Explore our Anti-Everything TH16 war base, which withstood seven high-level attacks vs one of the Top Clans. Learn about its strategic defenses and how you can adapt these tactics to enhance your Clash of Clans experience.

Hey, Clashers!

Today, we’re excited to showcase our Town Hall 16 (TH16) war base that held off seven defenses against top clans, even as they perfected us in war. This resilient base layout demonstrates remarkable strength against a variety of advanced attack strategies, providing a significant edge in high-stakes battles.

Anti-Everything Town Hall 16 Box War Base

Our TH16 base successfully defended against multiple high-level TH16 Attack Strategies including Root Riders, Super Archer Clone Blimps, and E-Dragons. Despite being an older base design, strategic modifications and trap placements have significantly enhanced its effectiveness, making it a formidable choice for war defenses. 

ANTI-EVERYTHING BOX War Base Holds 7 DEFENSES vs TOP CLANS | Clash of Clans TH16 Base Link

▶️ Hooked defended 6 attacks with root rider spam, edragons and super archer clone blimp attacks and today he shares with you his rage/poison tower box base at TH16.

TH16 Anti-Everything Box War Base Link:

Detailed Breakdown

  • Defense Against Root Riders:

    • Initially, our base defended against Root Rider spam with triple overgrowth. Key changes included moving sweepers and switching an invisibility tower to a poison tower. The core strength of our base lies in its ability to absorb and mitigate spam attacks, particularly those involving Root Riders. The rage tower in the core and the poison tower by the Town Hall provide an extra layer of defense, effectively neutralizing the attacking forces.
    • Bonus: If you're struggling with the Root Rider Spam attack strategy, our Pro Players Max's Root Rider Spam & Ghost's Zap Root Rider Master Classes are here to help you master it!
  • Defense Against Super Archer Clone Blimps:

    • Our base is primarily set up to counter Super Archer Clone Blimps with strategically placed SAMs (Seeking Air Mines) and Giant Bombs. These traps are positioned to catch and eliminate the cloned troops quickly. Despite attackers knowing our base’s traps, it forced them to use the Warden early, reducing the effectiveness of their attack. The strategic placement of the Nado (Tornado Trap) further disrupts the attackers, making it difficult for them to execute their plans seamlessly.
  • Defense Against E-Dragons:

    • E-Dragons were pushed away from the core due to well-placed sweepers, ensuring they stayed within the poison tower’s range. This led to failed attacks even after multiple attempts. Our base’s layout ensures that the E-Dragons path poorly, often ending up in the poison radius of either the Town Hall or the poison tower, while the central core, including the Eagle Artillery, remains intact. The layout forces the attackers to use their spells prematurely, reducing their overall effectiveness.

Additional Tips

  • Clan Castle Troops:

    • Although the video mentions using a Titan, we recommend running Triple Ice Golems in the Clan Castle for optimal defense against Super Archer Clone Blimps. The Ice Golems provide substantial delay and disruption to attacking forces, buying valuable time for the defensive structures to inflict damage.
  • Trap Adjustments:

    • Regularly adjust traps based on opponent attack patterns. Moving sweepers and switching trap types (e.g., changing an invisibility tower to a poison tower) can significantly enhance the base’s defensive capabilities.
  • Adaptability:

    • This base layout is flexible and can be modified to counter specific threats identified during war planning. Its core strength and strategic trap placements make it adaptable to various attack strategies.


While no base guarantees perfect defense, our TH16 base provides a robust solution against multiple high-level strategies. It’s important to note that while the base performed exceptionally well in this war, results may vary. Success in Clash of Clans often requires a bit of luck and constant adaptation to evolving attack strategies.

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Share your favorite attack strategies in the comments, and stay tuned for more defensive setups!

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