate cannons during her special move.
    • Eternal Tome (Grand Warden): Extend your Grand Warden's ability duration to 9 seconds, providing crucial support in battles. The Grand Warden's equipment upgrades depend on your preferred playstyle. Consider the following options based on your strategy:
      • Healing Tome (Mass Root Rider): Ideal for those who favor Mass Root Rider attacks.
      • Rage Gem (E-dragons): Upgrade if your strategy involves Electric Dragons.
      • Life Gem (Hogs): Perfect for Hog enthusiasts seeking enhanced survivability.
    • Invisibility Vial (Archer Queen): Boost your Archer Queen's survivability with the upgraded Invisibility Vial.


  • You definitely do not want to miss out the power of the new troop: Root Rider.
  • This will become your first tier upgrade if you knew the power of Queen Charge Root Rider attack.

Upgrade Tier 3

Heroes Order

  • Archer Queen: Initiate upgrades with the Archer Queen, enhancing her battlefield prowess.
  • Royal Champion: Follow with the Royal Champion, unlocking upgraded abilities for havoc-wreaking potential.
  • Grand Warden: Don't forget the Grand Warden, bolstering his strength to lead your troops with unmatched might.
  • King: Conclude hero upgrades with the Barbarian King, fortifying his strength for leadership.

Personal preference may alter the order, but a suggested sequence is Queen, Royal Champion, and Barbarian King.

Bomb Tower Upgrade:

  • Elevate defense strategy for advanced tactics.
  • Crucial against super Archer clones and super wizard attacks.
  • Enhanced bomb prevents super Wizards from surviving the blast, a game-changer against sophisticated strategies.

Next Upgrade Tiers

High-Priority Defensive:

  • X-bows: Strengthen your base with upgraded Expos, increasing their firepower to repel invaders effectively.
  • Mortar: Upgrade mortars ahead of the air defense to counter flame flingers. The upgraded mortar provides increased damage, making it a vital asset against various threats.
  • Air Defense: Prioritize upgrading the Air Defense to fortify your base against air spams and lalo.
  • Wizard Tower: The Wizard Tower won't make much of a difference, put this as the last priority and the same applies to traps and storages.


Upgrading to Town Hall 16 in Clash of Clans is like building a super-strong castle. We showed you how to make it even stronger by upgrading troops, defenses, and heroes. Think of it like choosing the best tools for your base. Remember, everyone plays a bit differently, so use these tips as a guide. Now, prepare to make your Town Hall 16 legendary!

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