The Best TownHall 16 Legends & War Base Links

Are you all set for TownHall 16? You aren't, if you haven't copied these Best TownHall 16 Bases that will shower you with defenses in Legend League & Wars
The Best TownHall 16 War & Legends Bases

Welcome, TH16 Clashers!

Today marks an exciting milestone in the Clash of Clans universe - the grand entrance of Town Hall 16! We've eagerly dived into the realm of Legends league and War to present you with the very first batch of Town Hall 16 base links. Now, let's unveil these mighty bases crafted just for you.

TownHall 16 Update is Here!

Oh god, the long wait now ended! Supercell finally dropped the TownHall 16 Update. Get prepared to experience the totally new TownHall 16 in Clash of Clans. Check out our blog on TownHall 16 Upgrade Guide which can help you to max your TH16 village as soon as possible. The faster you max TH16, the sooner your base defends better!

The Best Town Hall 16 Bases with Links

Town Hall 16 is buzzing with new attack strategies, and we've got a question for you: How are you planning to tackle those defenses? We get it, TH16 is easier than TH15, and you're probably thinking of hitting the internet for some top-notch TH16 bases. Well, guess what? This blog's got you covered!

Introducing the Best Town Hall 16 Bases with Links, built by our very expert builders at Blueprint. No need to waste time searching when the ultimate defense blueprints are right here. And speed up the base-copying process or,

You will get that notification from Clash of Clans screaming,

"Your village is being raided by you-can't-defend-without-Blueprint-Bases"?

Best TH16 Legend & War Base Links

If you're a Clasher who's into Legend League or War, this blog is your go-to guide. We've got bases suitable for all formats, and we've made it super easy for you.

Each base comes with a tag telling you where it shines – Legends or War. Get ready to rock Town Hall 16, astonish your enemies, and maybe even impress your clanmates. Let the domination begin!


▶️ The Very First TownHall 16 Base Links

Clashers! We're happy to share that we've released these TH16 base links right after the TH16 Update came out. And it's not just a few, but a whopping five bases for Legends and Wars. Quickly grab them and get way ahead of everyone with these defenses! Every moment you wait, someone else is winning. There you go, we just got ahead of you!

The First TH16 Base Links are Ready - Load UP | Town Hall 16 War & Legend Bases

▶️ Today, we will share our best attempts to stop the blatantly overpowered offense that is Town Hall 16! Hope it works for you.

🌚 Use code BLUE if you don't want 3 Stars on you.

Base 1: The Legendary Augmenter

Base Type: Legends League Base

This base, a legend in its own right, emerges from the glory days of Town Hall 15, now refined and enhanced for Town Hall 16. The double rage tower strategy stands strong, covering vital defenses. Be wary, though - the top side is a bit susceptible to zaps. The Ricochet cannons up there provide a solid defense against the electric menace. Super Archer clone may seem tempting, but be cautious - finding a safe blimp landing spot is trickier than it looks. This base boasts resilience against root Riders, making it a formidable choice.

Base #1 Link:

Base #1

Base 2: The Challenger's Nemesis

Base Type: War Base

A shoutout to the original builder of this base - you're a hero! This base gave us a run for our Clash currency throughout the week. Yes, it faced a few triples in our videos, but we've tweaked the traps and spell towers to keep attackers on their toes. Versatility is the key here; this base challenges all attack strategies. Brace yourself for a thrilling bout if you decide to go head-to-head with this one.

Base #2 Link:

Base #2 

Base 3: The Awkward Box Conundrum

Base Type: Hybrid Base

Behold the enigma of the awkward box base! With a cunningly deep Town Hall and a backend rage tower, attackers are in for a strategic puzzle. The spell tower setting near the Town Hall might be a point of customization for you - rage, poison, or even invisibility? The choices are yours to make. A thorn in the side for attackers, especially those pesky e drags. Choose wisely when unleashing your forces against this confounding creation.

Base #3 Link:

Base #3

Base 4: Clump and Conquer

Base Type: War Base

For those who love a tight formation, this clumped beauty is your go-to. It stands strong against root Riders but beware of e drags. The rage tower strategically placed ensures high-value damage.

The spell tower by the Town Hall adds an extra layer of complexity, so think twice before making your move. A compact and awkward layout, perfect for fending off daring attacks.

Base #4 Link:

Base #4

Base 5: The Teaser Troller

Base Type: Legends League Base

Last but certainly not least, we present the teaser troller. Looks can be deceiving, and this base is a testament to that. The backend rage tower offers significant defensive value, but here's the twist - you can't zap everything together.

Deliberately designed to tempt attackers with the possibility of immense value, this base is a mind game.

The Best Defensive CC - Triple Ice Golem in the CC might just be the annoyance your opponents didn't see coming.

Base #5 Link:

Base #5

!! Disclaimer !!

Hey Clashers, quick heads up - Town Hall 16 is new, and everyone's still figuring things out, especially when it comes to building strong bases. If you're having a tough time defending, cut the base builders some slack.

They're figuring out the ropes, just like the rest of us. It's like an experiment, and experiments take time, right? Let's be patient and give them a chance to adapt to the new game tricks. After all, they're humans too, just like you and me.


This inaugural set of Town Hall 16 bases is specifically built for the Legends league and War. As the meta evolves, so will our bases. We're thrilled to share these builds with you, and if you decide to support us through the shop, use code 'blue' in the top right corner.

Clash on, and may your (root) raids be legendary!


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